Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Best of MegaCon 2011, Part 3

I got so many great photos at MegaCon on Saturday that I had to split the day's post in two. Here's the second half:

I don't know the character, but I love this costume! Let's call her Samurai Fish. With piglet.

The Joker & Harley Quinn get married?

These guys are ready to believe you:

This is the first time I've seen The Real Ghostbusters - aka the animated version - cosplay! Love the red glasses on Spengler. (The guy on the right just happened to be standing there; he's from GB2.)

These three were amaaazing:

Again, I don't know the characters - assuming they *are* characters, and didn't just invent cool costumes.The guy had small birds all over his costume, which you can see better here:

The feather headpieces on the girl in red were just gorgeous, too.

Anyone else play Kingdom Hearts?

That's one creepy looking Halloween Town Sora.

This lady had a neat concept costume: "Sarah, Queen of the Goblins."

Hey, any reference to The Labyrinth is good with me!

When I pointed this next girl out to John, I'm pretty sure he blushed:

While I took her picture John stared studiously at the floor. Ha! (He was convinced she was 16. I'm pretty sure she was older than that, though.) She's from World of Warcraft, btw.

Time for a Bender!

Saturday evening was the costume contest. We photographed most of the best entries before or after the show, but the only shot I got of this Super Family was onstage:

They entered their newborn baby as baby Superman, and then dressed as his parents Jor-El & Lara! Talk about starting your geeky parenting off on the right foot - this kid is going to have a super childhood, I just know it. (Sorry. Couldn't resist.)

Here's a handmade Zazu puppet, ala The Lion King:

And now those Bioshock photos I promised:

YES! They even found a willing Splicer to play dead for them.

Look out! There's another one behind you! *giggle*

(Actually, to be more accurate that Splicer should be ambushing me in the bathroom. Eh? Am I right, or am I right?)

Hey, Jokers, why so serious?

Captain America:

This next guy made his entire Iron Man costume. As often as I've seen great Iron Man costumes, I still can't wrap my brain around that.


A cool looking Mandalorian:

I got a chance to chat with the builder of that great Time Machine, Thomas Galvin, and also to take a few detail shots:

The large disk/saucer in the back actually rotated, and the whole thing is built on a medical scooter, so Thomas can drive it! It took 15 months to build, and took first place in the 'Technical Achievements" category of the costume contest.

Here's a shot of the console, which was set to the day's date:

You can see a few progress pictures, plus get links to Thomas' video series, here.

And finally, here's the stuff a geek's dreams are made of:

Two time machines! Can I get a "Awwww, yeeeaaah!?"

Just one more post of MegaCon costumes coming up, and then we'll get back to some crafty tuts and general geekery. Thanks for bearing with my cosplay craziness, all. :)


  1. Great shots.

    The Zazu one...you will notice the long tail on the coat!? That is how Zazu is portrayed in the stage musical The Lion King. They didn't try to hide any of the people or make them less human, they were all combinations of puppet and human, or had a mask above their heads, ect. (Sorry I'm a musical fanatic aka geek)

  2. These pics are GREAT! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I was such a huge fan of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, so that photo is great. It's too bad he didn't have the blonde weird hair that Spengler had, but that's okay--it still looked great.

    It amazes me how so many people have the technical know-how to make things like the time machine and the Iron Man costume. I am always impressed.

    Thanks again for the great photos!

  4. Awesomeness! I've never been to an event like that..but I love looking at all the pics! Keep em coming!

  5. Love, love, love!!! I aspire to be as awesome as those people!
    not to mention you...

  6. I've never been to any type of 'con, so I am glad that you post the pics of your experiences. It makes me want to go to one so bad, but I am stuck living under a rock (of course, not literally) ;). I enjoy all the costumes and such! Keep them coming! Makes me feel like I was there ;)

  7. Okay, I'm usually a blog lurker, never commenting, but I just gotta tell you that you're a woman after my own heart. I am a member of a crazy ass group of women (and one gay man) called the Wench Posse, who started out costuming ourselves for "playtronizing"the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. We quickly branched out into steampunk and all other manner of costuming. It got so ridiculous that we decided we needed to form the Minnesota chapter of the International Costuming Guild. Anyway... short story long, thank you for posting all this costuming porn to conventions I will probably never get to go to. It reminds me how high a bar we have to meet while I get to look at awesomeness courtesy of someone else. Thank you!

  8. as a fan of the 10th doctor, i love the last picture. i want to build a tardis garden shed at the back of my yard. it would be so cool!

  9. Thanks for posting all of theses, for us fans we arn't able to attend. Love them!


  10. I so need to go to a con soon. Love all the pictures but the pictures of the little ones are my favourites.

  11. Why do I think it's so much cooler that one of the Harley Quinns in the multiple-Joker shot is pregnant?!?! That's pretty awesome to be willing to don spandex in a geometric print whilst sporting a burgeoning belly!

  12. Alexstrazsa!!! (is a WoW geek)

  13. I seriously hope the WoW chickie is older than 16...although it looks like she has a Rebel Alliance tattoo next to her barely-there underwear. Dude, I'm past 30 and my mom *still* wouldn't let me out of the house in that outfit, and I don't even live with her ;) I agree with Gina, I loved the prego Harley Quinn!

  14. One of my husband's buddies and his fiancee dressed up as FFX/FFX-2 characters. If you saw an awesome Rikku, that was Jane. :-)

    I lurve 6 degrees of separation. And I get to go to cons vicariously through you. :-D

  15. I loved the Alexstraza costume! She did a great job! One of the best I have seen. :)

    And I'm very jealous that you got to hang with my two favorite Doctors! (4 and 10 will forever by my personal faves!) The TARDIS will always win in a time machine fight - it has a pool and a library! :P

  16. I just remembered this video (for the wow fans.) Now the song is stuck in my head! :P


  17. Samurai fish girl is from a game called Monster Hunter. She's one of the few people I pestered for a picture because I love the game.

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  18. Awww,the fourth Doctor and The Time Machine together!! My geeky childhood memories are all warmed up and ready to fuzz.

  19. The man with the birds reminds me of a steampunk Papagano from Mozart's Magic Flute opera. LOVE Kingdom Hearts!!

  20. Awesome Alexstraza costume!!!! I love her in game! (But I think I love her dragon form better to be honest.) I have been waiting to see if you guys would run into either her, or Sylvannis while there.

    Ok, gaming geekdom over.

  21. I love the Samurai Fish with piglet! The Ironman costume is incredible! And the Time Machine is awesome! (As long as I'm freely using exclamation marks let's just go for the record here!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Jen, I love that your husband blushes over scantily clad women. That's adorable.

  22. Love the two time machines! Reminds me of this fabulous Woot shirt!

    I really wish I had a blank wall with a closet on the other side. I'd totally build a TARDIS on the non-closet side and knock out the back wall, so I could have a TARDIS that was indeed "bigger on the inside"!

  23. That Tardis is awesome! Do you know what he used to build it? What it looked like inside?

  24. Awwww, yeeeaaah!! ; )

    I hope that Time Machine appears at more cons soon!

  25. I LOVE the preggo Harley Quinn!

    WV: 'noleers' John gave the WoW chick 'noleers.' Because he wasn't looking at her. Ahahaha

  26. Awwww, yeeeaaah! There. You got one.

  27. Dragon fish girl with the pig is from a video game called, "Monster Hunter". You hunt monsters which resemble dragons mostly. Her armor is designed after armor that you can craft in the game. There's also a pig that you can pet and....I forget what that does.

  28. Aaaw, don't worry. I really like con photos; living vicariously and all that. I don't know anyone right now who would go with me, and this way I can stare as long as I like & not feel awkward. (Not creepy staring...really.)

  29. Oh! That's me! I'm the Samurai Fish! Like everyone else has said, it's an armor set from the game Monster Hunter. Thank you so much for taking my photo!

  30. Two time machines AND two Doctors = awesomeness. :D

  31. Loving these pics, especially since we weren't able to make it out there. Preggers Harley Quinn and Bioshock are my faves I think, but there's so much awesomeness there. Thanks for posting!

  32. I nearly shrieked TARDIS! in an office full of people at seeing that last picture. I have to ask, did you go inside?

  33. bearing with you????? I LOVE the costume posts! Can't get enough, so feel free to impose on us your readers with these anytime.w

  34. Some time, some day I am going to a Dragon Con or Mega Con or something. I must. I see your pictures, Jen, and I want to be there so bad I can taste it! Luckily, my fiance wants to go to one too. :D

  35. Jen I'm so sorry you don't live in, or at least closer to, KY b/c they are showing Labyrinth for two nights at one of our local movie theaters. I would so buy you a ticket if you could come!! (And John too of course!)

  36. LOVE the pregnant Harley Quinn. Makes me wish I came up with something creative to cosplay while I was pregnant, too.

    Peggy - what a great idea!

  37. On a totally different note, you might need this necklace: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69713079/steampunk-necklace-seahorse-silver

  38. Thanks for sharing your con experiences and the costumes!!

    Please don't apologize for doing so - love them!!

    Also, did anyone else notice Alexstrazsa's tattoo of the "Star Wars" rebel alliance logo?

    Thanks, Jen!!

  39. Great pictures - I always enjoy reading your blogs.
    Have you seen this?

    Thought it might be interesting to you.

  40. Droll over the Bioshock costumes. They are amazing! The Splicers, the Little Sister, Big Daddy AND Big Sister! Freakin' awesome.

  41. Wasn't that time machine used in a Big Bang Theory episode?

  42. Love the pregnant Harley Quinn girl. I am 8 months pregnant and want to go to the Boston Comic Con so I am glad to see I would not be the only crazy costume pregnant lady out there. And the Zazu one was beautiful!

  43. The two girls that were standing with the guy in feathers reminded me quite a bit of Sugar and Spice as portrayed in the Batman Forever film. But that's just a guess. :)

  44. I'm with Naazju on Sugar & Spice. Maybe the guy with the beak mask is a steampunk Penguin?


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