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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Believe it or not, that's actually one of the titles I once considered for this blog. A bit wordy, though.

So instead, I'll just keep using it for my feature of stuff-around-the-web-guaranteed-to-help-you-gleefully-kill-time. Which is also wordy. And therefore, appropriate.

Today's Theme: Steampunk


- Pretty much everything in Aranwen's etsy shop is jaw-on-the-floor beautiful:

Mmmm, Victorian sparklies. Love it.

- David Glicksman made the most mind-blowing steampunk secret-knock-activated door opener you will ever see in your ENTIRE LIFE:

Go watch the 30 second video and be amazed. (More pics at the link, too.)

- This house is what first made me fall in love with steampunk. There are too many amazing photos to choose a favorite, but here's an example:

That's just the computer desk.

And when you're done with that link, go take the virtual tour of the house here. Do it. DO IT NOW! (And then come back; I'm not done yet!)

- Jennifer Trantor, an artist in Australia, made a dress sculpture using "more than a thousand brass and copper clock cogs, sewn together with jewellery links."

Wowza. More pics and a close-up here.
(Thanks to Richelle E. for finding this!)

- And finally, Doktor A makes art that ranges from cute to creepy to a little of both:

His site is a labyrinth of galleries, so I'd recommend starting with the Mechtorians. He also makes 2D art: you may remember seeing two of his pen-and-ink drawings in my dining room.

Well, I think that's enough procrastination fodder for today. Happy browsing, all!

UPDATE: Breaking news! Check out what Disney just announced today:

Steampunk Vinylmation! (I think the balloon style on the left is my fav.)
Go here for more, and thanks to everyone in the comments who pointed this out!

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  1. Now feeling a need to watch Roger Rabbit again. Shave and a haircut - two bits!!

    Love it!

  2. That door knocker is one of the coolest steampunk devices I've ever seen. Form *and* function = ♥.

    Also, that house? Oh, the cakes I would bake in that oven. *sigh*

  3. Since you're on a steampunk theme, I thought you'd enjoy this link I found this morning.

    Maybe you can use it for an upcoming anniversary!

  4. OH! I want that house. And everything in it, including the dog bowls.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing finds!

    Have you seen these goggles:

  5. I never heard of Steampunk before reading your blog, but I have become a big fan of the style! As a fellow Disney fan, I thought of you when I saw this today: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2010/08/disney-trading-time-for-steampunk/

  6. Jen, do you read the Disney Parks Blog? http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/

    Steampunk Disney in one of today's entries :)

  7. Jen, I was thinking about you earlier today... and I found this cute little robot clock necklace. He screams your name... seriously... here's the link to it! (Okay... he doesn't LITERALLY scream your name... but figuratively!) http://www.etsy.com/listing/53913405/i-am-robot-watch

  8. I have to say, I saw this online today and immediately thought of you!


    Quite appropriate with today's steam punk theme! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  9. Jessica R. beat me to my comment.

  10. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2010/08/disney-trading-time-for-steampunk/

  11. heatherw1981 gave you a heads up about the VinylMation on this posthttps://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=1724594058209899258&postID=3271004556123462321

  12. That jewelery is GORGEOUS I WANT TO BUY IT ALL!

    and awe steampunk puffins!

  13. Procrastination Station? Can I be your protege? Pleeeeeease?!

  14. if you haven't seen this yet, you should.


  15. So love your blog. It makes me glad to be girly, geeky and crafty. It has also opened me up to steampunk... so glad I am in the midst of decorating my house.

  16. Thought you might like this tutorial for a simple gear pendent. :)

  17. You are a mean mean MEAN person! My life was happy and full of just scifi. I loved my scifi. Life was simple with just scifi. Now, now you have shown me steampunk.........and i am obsessed. Can't get enough of it. *swoon* I adore how awesome it all is. I think I will call it Gothic SciFi. This was I can trick my brain into thinking it is just plain old scifi and my friends won't roll their eyes because i've found another thing to adore.

  18. Awesome. I had never heard of steampunk before this blog and now I am getting quickly obsessed. I am going to try and make some steampunk jewelry. Thanks for your blogs! They definitely inspire me!

  19. OMG, if I ever win the lottery, I MUST have a steampunk house!

  20. You will be pleased to note that for NaNoWriMo this year I will be undertaking a steampunk mystery-- I'm thinking steampunk-y Sherlock Holmes mixed with Doctor Who. It's going to be AWESOME. I'll let you know how November goes.

  21. Another procrastination idea for you: www.randalspangler.com. My husband got one of his prints for me right after we got married, and soon after that we moved from MA to Kansas. He had a booth at the local Renaissance Festival, we got on his mailing list, and eventually got to meet him at an art show. His work features the cutesy little dragons ever, and we have lives tucked all over our house. Not steampunk, but definitely procrastinatable.

  22. Just saw this cool looking wall clock on the Wireless Web Exclusive page - it looks like a pocket watch. Would be great in a steam punk design:

  23. Wow. I wonder how much that dress weighs...

    -French Bean

  24. Woah thank you for featuring my necklace!! -Aranwen

  25. I am so upset about the Vinylmation figures! I really want to get my hands on one of the pocket watches but as far as I can tell it's only going to be released in the parks. :(

  26. Keep the steampunk stuff coming! I ended up asking for this beautiful necklace as a result of one of your links, and now I wear it all the time! (Thanks also for the coding tip, we'll see if this works!)

  27. For some reason, I imagined the "Here...we...goooo!!" line of your entry as being said by the little stars in Super Mario Galaxy... :)

  28. girl genius
    I love your blog and thought of you when I found this web comic. Smart and funny, and totally steampunk!

  29. You might want to check out the old Myst series of games. They had such a steampunk feeling.

  30. Jen - saw this and thought of you:

    Clockwork Crow Wall Tapestry

    They have some other great stuff at that site too!

  31. My sentimental favorite in the steampunk house is the little model of the time machine. I must have watched that movie half a dozen times as a kid, and at least a few more as an adult.

  32. Yikes! That's definitely a "look but don't touch" kind of dress. You wouldn't be able to hug anyone, because all the spikes would poke you. Or sit down, for that matter. Oh well, if you're that beautiful, you don't need to sit down, right?
    --Deborah K.

  33. I saw this this morning and immediately thought you'd get a kick out of it!

    Steampunk Vader

  34. Been meaning to post this link for you. This is for my stepbrother's business. Among his other products, he does steampunk door overlays....


    Much as I hate to inflate his ego even more, his stuff is AMAZING.

    Amy Raz

  35. Didn't realize it until a freind pointed it out, but that steampunk house is not far from me. A couple of towns over.

  36. here's a little something I thought might inspire you, steampunk-wise. I know I want to make one.
    Not my creation, but I wish it was.

  37. Hey Jen, I don't know if you've got any Archiver's scrap booking stores in your neck of the woods, but I was at one last night and they have a HUGE collection of steampunk-related papers, card stock, findings (metal cogs, gears, typewriter keys with sticky stuff on the back for easy mounting, ribbons, etc), and such. I thought of you right away! They also have some lovely steampunk-esque vintage Alice in Wonderland stuff too, looking both creepy and vintagey at the same time. You could make s ton of steampunk greeting cards/photo albums!


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