Saturday, June 4, 2011

Candy Colored Steampunk??

The old joke is that Steampunk happened when Goths discovered brown.


Ok, so there's some truth to that.

HOWEVER, there is more to the genre than brown leather and brass - you just have to look for it. (And if you can't find it, add it yourself! That's where the PUNK part comes in.)

For example, check out Adam Wallacavage's octopus chandeliers, which have been making the rounds again online lately:

It's Captain Nemo meets Barbie's Dream House - and I love it.

There are also darker/creepier designs, but it's the cheerful color combos that make me smile:

How great would this be with steampunk home decor?

Although if it came down to selecting one for my own steampunk dining room, I think I'd have to go with this one:


Or, for you cosplayers, how about a little NerfPunk?

Here's the concept: steampunkers are known for painting/customizing Nerf guns into steampunk guns. So this group figured, hey, why not match our costumes to the guns, instead of vice versa? Aaaand NerfPunk was born. Frankly, I think it's brilliant. I'd love to see more bright colors like this worked into the Victorian/punk aesthetic.

Or, if you can't work that much color into your costume, how about in your hair and makeup?

By Colorful-Ayako

Someday, guys, I am going to have candy colored hair. Someday.

Over the past few years a lot of 'punkish elements have worked their way into my closet. Leather boots and ruffled skirts, fitted military jackets, big belts, and flouncy blouses all add up to a subtle steampunk look that doesn't look costumey. Still, most of those tend to be muted khakis, browns, and army greens - not very colorful. And, in case you hadn't noticed, I LOVE color.

Which is why I LOVE these Victorian patterned knee-socks:

Pinstriped Victoria Over the Knee, $20.00 (Thanks to Claire H. for the link!)

Ack! Prettiest. socks. EVER.

(Unfortunately, I'm so short that "over-the-knee" = "crotch level." Not good. Heh.)

You also see a lot of jewel tones in the more traditional Victorian dresses used so often in steampunk costuming - lots of rich reds, teals, and purples. (Some examples here.) It's fun when you see colorful satins paired with rugged leather: such a great contrast.

Ok, just a few more colorful steampunk bits and I'm done:

By Will Rockwell

I spy a hidden Mickey!

And one last gem (literally) from Bionic Unicorn:

Gorgeous, don't you think? The chains and watch guts bring the punk, while the feathers and gems make it a formal statement piece. Perfect for steampunk. (And for only $140, it can be yours!)

Well, I could keep going all day, but I think that's enough for now. If you have any examples of colorful steampunk, please link to them in the comments!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Too Pretty To Do Math?!

Last week reader Sara P. posted a link to this t-shirt on the Epbot Facebook page, along with
the remark, "I weep for females everywhere."

"I'm too pretty to do math"??

I'm weeping with you, Sara.

I mean, hey, I think I've got a decent sense of humor, and a lot of the stuff that draws fire from feminists doesn't really bother me, but this? This bothers me. (I should note it's only available in womens' junior sizes - along with "Sugar Daddy Wanted.")

Maybe I'm just getting cranky in my old age.

Maybe I wouldn't mind so much if the shirt was even remotely amusing.

Or maybe - just maybe - we women should stop shooting ourselves in the proverbial foot by wearing idiotic t-shirts that reinforce degrading stereotypes OF OURSELVES.

But maybe that's just me.

This is from David & Goliath, by the way, a huge, mostly-juniors t-shirt company with lots of adorable designs along with stuff like "ask me about my meth lab" - but I'm not advocating any kind of backlash against them. The fact is, if no one buys shirts like these, companies will stop making them. So, for the sake of intelligent people everywhere, just don't buy it.

In fact, if you want to make a joke about your lack of math skills, why not do it with something like this?

via NoiseBot (available in women's sizes)

Or these?

By the way, the "too pretty" shirt is on clearance, so we can hope most of David & Goliath's clientele have a little too much self-respect to keep it in production. Fingers crossed, anyway.

So tell me, guys, what do you think? Is the shirt harmless fun, or putting women back a few decades? And while you're at it: what's your favorite smart/funny tee? Share your links in the comments, so we can make the world a better place... through shopping. :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Portal Fan Video Fun

In the past two days I've seen two amazing Portal vids. That's enough to warrant a post, right? :D

First, a sketch performed at the Fanime 2011 Masquerade:

(found via the always geektacular ThinkGeek)

I would have loved to see this live. So fun!

Now, hold on to your socks, 'cuz this next video is going to knock. them. off.

(Found via @Kiala)

Talk about the intersection of my two blogs: video games and cake? Yes, please!

I've already watched this four times, and it honestly gets better with every viewing. (Although I do wish the final cake was less perfect and more realistic - but that's just me nit-picking.) The actress, Nicole Leigh, is so, so good. I laugh at her oven reaction shots every time.

At some point now I really do need to find time to play Portal 2...but since my office and dining room are both currently covered in pieces of in-process construction projects (updates coming!), that's probably not going to be anytime soon. Heh.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have power tools calling my name.

(And they're saying, "Jeeeen! Tell John to put his saaaafety glasses back ooooonn!"

Hear that, Sweetie?

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Princess Bride Anniversary Photos!

Ahhh, nothing eases the transition back into the work week after a holiday quite like amazing Princess Bride-themed anniversary photos. Know what I mean?

Fortunately, Epbot reader Jess (aka Jessica W.) was happy to oblige us with hers:

Woot! Hold on to your holocaust cloaks, folks, cuz this is gonna be gooood.

I'm already swooning. How 'bout you?

Mahwidge: That dweam...within a dweam.

I couldn't decide which of these next two shots I liked better, so I'll just include both.

First there's the dramatic, facing-down-Prince-Humperdink version:

Surrender? DEATH first!!

And then there's the cheerful, hey-we-just-successfully-stormed-the-castle version:

You can see Jess's dress a bit better here, which - did I mention? - she actually made herself!

Yep, I'd say it's pretty clear this is one geeky cool couple who will be "tweasuring" their "wuv." Congratulations, guys!

All photos by Meghan Christine Photography, and you can see the rest of the shoot here.

UPDATE: Whoops! Apparently my brain has yet to shift out of long-weekend mode; these are anniversary photos, not engagement ones as I said initially. Jess and her hubby have been married for six years. Sorry about that, guys!