Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dragon*Con Costume Gallery #2

I tell you what, my friends: hunting costumes at Dragon*Con is a full-contact sport, requiring patience, speed, agility, balance, and the ability to squirm through tiny spaces created by large drunken people.

Fortunately for you guys, [smirk], I have all of those things.


John de Lancie would be proud.


Another Labyrinth costume!
Ooooh. Preeeetty.

Harry is totally waving at me. :D And check out Hagrid's pink umbrella!

Speaking of the Dark Knight...
Get it? Eh? EH?

The cutest lil' bounty hunter you will ever see:

[insert "It's a trap!" joke here]

Beautiful Ringmaster:
I wish I'd been able to back up enough to get her boots in frame; they were awesome.

More fun girly stuff:
See, this is the difference between a girl taking D*C pics and a guy taking D*C pics: I bring back more My Little Ponies than sloppily painted boobages. (True story: I turned around not far from these girls and blurted, rather loudly, "Whoah. They're NAKED. Um. Ok, then." [And no, I didn't get a picture. Sorry.])

That said, here are some lovely (albeit mostly clothed) boobages:

You know how hard I had to work to get this shot? Really, really hard. Just sayin'.

At the height of my costume safari, the crowds were so intense that I couldn't back up more than two feet from the person in question. That's when I had to start prioritizing:


Amazing Pirates of the Caribbean cosplay:

The skeleton makeup on Jack was mind-blowingly good.

Here's another shot:


The two ladies in the middle here have Doctor Who themed costumes:

And, if you look closely, you can see the one in the Tardis outfit has a K-9 purse!
Ack! WANT! How do you think she made his head? It looks perfect!

If you've ever been as addicted to Plants VS Zombies as I have, then you'll definitely appreciate this:

The Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr. dead-ringer from Comic Con was even there:

A moment before, someone called out, "Mr. Stark, Mr. Wayne here would like a picture."
To which he replied, "Of course, Bruce! Get in here."

Ah, geek glee. :D

Believe it or not, I have two more costume gallery posts to go. (Oy.) My next will be all steampunk, and the final will be another mixed bag. Then I have the steampunk exhibition, and the steampunk fashion show, and my post on general D*C geeky fun stuff.

Have I said "Oy," yet? 'Cuz...Oy. Heheh.


  1. Love Love Love!! Keep 'em coming!!

  2. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray! More please! For the love of Leia...more!

  3. You are going to get sick of posting these long before I get sick of seeing them..kkf

  4. The Judge Q costume is awesome! I love Q. I named my (now dead) laptop after him and drew chibi Q on it.

  5. Love it!!!
    I totally screamed K-9, when I saw that picture :)

  6. Only two more!? :( I have never been to a con myself, and don't foresee being able to go to any in the near future, so I love it when you post con pics. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I looked and looked and looked for you, and I have a feeling that you were right under my nose because some of the costumes you've posted here are ones that I saw in the same exact location. Dang it! :)

    The funniest part of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was seeing them from the lobby going up in an elevator. I swear, they looked like stuffed animals in a Claw Machine. Of course, I was too late in getting a picture.

    My D*C Pics are HERE.

  8. Sweet.

    I want that Labyrinth dress. I've wanted it since I was 7.

    The little Boba fett looks a bit like Hit-Girl.

    Man, I miss Harry Potter.

    Cool pony costumes. Very creative interpretation.

    That looks like the real lady who played Calypso! COOL!

    Are you as excited for Tron Legacy as I am?

    I love the Adam West Batman.

    And that is all of the things that were running through my ADD mind while I looked at the pictures.

  9. I had to look twice at the picture of Sirius, that elbow on the left looks like someone's holding a card! I didn't realize it was a guy in a giant cut-out! GREAT costume.

  10. When I started squeeing at the amazing Sirius, that was about the time my (non-nerdy) brother started telling me I have no life :)

  11. I'm not geeky enough. I don't know what all of these costumes are for, but I love looking at them.

  12. LOVE them! And I cracked up at the Stark/Wayne comment. :D I'm vicariously enjoying D*C through your dedicated geekiness!

  13. I think the awesome shoes the Ringmaster is wearing are "Arena" by Funtasma, if you were wondering. :)

  14. Thank you so much for posting these! I think I may have to attend next year, so inspired am I. :)

  15. Geeking out on Plants vs. Zombies all night tonight. Have you gotten the latest where you can make your own Zombatar?

  16. Completely unrelated to this post:
    BUUUT i found a book about steampunk dragons! <3 it. I think the entire book is on google books

  17. I know those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Poor man's pub crawled (room to room drinking) with them Friday night. Kept missing you though :-( If you got a picture of my son in costume and I missed you, I'll be even sadder.

  18. tiny purple elephantSeptember 8, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    the ninja turtles look more like the cartoon ninja turtles.
    the pirates of the caribbean costumes were good too

  19. keep them coming, I love girlie geek!

  20. I almost woke my son squealing with delight at the pic of Q.

  21. that hat with the ship on it! There's a reading rainbow book about it! Here's the reading rainbow program where he reads it!

  22. OMG Jen you have so much fun at those things, I wish we had stuff like that here on the east coast in Canada!! Oh I came across a steampunk jewelery site this morning and thought I'd pass the link on to you in case you've never seen it.
    OH and I came across these like last week. ENJOY!!!!!

  23. Love all the costume posts! Jen have you considered attending "Steampunk Worlds Fair" In NJ this year? Its the second year and I performed there last year (it was actually my debut burlesque performance), and I do believe my troupe is slated to perform again this year. Its in May and last year the costumes were just spectacular it was amazing the stuff people came up with to wear! You would love it I am sure.

  24. Hm. The ship hat reminds me of this old-school Marie Antoinette print I saw.

    -French Bean

  25. I am so damn jealous - it looks amazing! Where can I get a custom Azkaban wanted poster?!

  26. Here's an image of that lady's boots. It's a little dark since we're at the aquarium but they were fantastic boots.

    The costumes were spectacular as always. I wish I'd spent more time getting pictures.

  27. If you have more pics of steampunks wearing kilts, I wanna see them. I have a kilt for highland games and it would be awesome to have it do double duty as part of a costume.

  28. The Plants vs Zombies costume is *fantastic*!!! And yes, there are definitely others out there as addicted as you... if not even more addicted.... *sigh*
    Can I just ask, is it ungeeky to be into Lost?

  29. OH MAH GAH - The Cheshire Cat! Brilliant.

    I live in ATL and really wanted to go. Alas... it wasn't in the cards. Your pics have me kicking myself.

    Next year. Fo Sho

  30. Okay, having a brain fart & can't find it online. The chick with purple/black costume with horns, I know she's from Final Fantasy, but can't remember her name?

  31. You haven't posted photos of you and John!

  32. Great costumes! Thanks for posting them.
    And, yes, P v. Z has invaded our house, from our 7 & 10 yr-olds to my 41year-old DH.

    "There's a zombie on your lawn!" video is a major hit!

  33. More more more! I love these posts.. so awesome! I am in geek heaven.

  34. So I tried to see all of the pictures from today's post--and I'm sure they're lovely and I WILL get around to viewing them-- but I, um, kinda sorta got DISTRACTED (heavy breathing) (ahem) by the first Batman picture...Just wanted to say thank you. And Thank you. Thank you thank you.

  35. And then I go post the code wrong. Obviously I haven't recovered from DragonCon yet.

    Here is the lady who's boots Jen couldn't fit in a picture. It's a little dark.

  36. Heh, thanks, badinfluence - I was going to ask for a re-post of that. :)

    If you find any more pics of Ringmaster girl, let me know! I'd love to see her outfit better, too, since my shot is from the side.

  37. I love looking at all the pictures.

  38. Jen, you may have already seen this, but I thought it was just too neat not to share:

  39. You have all the fun. So friggin awesome!

  40. The Stark/Wayne photo is now my laptop background. My two favorite superheroes ever together? It could only be better if I could've been there to meet them!

  41. I could be wrong, but I think that ship hat is supposed to be the Queen of Melanysia (not sure on spelling) who makes cameos in at least two of Neil Gaiman's kids book (The Day I swapped my dad for two goldfish, and The Wolves In The Walls)... and it is BRILLIANT!

  42. The skeleton Capt. Jack is my friend Scott :) He's also a 501st member. If you want his Facebook, I'll give it you. Let me know!

  43. Tardis, K9, AND Dalek! oh my gosh this just made me sooooooo happy :D I really need that Tardis dress....


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