Saturday, March 26, 2011

Megacon Cuties

It's going to take at least two more long posts to get all of today's photos up, but let's start with a few sure-fire crowd-pleasers: the kids.

I'll never get tired of Jawas and droids. Utini!

This little Quorra from Tron actually won the children's division in the costume contest:

Now brace yourself, 'cuz from here on out it's going to be completely AWWWW-full.

During the Trek panel, John grabbed my camera and took a few zoom pics - I assumed of the actors on stage. Turns out I was wrong; he was actually photographing this little beauty:


And the best part? She was wearing a pink Supergirl onesie.

Speaking of which, this two-year-old Supergirl had the entire room of hardened geeks tearing up:

This was her first con, and she climbed on stage for the costume contest all smiles and waving to the judges.

Then she noticed the audience:

She was so fascinated by the applause that her mom had to lead her off stage. Just adorable.

And finally, you know I saved the best for last. ;)

For every geek girl out there who was disappointed to learn the little Darth Vader in the VW commercial was a boy, this one's for you:

But wait, it gets better!

Wait'll you see her helmet:


Yep, she was a pink-trimmed bobble-head Vader.


More costume photos coming soon!


  1. AWESOME!! Can't wait to see more. I have not be able to attend a CON yet so I live vicariously through your photos.

  2. Yay! I love seeing kids in costume. Here's my daughter at last year's C2E2 con in Chicago-

  3. Edit-- The costume she WORE to C2E2. The pic was taken in my living room. lol.

  4. The baby looks like JackJack from the incredibles. :) Super cute!! :) I LOVE the pink-trimmed Vader little girl. So cute.

    I also loved the car commercial with the little Vader boy. I laughed my butt off when I saw that one. Always makes me smile!

  5. So cute!!!!! It kinda makes me want to go to a Con.....I wonder if the one in Madison, WI is anything like the ones you post about!

  6. Okay, the little girl John photographed made me literally awwwwwww, twice. Once for the picture, and once when you said supergirl onesie :P. All the other kids in here were adorable too, and made me wish more parents had brought their kids to Emerald City ComicCon, the local convention here in Seattle. Though I saw lots of great costumes there, there weren't a lot of kids.

  7. Hi, Neighbor! @Carol- No, the one in Madison isn't, sadly. But if you can get down to Chicago for C2E2 or Wizard World, those would have good costumes.

  8. Okay. That is it. I'm going to a CON-thingy.

  9. Aaaaaaawwwwww! Geeky kids are so incredibly uber cute!!!
    otally slightly off topic: One day I got tired of hearing my kids repeate 'Mommy' every 5 minutes, so I told them my name was no longer mommy for the rest of the day and to decide what they wanted to call me.
    I was Lord Vader for the most awesome 24 hours of my life.

  10. I have got to sneak my kids away for a Con some year! Heck, I've got to sneak away for one myself. Hubby just wouldn't approve, *sigh*.
    (So, people really DO take random pix of babies they don't know. My mom swore the girl in line behind us at Disneyworld took a pic of my baby girl smiling at her over my shoulder.) :-)

    WV: mater- duh, the ever-loyal sidekick of Lightning McQueen! (Altho, it could be the other way around....)

  11. I think kid geeks are better than adult geeks!
    Super cute- keep the photos coming!

  12. I live in Vegas, I am sure there must be some good cons here. I need to go to one. I have never heard of one here though. Am I just not in the right loop?

  13. Those kids are all totally adorable but the smiley baby is just to cute for words. I plan on showing the girl Vader to my niece. I think she'll think it pretty cool.

  14. That little lady Vader...she needed a pink lightsaber!

    And the baby pic is definitely my favorite. My brother and his wife are having a baby boy soon...I have all kinds of awesome Halloween and Ren Fest costume plans! :)

  15. Love it! I want a pink lined Darth Vader costume for Halloween next year! :)

  16. I had a friend who affectionately called his daughter, who had him wrapped around her finger, The Pink Sith. LOL. That's what that pink-trimmed Darth Vader reminds me of. Love all the Megacon photos, Jen. Keep 'em coming!

  17. I saw this, and i had to mention Wookie the Chew! It is Winnie the Pooh, but with Chewie as Pooh. This post, reminded me of it. So Cute!

  18. I think I will have to steal the Pink Vader idea for my daughter's Halloween costume - her three ideas this year are Vader, Obi-Wan and a princess. I'm hoping she's leaning towards Leia...

  19. Oh gosh though, you don't have one of the little Aang from Last Airbender!

  20. Supergirl is my daughter. Her name is Kara :) She was in awe about everything and has spent hours talking about it and looking at all the pictures posted on the Megacon website. She is ready for her next Con in July here in Miami... :) My son will be Superman and she will be Supergirl.. I can't wait! :) John Schneider loved her outfit and told me she was a shoe in to win the costume contest. He was sad the next day when we told him she didn't win so he took a picture with her because he said she was to cute for words... lol :)

  21. The little Vader girl is so cute. It reminds me of this youtube video where a young girl Jedi is confronted with Vader at Disney Land.


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