Thursday, September 30, 2010

World of GeekCraft

Time to feature more of you readers and your awesome projects!

First, Jenn of Rook No. 17 made one sweet Star Wars party favor: chocolate Han Solo, anyone?

The best part is that Jenn also shows you how to make one yourself! You just need the Han Solo in carbonite "action figure" (that cracks me up) and some silicon plastique for the mold. Check out Jenn's post for more pictures and details.

I love papercraft, and Rachel M.'s robot creations are some of the best I've ever seen:

Not only is this little guy adorable, he's fully articulated! Check out this video to see all the different ways just his arms move. Amazing!

Rachel makes her 'bots out of index cards and Elmer's glue. Here's another cutie:

And look at the level of detail:

Those are just the gears for his neck - and again, all paper! Wowza.

Go to Rachel's gallery for lots more pics and progress shots.

Claudia's friend wanted a plush version of Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, who (for those of you looking confused right now) looks like this:

Claudia says,

After struggling with how to make something plush that would still retain the shake cup shape, I came up with a method that uses 2 different types of paint bucket lids, interfacing, and some heavy wire.

And here he is!

Faaabulous. Way to shake it up, Claudia!

And finally, here's a fantastic example of making jewelry out of unusual objects:

I'll let Sherry G. explain:

I wired Swarovski crystals onto the metal piece, then tied the Celtic knotwork design to make the finished necklace. And that strange industrial-gothic metal piece? It's the stainless steel plate that held my broken elbow together for a year and half! I had the doc save it for me when it was removed. He kindly auto-claved it before returning it to me! I wore it to a follow-up appt and he took me around showing all of his staff, and took pictures to share with his colleagues and the rep he buys the plates from.

I love it: beautiful *and* a great conversation starter! Not to mention a great souvenir from something that was once, quite literally, close to your heart. ;)

So, do you have a great or geeky project to share with your fellow Epboteers*? Then e-mail it to me! We want to see what you're up to!

*I'm trying out a new word. Yes? No? Alternate suggestions?


  1. Can I be an Epboteer? I immediately imagined wearing a felt hat in the shape of your cute robot's head.

  2. I like it without the 'r'. Epbotees!

  3. LOVE Epboteers! It's adorable and geeky! I like!

  4. I love the chocolate Han Solo in carbonite. Yum.

  5. Epboteer sounds so impersonal, but then again, so does "Bot Minions"... Eppies sounds like a seizure disorder... I guess nothing will match "Wreckies", which flows from the tongue with a lyric grace.

  6. Love the elbow jewelry. Now she can be the only one able to kiss her own elbow.

  7. I heartily endorse Epboteers! Can we have hats or beanies? :D

  8. I want an Epbot t-shirt with the robot on!

  9. How about epbots? This way it seems each of us is a bot for pure EPicness!
    Or just bots.

  10. "Epbots" - Yes!

    And I, too, want the awesomest t-shirt.

  11. How about Epboters? maybe?...I like the Epboteers, it makes me think of the Racketeer...which makes me think there should be a groovy helmet involved......OH OH OH I've got it! An Epbot hat or headband with the ear parts and the light up antenna on top! Super cute I say, super cute! :oD

  12. Epboteer? Is that something like Mousekateer? :-)

  13. OH, these creative people are killing me! I love it!

  14. I think I'd rather be an Epbot than an Epboteer, or an Epboter... the "eer" attached to Ebot doesn't roll off the tongue the way I think a club membership title should... how about Botties?

  15. I love the necklace & the chocolate Han Solo & the paper robots. Ok, you caught me: I love everything you show on this blog!

    Epbots or Bots I think is good, & we need buttons or something :)


    Hi Jen,

    Being a reuseful kinda gal, I decided to make something of the gum wrapper paper chain that was becoming ever longer. The above wreath is what I made. The stars are made of cardboard with one side of the paper pulled off and then haphazardly painted to resemble worn corregated metal. It was fun and kept me out of the cookie jar! LOL!

    Great sites, Jen! I can always count on Cake Wrecks to make me laugh and Epbot to make me think.



  17. Epbotigans? I like epboteers except it shifts the "t" to the third syllable leaving "bo" hanging there.

    Does anyone else think Rachels's paper robot looks like Bart Simpson?

  18. Love 'Epboteers'!

    I love that necklace- so pretty and quirky and cool!

  19. Good heavens. I saved the staples from my girl-bits operation. I saved my extracted teeth (not saying how many, but... lots). Now I am supremely tempted to ask for the salvage when the battery finally gives up on my implanted EKG recorder device and they take it out. Now that, my friends, will be a conversation starter!

  20. I'm all for Epbotters! But maybe it's just because the Danish plural of "Robot" is "robotter" so it seems natural to me

  21. I love "Epboteers"!

    And, oh my gosh, I told Jen to send those Han Solo chocolates in to you! I'm so glad you got to see them, yay! :)

  22. I dont like Epboteers, it sounds..erky. All prancy & lets be part of the gang-ish.
    I like Epbotters, though. It sounds like a verb that means 'pottering around in an Epbot like fashion'. Something I'm happy to do! But I dont need a hat...

  23. Your title got me thinking you were going to have World of Warcraft crafts, but alas not a single one. I'd complain, but the crafts were too cute. :P

  24. I like Epboteer!! I do agree that we need some sort of button or hat or something.

    I LOVE that necklace! It is so unique and interesting, was going to ask for a tutorial but I see she's starting a business.

  25. I WANT the Han Solo chocolate. Though I'm not sure I could bear to eat it! Or cover a Star Wars toy in chocolate!

  26. Must. Have. Han! Those are beyond awesome.

    Is roller derby considered geeky? If so, I have a skirt I'm working on that I'll send pics of when I'm done.

    I also like Epboteers. Totally goes with the whole Disney thing you have going on. Now we need hats. With our names embroidered on them. And sweaters. I'm just saying...

  27. I saved my bolts and plates from surgery/repair after a car crash, and had always planned on making something with them, but had yet to decide what. I think you've nudged me towards a final decision of jewelry...and with my current inclinations it will likely have a steampunk twist : )

  28. Well, if you have Epboteers then you get the theme song:

    E-P-B-O-T R-O-B-O-T
    Epbot robot
    Epbot Robot
    forever we shall hold his banner high.

    Sorry don't know the rest, but you get my point (at least I hope so because now I can't get it out of my head).

  29. Epbotians? Love you! Oh, and my verification word is "bumciez"... just thought you oughta know. ROFL!

  30. Nice! I love using the Amazing Mold Putty for all kinds of stuff. This past Chrismas I used my hubby's gaming dice to make chocolate molds. It was a lot of fun!

  31. I prefer to be called an Epbotista, but that is just me. :-)

  32. The Han chocolate bar makes me think of the Star Wars playdoh molds my brothers and I had as kids. one of them was a Han Solo in carbonite.

  33. I am an... Epboteer? Epbotian? Epbotigan? Epboty?

    I am an EP bot. Experimental prototype. But hey, can I be known as CS bot, cuz those are my initials and you need a way to tell us apart. And #1 is already taken.

    "Go, my bots, and bring back examples of crafty goodness!" Yeah, I can imagine you saying something like that.

  34. OT but the games that introduced me to steampunk and I didn't even know, the all absorbing Myst, is going to be made into a movie! Did you see it!

  35. How about Epbotans? Makes me think of Spartans! "Epbotans! We must type to the death!"...Or something along those lines... :P

    Epboteers is nice too though ^^

  36. I like Epbot.

    I'm an epbot.
    He's an epbot.
    She's and epbot.
    Wouldn't you like to be an epbot too?

    On vacation we could all go to Epbot Center.

  37. Wow, I am so making chocolate Han Solos as stocking stuffers for my in-laws this year! Thanks!!

  38. SQUEEEEEE on the Master Shake doll! I LOVE ATHF! Think she can make me one of Meatwad? I'll have to email her!

    Epboteers, Epbotees...will this become the same argument as found with Trekkers and Trekkies?

    I think I still actually have my Han Solo non-action figure. Neato! I think we should call it Han Solo in Chocolanite. Or something to that effect, since new words are being used and all.

    BTW, Jen, Shakespeare also made up words and new meanings to words*, so I think everyone has the right to do it!

    SOOOOO, my big question is to all EPBot readers: any of you want to make me some 9 stitchpunk dolls? I am NOT handy with a needle and thread and need help! Even something simple would be fine. I don't need a lot of detail!

    I will be sending you pics of my dragons, Jen...I just want to send you stuff of my other projects working on and I don't want to bug you with tons of emails, so I'll send them all in one.

    *It's because of Shakespeare that we use the word "jerk" to mean someone who is a...well...jerk. Sorry, can't find a better word for jerk right now and I'm not feeling very thesaurus-y.

  39. Name: Botites, maybe?

    Also, do you pronounce it EEP-bot, like EEEEE!, or EHP-bot, like Epcot? After reading your interview and realizing EPBot came from EPCOT, I wondered if maybe I was pronouncing it wrong.

  40. Jen, why don't you use your favorite nonsense word to name your minions? Epbot + geek = Eeeks. Epbot + Dread Pirate Roberts = Boberts. Epbot + well you get the picture.

  41. Botians? Pronounced "Boshans" I like it cuz I think of Star Wars when I say it. (Kinda like Bothans)

  42. Jen, you are the best! Thank you so much for posting my Han Solo! For me, it was a childhood dream-come-true to pay a chocolate homage to one of my favorite movies ever!!


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