Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Steampunk Exhibition

Like many things at Dragon*Con, the steampunk fashion show and exhibition were both pretty poorly planned. They were booked both at the same time and the same room, which resulted in one gigantic line snaking down two floors of the hotel, and made up of folks planning to attend one or the other (or in my case, both). After an hour or so, they separated us into two lines: one for each event. Initially we stayed in the fashion show line, figuring we'd be seated fairly quickly. When I realized they wouldn't be letting us in the room until the Exhibition wrapped, though, we went to check that out - about 10 minutes before they shut the whole room down. :(

So, here are the few shots I managed to get of the Exhibition before we had to leave. My biggest regret of the whole weekend was that I didn't get more time in there, because the things we did get to see were simply amaaaazing.

A great shot of steampunk Glinda's costume. In this light I realized that the top of her bodice almost looks like it's been soaked through with blood, and the shreds and tatters look like drips. A bit morbid, sure, but beautifully done.

Here's the Tin Man:

I amended my last post to include this, but again, I believe this is the actual costume used in Heartless, The Story of the Tin Man. Be sure to check it out; it's a great short film.

There were rocket packs galore:

And here's that steampunk scooter from the parade:

John and my dad ended up talking to the guy who made this almost the entire time we were there. I wonder if that means they can build me one, now. :)

These two were both creepy and fascinating:

The girl had a brass fan and scrolled metal work covering her face, plus lots of intricate gizmos (technical term) on her fingers and leg:

Can't forget the fabulous weaponry:

This display case used to house an old clock.

There were even some nice jewelry pieces out:

Most of the tables were covered and they were ushering out of the room by this point, so here's my last shot:

Oooh, if ONLY I'd seen everything else under those table cloths!!

If any of you have a link for more pics from the exhibition, please, share them in the comments!


  1. Before following your blog, I had never heard of steampunk ... so as a newbie, I would have to say, wow! Thanks for the great introduction to a new fascination :)

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  3. The first gun is a slightly modified Maverick Nerf Gun.

  4. I saw a movie last night and thought of you (not in a weird way!- ha ha). We saw this Goth Opera called Repo. I warn you that it is really graphic and bloody, but it was like Sin City meets Steampunk children of the night. Sarah Brightham was in it (though so was Paris Hilton). The costuming was great and the mix of old gadgets with new technology was really great. I kept getting really into the movie but then really repulsed by the graphic parts. Totally weird movie (which will never win any awards, mind you), but worth a see if you are into Steampunk (which clearly, you are).

  5. I'm like Morgan above-- I'd never heard of steampunk before reading your blog- and find that I'm kinda fascinated by it! So very cool, thanks for the introduction and all the cool photos!

  6. Thanks for posting this. Great stuff.
    I've been into steampunk lit for about a year now, and it's gone over into my altered book making and my fiction writing. It seems like I can't get enough of it right now.

  7. The cool but creepy woman with the metal fan on her face is kind of like a steampunk Borg. (And is it wrong that I cracked up when I found out my daughter's sixth grade teacher is named Mrs. Borg?)

    Also found some pictures I thought you'd enjoy here. Star Wars plus Pooh made me do a little Squee-ing.

  8. I am so "safe" in my steampunk... some of these gals (and guys!) look like Steam-Lady Gagas :)

  9. I think I prefer all of the costumes from the previous posts better than the fashion show ones.

    Oh, in a few days I will be sending you a link to a video of a homemade steampunk inspired hookah. My boyfriend and I are constructing it for a contest and it is almost complete. We are going to need youtube comments in order to win (another hookah).

    Anyway, I follow you on both here and cakewrecks and thought that you and some of your readers would enjoy our design.

  10. Actually, what happened with the Exhibition and Fashion Show is that the Exhibition outgrew the small room into which it was originally scheduled, and the Fashion Show was *always* supposed to start at 5:30 (but was supposed to run longer than 15 min...*scratches head about that one*) There was an information disconnect somewhere, resulting in the line screw-up...but, I *AM* glad you enjoyed both the events! Maybe we'll get larger rooms and more time for both next year.

    P.S. I'm a regular Cake Wrecks reader, but had taken some time off for Dragon*Con prep!

  11. I'm having a Steampunk Wedding in October and this is great for my guest to get some inspiration. Love your site(s).


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