Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Best of MegaCon 2011, Part 4

Ok, final post on MegaCon - all from Sunday, the last day of the convention.

Let's start with a little GI Joe action:

You might recognize the steampunk Baroness from my photos of the Miami Comic-Con last month. I got to chat with her for quite a while on Friday: we talked corsets, steampunk, her various other costumes, and some of her stranger encounters at cons. It was fascinating. (She goes by Aleta Pardalis online, btw, and I did my best to convince her to start her own blog - so fingers crossed!) Now I kind of want to do a documentary on cosplayers - although I'm sure several probably already exist.

The Scarlett was especially adorable:

Love those colors!

You might ask why there are KISS cosplayers at a scifi and comic book convention:

But the real question is, Why not?

I'm sure it will surprise absolutely none of you to learn that this was one of my favorite shots of the day:

Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster: yes, have some!

Which is a perfect segue into the Ecto 1:

K-9 was there, too!

Here's the youngest Harley Quinn of the con, with a sweet Poison Ivy for a mom:

This guy on the right was a steampunk Shredder:

Let's pause to hum the theme song to TMNT to show our appreciation. Hmmm mm mm mm ummm mmm, turtle power!

Another great Plants vs Zombies costume:

And some lovely ladies from the new movie Sucker Punch:

Hey, remember the lady bombshell of the blue suit? Well, it turns out she wasn't Samus of Metroid; she was Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four. We know, because we asked her. While she was wearing this:

Now, if only we'd asked her who this was supposed to be. Any guesses?

Since that's a hard cosplay act to follow, allow me to instead show off the cutest backpack of the con:

We learned during the costume contest that this is Clank from Ratchet & Clank. (Hence the girl's ears.) Isn't he adorable?

In fact, there were tons of great plush backpacks around: Star Wars, teddy bears, cute little anime animals - you name it. This Animal one made me laugh:

Now I'm inspired to turn a few of my larger stuffed animals into backpacks. Who's with me??

Ok, back to the costumes:

A sweetly refined Victorian lady...

...and a kick-@ss Roller Derby Leia:

And yes, she was wearing roller skates. Awesome.

Two My Little Pony fillies:

There was always a huge crowd out in front of the entrance to the main con area. A lot of the Anime kids would set down boom boxes there and hold impromptu dance sessions. Which is what these three are doing:

Only at a con. ;)

Meanwhile, right behind them this was happening:

And this:

And also this:

Here's a great Captain America:

An evil clown pirate:


[Buggy the Clown from One Piece? Ok. If that means something to you guys...]

Ooh, and this was cool: Spider-Woman!

And finally, an adorable steampunky Moogle:

Isn't she great? I love the hair.

And that's it! [Whew!] We now return to our regularly scheduled geekery. :D


  1. Awesome pics! You've totally inspired me to cosplay when I go to my first con ever in November!!

  2. The clown pirate is Buggy the Clown from One Piece.

    Really great cosplays at the con!!

  3. As surprising as it is, the Evil Clown Pirate is a cosplay from One Piece, he's Buggy the Clown. It's a very, very odd anime (but I guess that's not saying much)

  4. I LOVE all of the pictures you've been posting!

  5. Oh, duh, the whole point of commenting was to say that baby Harley Quinn is adorable!

  6. Heroes on the half-shell! Turtle Power. I was so excited when I read Steampunk shredder before seeing the picture. then I figured, no it must be some other shredder..... but no! Hurrah!

  7. Would it be wrong of me to call that blonde woman Bumble-boobs?
    Yes? I'm still going to. :)

  8. It looks to me that the blonde who was Sue Storm earlier might be cosplaying as Wasp from the Avengers. Could be wrong though. Love all the pictures! Makes me wish there were bigger cons around me.

  9. Great photos, as always!

    KISS has a long and fascinating history with comics, going all the way back to 1977's Howard the Duck #12, where they burst out of the head of a woman to save her and Howard from some unspeakable menace in a mental hospital. You should have looked around for Howard!

  10. Steampunk baroness is always cool. I love Scarlet's costume but am embarrassed and sad to say I have no idea who she is. Great Plants vs. Zombies costume! My favorites are the Captain America and the steampunk guy on the left.
    As to the former Sue Storm...Is she wearing spandex or is that electrical tape? And did John continue to blush and stare at the floor?

  11. Okay that's it! I'm being a steampunk ballerina for Halloween. And theeeeeeeeeeeen I'm going to the next local con in it too. Now I just need to find someone to go with.

  12. My little pony, my little pony!
    -hums happily to self-

  13. Those My Little Pony costumes are great! I love the idea of just having the sleeves and the hems of the pants give the illusion of the hooves. That's so smart!

    Hate to sound like an idiot...but what's a Moogle? Ah, the things I learn on EPBOT...

  14. Marnie, Scarlet is a character from G.I. Joe. She's wearing the old school costume from the original toys and the cartoons.

    I concur, D.B.Echo. I know Gene Simmons has been on the Muppet Show before, and KISS also has been on the Simpsons and some hilarious episodes of Family Guy. They get around a lot.

  15. There were KISS comic books. The first issue actually had the band members blood mixed in with the ink.

  16. "Bumbleboobs" up there is a character from a web series called Heroes of the North. It's about Canadian super heroes.

    Don't know what the character's actual name is, but Bumbleboobs sounds good to me!

  17. I completely love your con posts... my eyes fall out of my head every sigle time.

  18. Each time I see such awsome Cosplay photos I tell myself:" The next time I go to a Con I´ll Cosplay (or at least dress up as much as my wardrobe will let) ..

    I go ahead plan outfits put them one and realize just how much more comfortable my geeky t-shirt and jeans are ;_; ....

    Where are my beatiful yet comfy clothes ?*scream*

  19. You could turn this into a cosplay blog and I would not complain.

    Wonderful costumes!

  20. Baaaaahahaha, I think I just fell in love with the guy dressed as Vinz Clortho.

    WV: cesslant - And now it's time for our drunken French lesson of the day. Today's phrase is, "That's excellent." Ready? "C'esslant." Try to slur it just a little more. "C'esssslant.". I think you've got it. See you tomorrow! Hon-hon-hon.

  21. Vinz is AWESOME! I would DO turn into a dog for him.

  22. Love the roller derby Leia, although while she did don knee pads, she skipped the elbow pads and wrist guards. And helmet. The outfit would have been way cooler with a helmet with a jammer panty with the buns. That, my friends, would have been an epic win.

  23. K-9!!! *cough* I mean, no, I didn't just skim through the pictures to see if there were any Doctor Who-related ones... okay, maybe I did... can you blame me?

  24. Love the photos! I hope to make it to the next local convention - it's been too long...

    In the "what these three are doing" picture, the blond in the middle with the cool red coat is Edward Elric from "Fullmetal Alchemist", a very cool series indeed (especially for cosplay ideas {grin}).

    [My word was "ditzing". How cool is that?]

  25. My brother is a huge One Piece fan, I will make sure he sees that photo!

    And, whenever I see Animal anything, I hear, "WOMAN WOMAN WOMAN! Woman!".

  26. Bumbleboobs is Hornet from Heroes of the North. Looks like the Con lady is the actual actress:

  27. I'm going to Dragon*Con this year and I am so excited about making a costume! I have some prom dresses and bridesmaid gowns that I'm going to recycle, so we'll see what I can turn them into. Thank you for posting such great pictures!

  28. Hey I found this and thought of ya. I read both post and I'm a fan. My name is Jennifer from Texas. I was in Hastings Book store/entertainment. Anyways I found a Stay Puff (ghostbusters). I laughed and thought of ya. At my Hastings it was back in the board games for adults with belts and shirts.

  29. AHAHA! only at cons do you see Edward Elric and the nurse from Silent Hill dancing together to hare hare yukai, or whatever that was. Speaking of Edwrd Elric, you must watch Fullmetal Alchemist. Seriously. DO IT.

  30. OH EM GEE. That Buggy the Clown is the coolest! Also, if you haven't watched "One Piece," you totally should.

  31. As a major One Piece fan, I nearly squee'd out loud at work when I saw the Buggy photo. Thank you for making my day. :3

  32. Hey, that's my friend Kristin in the Team Rocket picture. She's in the blue hair

  33. The Team Rocket cosplayers are two of my bestest friends -- so happy to see them on here!! I've loved all of your photos from Mega, I missed so many amazing costumes *__*

  34. As a giant anime freak, I was overjoyed to see that you included some anime cosplayers in your pics. I nearly died from joy at the picture of Edward Elric dancing.

  35. Roller Derby Leia is a friend of mine. There were 3 other Death Star Derby Girls, too. :)

  36. Also - remember that FANTASTIC movie "Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park"? That's when we saw their super-powers. The band might still hate the movie, but I remember it fondly. If also cheesily.

  37. Buggy! These are all fantastic, but Buggy cosplay is especially awesome. Team Rocket is a close second.

  38. Awesome costumes! But no Portal. ;_; I'm going to go fight some giant AIs with attitude problems now.

  39. Not to ruin the mood, but will someone please tell Captain America to take his finger off the trigger!?! Even if it is a toy, always, always "keep your booger hook off the bang switch." Otherwise great pose and costume.

  40. No way that Roller Derby Leia actually plays roller derby - the skates and the kneepads are NOT even kinda derbyish - also the lack of general bruising is a clear indicator...

  41. I agree, I'm fairly sure the Sue Storm is the Wasp from the Avengers. She's often drawn quite "blessed". :)


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