Friday, March 25, 2011

Megacon, Megacon, MEGAcon!!

Who's ready for fun costume pictures?!?

Let's get right to it; there will be plenty more tomorrow and Sunday.

Here's my first shot of the day:

As often as I've seen this costume, you'd think I would know who the bat girl character is. [hanging head in shame] Go ahead: deduct five (5) geek points from my account. I deserve it.

[Update: Apparently she's Morrigan from the game Dark Stalkers. Thx, commenters!]

These next two were soooo pretty:

[And these are Ciel and Sebastian from the anime Kuroshitsuji.]

Definitely the most beautiful couple there today. Sorry I couldn't fit the whole dress in the shot; it was super big and poofy.

I should mention there were lots of Anime costumes around, and I probably would have photographed more of them if I knew anything about Anime. As it stands, I just get the ones I can tell are great costumes regardless. Or stuff that looks pretty. :D

Out front was this guy and his replica Time Machine:

I should have stopped and chatted with him about it, but I was in a hurry to get inside the main hall. Maybe tomorrow.

Also outside was this giant pirate ship:

I don't really know why. But, hey, it looks nifty!

More costume goodies:

This guy was so enthusiastically polite when I asked to take his picture ("SURE!") that John and I couldn't stop giggling. I just love people at cons.

A pretty pair of princesses:

And if you can't tell which princess the blonde is, perhaps the back view will help:

Check out that wig! And it was too funny that she was brandishing a frying pan.

I have a soft spot for cyberpunk and rainbow goths, so these two made me grin:

The one on the left recognized us, too. Not from online, though; she just happens to be our favorite cashier at JoAnn's. Which I guess tells you how often we shop at JoAnn's. Ha!

And now, allow me to present a Klingon, on stilts, giving me the finger guns:

Hey, why not?

I was browsing one semi-crowded aisle when I spotted these two, cracked up, and begged for a picture:

Plants vs Zombies!! Check out that zombie costume, guys: PERFECTION. And crazy Dave with the pot helmet? C'mon. It just doesn't get much better than that.

This female Edward Scissorhands was at the con last year, too:

It's hard to see in this picture, but she had flesh-toned scar makeup all over her face, which looked fantastic.

An adorable Jack Skellington:

And I don't know which character this girl is, but can I just say, sha-ZAM!?

[General consensus is this is Samus from Metroid]

I had to do a double-take to make sure that suit wasn't body paint. John, meanwhile, was doing triple and quadruple takes, just to be reeelly sure.

This Big Daddy had a working drill arm:

I really like the lighting inside his helmet, too; it's extra dramatic when you can see his eyes.

I liked this lady Link so much I chased her down to get a full-length shot:

Seriously, how fabulous are her skirt and boots?

I'm not sure how you even begin to make a Master Chief costume, so I'm always impressed when I see one:

On our way out for the day, we noticed this pirate had managed to catch a pretty big fish:

We also noticed that Ariel wears a thong. Heh.

Oh, and of course you can't have a con without a Pimp Vader showing up:

Play on, Vada'.

And finally, my last shot of the day - which would also be my favorite, if it hadn't turned out so *$%#! blurry:

I caught these guys just as they were coming off the escalators. They immediately jumped into this pose for me like old pros. Love. It. So. Much. Curse you, blurriness! CURSE YOU.

We go back tomorrow for more, so stay tuned for rounds two and three!


  1. That batgirl is Morrigan from the video game Dark Stalkers.

  2. Ok so I'm pretty sure the bat lady is the Warlock's succubus pet from WOW (world of warcraft) and the pirate ship and character out front looks like it's from AION (another mmo).

    Great pictures! Looks like a blast.

  3. ACK ACK!

    Thank you for the pictures. I love living vicariously!

  4. The princess in the purple dress is probably Rapunzel from Tangled. That's what I think she looks like at lest.

  5. so awsome..those 2 anime character you couldn't identify are from a popular series black butler..your missing out not going to anime conventions..I'm FINALLY able to go to ACEN ( the biggest convention of its kind in the midwest) even without knowing the characters the cosplay is unbelievable and they even have steampunk categories ( dis you know it originated in japan?)

  6. Love the pics, wish I was there. FYI: The girl in the first pic is Morrigan from the game Darkstalkers, the girl in blue is Samus from Metroid, and I'm pretty sure the last pic is of members of Anonymous. Can't wait to see more pics!

  7. Reason #5064 why living in the middle of Pennsylvania sucks.
    All the good cons are in places other!
    Thanks for the pics...can't wait for more!!!

  8. Super cool costumes!

    Also, the couple in the second picture are girl!Ciel and Sebastian from the anime Kuroshitsuji.

  9. Awesome! Since I never get to go to anything like this - I love to live vicariously through your photos :)

    Can't wait for more!

  10. I was jealous this am when I saw your post 'cause I wish I had someone to go to cons with.

    But now I'm jealous because of that AND you were in the same place today as James Marsters who I LOVE. I used to say I was going to marry him or my husband who ever asked first. Clearly my husband won (hence now being my husband) but I will always consider those the cheekbones that got away.

  11. The sexy bat demon/succubus is Morrigan from the Darkstalker series. She's often in those Capcom Vs. fighting games with the Street Fighter characters. Another super popular character from the Darkstalker series is Felicia, a white cat girl with blue hair. I would be surprised if you haven't seen people dressed as her at cons!

    Have fun at Megacon! I'm living vicariously through your pictures :)

  12. Just remember that the vampire girl's name is Morgan and if there's one that looks like her with lighter colors and shorter hair, it's Lilith.

    PVZ!!!!! That was awesome!

  13. I think the blonde in the body suit might be Zero Suit Samus, in particular from Metroid: Other M. That's certainly what springs to mind and if it's true then it's the most fantastic Zero Suit costume I've seen!

  14. Is William Shatner going to be at this Con? It was his birthday this week and they now have this International talk like Bill Shatner day to celebrate. There are some funny videos posted for this. Apparently he knows about it and its mentioned on his own website. He does have a good sense of humor.

  15. I wish there was more of this in Australia. I love Rapunzel, that wig is amazing.

  16. Gret pictures. The Blonde is Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four

    here you can see her 4 insignia

  17. Wondering how Ciel's hat stays on the side of her head like that...

    Great pics, thank you!

  18. Just to mention to fans of mystery books, there is a hilarious novel "We'll Always Have Parrots" by Donna Andrews. It takes place at a sci-fi tv show con.

  19. OMG OMG OMG! PVZ! AWESOME! That's my favorite game. Those costumes are GREAT! I don't think I would have thought of being Crazy Dave, and I love the sunflower on his shoulder! But he needs the pirate hat and patch if he's going to carry the red brain flag!

    Oh, and a shout out to the Martian: Gack, gack gack, GACK! You can tell him that came all the way from Arizona, where we (or at least, me and my geek family) use the international sign of the donut. That movie cracks me up every time I watch it.

    I still haven't seen Tangled, but I have seen the posters of her holding the frying pan, so I was proud of myself for figuring that one out.

    That Sue Storm is something else! I am impressed. I imagine it's hard work to look that amazing in that bodysuit! (Or it just costs a lot of money, which I suspect her endowments did...)

    Thanks so much for these pics. I am so excited to live vicariously! Can't wait for the Steampunk stuff and more funny/clever ideas, like the Guy Fawkes masks and Pimp Vada!

    WV: Cable. Well, he's a Marvel character, so very appropriate!

  20. What's happening underneath Snow White's skirt or am I seeing things?

  21. Look behind the Plants vs Zombie guys. The person who happens to be standing there looks like he's wearing the flower. Nice little addition. Jen & John, do you have a web site suggestion to find out when and where all these "cons" are taking place? My daughter would love Comic and Anime.

  22. There are a lot of tutorials out there for how to make a Master Chief costume - seems like they take a lot of time, patients, and money - Instructables had a pretty good one on it around Halloween time and there's always YouTube :)

  23. I love love love looking at your con pics, they make me want to go to the next one that comes to Toronto.

  24. More please, Jen! These are marvelous!

  25. Are you sure the girl in blue is Samus? The markings on the suit reminded me more of Cortana, from Halo.

  26. OMG Plants vs. Zombies...somebody was recognizing the awesome! Bonus points if they'd had a chick dressed up as a sunflower singing the song.

  27. Looks like a Succubus from World of Warcraft

  28. My sister and I cracked up hugely at the Pimp Vader. :D
    The time machine and the pirate ship were pretty awesome. :)

  29. Love the Black Butler couple photo, the funny part is that, on that episode Ciel is actually dressed in drag, it was so cute/funny. They did a great job with it.

    I so want to go to one of these all dressed up, gotta keep getting in shape though and figure out what I want to wear! I think DragonCon 2012 will be my year.

  30. Ariel sportin a thong! You go girl! hahahaha

    What is the last group from??


  31. That blue woman is definitely Sue Storm, people are only thinking Samus because of her large endowments.

    Sue Storm

    Zero Suit Samus"

    Note the differences in the piping/detail on the upper arms and shoulders.

    wv: grone - the noise my dh made when he saw the full size image of the blue woman

  32. The gal in the blue certainly has achieved the world's most common superpower to a degree rarely seen outside of comic books. I wonder how she did that, it must be hard to keep padding from showing in such a tight suit. (For the sake of her lower back, I'm going to assume that's mostly padding, anyway.)

    I love the Anonymous group. Too much fun!

  33. Love the Plants vs. Zombies!
    Who or what is the last group by the escalators?

  34. I'm almost certain the girl in the painted on suit is supposed to be Susan Storm from the Fantastic Four- The Invisible Woman!

  35. Okay what is up with the group at the end? The pose is fantastic and I LOVE that photo! Is this something I am already supposed to know the answer to? Is my geek-cred going down the drain? Why am I asking so many questions?

    Please for the love of all that is holy, spill the beans about the last photo! My brain cells are depending on it! *dies*

  36. The blonde in the blue outfit is actually Sue Richards from the Fantastic Four. You can't see the "4" emblem in the shot you have posted but I saw her that day at the Con.

    I'm very amused. That's me with Pimp Vader.

  37. Unless my skills are rusty, the last group is "Anonymous".

    You and Jon are very lucky to be attending the event and thank you for uploading the photos for everyone to enjoy! Cable Monkey you are one cool dude!

  38. OMG! Plants VS Zombies is on my other tab right now! I play that game obsessively! heh. Love it.

  39. The 13th pick is Samus, from Metriod.

  40. Niiiiiice Time Machine!

  41. Ahhhh you got the Ciel and Sebastian!! They're actually friends of mine hehe, I dont think they were able to walk more than five feet without getting pictures, defifnately the most anime-accurate cosplays that depict that outfit (colorwise and everything!)

    I can't WAIT to see the rest of the pictures that get put up!!!

  42. I second Sparky's call, it's Morrigan from Darkstalkers and Marvel V Capcom. She has an evil projectile weapon special and she's always in my lineup.

  43. for those who didn't know the last photo I offer this:

    love the plants vs. zombies costumes- can't even count the hours I've wasted on that game ;)

  44. I want to hang out with the guys in the last picture. Seriously. I love people at cons who leap into position for a picture. I swear they practice that at home to get it right.

    Thank you for posting cons snaps. I'll never get to one (I live in a really rural area), but between you and Wil Wheaton, it's like I'm at them all! :)

  45. Wow, Pimp Vader is incredible! I wonder if he had to deal with any Vada hata's?

  46. Yes, I am also curious about just what the aitch-ee-double-hockey-sticks is going on with Snow White's foot. Is it stuck in a bowling bag? Some sort of mutation/Disney/The Big Lebowski statement? Sneezy, Dopey and Bowl-y? .....

    That's all I got. :)

    Carmiehead, the Un-Stalker

  47. I love the plants vs. zombies guys! I dressed up as crazy dave at comic con last year (and I'm a girl)! I love it cause not as many people know the game. P.S. wearing a pot on your head all day is not very comfortable but the part that made it worth it was when Felicia Day asked me for a picture!

  48. Ive seen another shot of the blonde haired girl in the blue latex and i can tell you its The Invisible Woman from Fantastic 4.

  49. Plants Versus Zombies: best picture of the bunch! Wow...

  50. Lol on the Lady Link, it's funny, even to a LoZ fan!


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