Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon*Con Costume Gallery #3

My last batch of D*C costume photos. Enjoy!

He made the gun himself!

Me: [checking picture on camera] "Awesome."
Him: "I know I am, thanks."

Now THAT is a *fantastic* costume from a *terrible* movie. (Hellboy 2)

I like the Gypsy-vibe on this bounty hunter gal. Pretty details.

Recognize Leia? She was at the Star Wars Celebration, and was also Buttercup in the parade.

The light saber was part of his armor. Nifty.


Apparently there was a family reunion at D*C this year:

And as you can see, they were really flipping their lids. [bah-dum-BUMP]

Something tells me this next trio is big trouble:

Even Pedobear made an appearance:

The other side of his sign read, "Free Hugs."

Adorable Fiona:
I promise her face wasn't actually glowing; someone else's flash went off just as I took this. :)

Check out her feet!

And now for some baddies:

I think these are the same two booth babes from last year:

John and I joked about how miserable they seemed then, too. :)

They're supposed to be horses:

They really didn't seem happy, though, standing around and posing. I guess that's the difference between fans and those there just to promote something. (Though to be honest, I still don't know what they were promoting.)

Here they are last year:

Here's someone who WAS happy to be there, though:

This guy was a blast to watch: he never stopped grinning, and he sauntered around with a real spring/happy dance in his step. People like this are why I love conventions.

These Splicers had their posing skills down pat. Really great.

There was a *huge* crowd jostling around here. I consider any picture that came out in focus and without an elbow in it a victory.

That goes double for this next group:

There is so much epic awesomeness here, I can barely contain myself. That's King Arthur banging a coconut in the background. And the lady with the carrot for a nose? A WITCH!!

Another shot of the group:

I spy the holy hand grenade! And the white rabbit has really. pointy. teeth. Run away!

How about some Shatner Action Figures?

Epic. Totally Epic.

And next to them:

Life in plastic: it's fantastic.

And that's it for my D*C costume collection! Stay tuned now for the steampunk exhibition, fashion show, and then a last bit on some of our experiences and encounters at the con. And then I shall collapse. And get back to my office remodel. And geek crafts and stuff.


  1. amazing.... I can only imagine being there. The vibe... the atmosphere ... it must be just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The waist cincher with the ribs, spine, and pelvis in the oval was my favorite corset at the whole convention! That Nazgul was very scary!! He was like 7 feet tall and super creepy.

  3. i am sitting here giggling like a lunatic while my coworkers keep forking the evil eye sign at me.

    the monty python group just made my entire week!

  4. I love that Professor Trelawney has a Magic 8-Ball! :D

  5. Holy Hand Grendade, Batman! These pics have been fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing. I've got to go next year!

  6. I saw Fiona sitting outside the Marriott on Sunday evening and I wanted to take her picture, but she was busy smoking. I thought it might look kinda weird to for her to have a cig in her hand for my shot. Haha.

    I can't wait to see the Bob and Carl costumes next year. You know someone's gonna do it!

  7. REgarding the booth babe photos... aren't those the girls from Cruxshadows?

  8. I LOVE the Monty Python group. Thanks for taking one for the team to get those...especially the white rabbit...Jaaysus Christ! :D

  9. LOL, the 'booth babes' are actually the dancers for the Cruxshadows. They're hanging out at the band's booth and signing stuff for fans!

    Jess is a big fan of costuming and judges the Dragon After Dark contest among other things. I think she makes their show outfits and con outfits herself every year. You'll see her a lot in gothy/cyber fairy getups, though I didn't see her in wings this year for a change. I wouldn't usually describe them as gloomy, so it's kind of hilarious to see your pics and description!

    I don't think they're both the same dancers from last year. In recent years Jess usually ends up with a Jess-clone (tall/skinny/fake blond dreads) as a fellow dancer - symmetry I guess? And I think the new dancer this year is Jenn.

  10. Thank you so much for sharing all your fun.

  11. Just to alleviate any curiosity you may have:

    The girls are promoting a darkwave band called The Cruxshadows.

  12. Love all the pics - wish I could have made it to the Con!

    Just a note...
    I notice that in some posts you caption your pics above the photo, and some you caption below the photo. It gets just a little bit confusing, particularly when reading the blog on a small screen. It's not a huge problem, but I thought I'd point it out.

  13. With nasty, big, pointy teeth. aaarrggg!


    These pictures just made my day a whole lot more awesome.

  14. The more I see, the more I want to go to the next Dragon*Con

  15. Thanks for all the pics! I've been living dcon '10 through pics this year as I wasn't able to go. Costumes are always one of my fav parts of any con.

    The girl in the pink goth horse (unicorn, they have lil horns on the masks) outfit is the band manager and dancer, the girl in the purple is a dancer, for the band The Cruxshadows. One of my fav goth/dance bands. Just thought you'd like to know. ^_^

  16. OMG I can't belive you found a CODEX costume!!!!!!!! Awesome'd ! I NEVER miss a GUILD episode!

  17. Love the Predator costumes! We love those movies!

  18. as per usual I am loving these pics...and next year I'll be looking at my OWN!

  19. *snort* Choking Hazard on Ken! Bwa ha ha!

  20. I LOVE the LeeLoo and Zorg costumes (that gun is SO cool!!!) The Fifth Element is my favorite movie of all time...thank you for sharing!!

  21. Shut up, Mr. Burton! You are not brought upon this world to get it!

    I think I might just watch that movie tonight.

    That rabbit costume is Awe...Some.

  22. I seriously just sat here trying to figure out what versions of Barbie and Ken those where when it finally dawned on me that those where costumes. Super Genius right here <--

  23. Those pictures are all awesome. I love the family reunion one.

  24. I'll confess. When I saw the Monty Python pics my squeal of delight was so loud that the kids came rushing in to see what was wrong. THEN I saw the carrot on her nose and I shed a tear. A happy tear. Thank you D*C for bringing this much awesomeness into the world. Thank you too Jen for the AWESOME pics. These have been the highlight of my geeky week.

  25. great fun!

    and *sniff* I really liked hellboy two. *sniff*

  26. How did you manage to take it all in? My brain is spinning just from looking at these photos!
    It really looked like so much fun, and the Holy Grail guys.......AMAZING!!!!

  27. 1. those costumes are amazing and I wish I could have seen them in person.
    2. I am so glad I'm not the ONLY one that thinks the Hellboy franchise is...not good. Everyone I ever get an opinion from is all, 'ooh! It's so awesome!'

  28. While I don't remember Guy Gardner (the Green Lantern) having girls hanging on him, at least it sounds like he got Guy's attitude down pat.

  29. The girl in the green costume at the end is my best friend as Poison Ivy. So sad I missed it this year!

  30. I'm sure you saw this awesomeness on Neatorama but I am DEFINITELY doing this for D*C next year! Well..I'm torn between that and Evil Dr. Horrible (that's what I refer to him as when he gets his red outfit haha).. I love NPH.

    I love the Codex! And Barf made my DAY!

  31. Absolutely adored Dragoncon this year! Already have reservations for next year! :D

  32. I'm so happy to see the Guild (Codex) getting so much attention! I will be at one of the (many) conventions next year!


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