Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Dragon Bubbles, Swamp Fey, & the Crock Ness Monster

Happy Tuesday, witches and litches! Anyone's week going like this?

That face, bahaha.

This is an older piece from artist Kosal, but still one of my favorites. Hopefully your week has less flaming disasters in it.

Mine's been relatively disaster free, but with all this blasting Florida heat and humidity, all I want right now are cool Halloween vibes.

Plus I'm always here for stubby unicorns and pumpkin kids in hoodies.

Not Halloween, exactly, but this reminds me of the girl from The Ring - which makes the rubber duckies that much better:

Ooh, there's a great theme: horror movie characters at home. I know someone's done that somewhere.

Check out Kosal's Instagram for more.


Loish brought us straight FIRE this week:


This may be my favorite in a long list of Loish favorites. The smokey flames, the billowing hair, the thoughtful expression... it's like she's considering what to burn down next.

Anyone else identifying with that?

Orrrr maybe that's too deep for an art roundup. Heh. Aheh.


Also loving the spooky fey vibes in this one:

Loish always has the dreamiest saturated colors, check out this underlighting:

Beauty with a tinge of danger. Yasss. Be sure to follow Loish on IG for more.


Michael Weidenfelder of Saint Mondays won me over with his ghostly 3D portraits:

This is incredible, y'all. The ghost emerging from the portrait has a floating green gem to match the painted red one!

Michael doesn't post often, but when he does he unleashes whole armies of sleeping vampire bats:

Well, I say "sleeping," but you can store your pencil or pen in the bat's chest like a stake, haha.

Oh! And look who I found!

'Allo! This Blue Worm if giving me Coraline vibes, and I kinda dig it.

Check out more of Michael's work on the SaintMondays IG.


Don't mind me swooning over this absolutely mesmerizing underwater shoot by Brett Stanley and team:

::swooning intensifies::

The behind-the-scenes video shows how much work goes into a shot like this:

They're in a state park in full scuba gear, and the model is a CHAMP for only taking breathes from a tank every few moments. Incredible.


Speaking of process videos, watch THIS:

This is by Lightning Cosplay. The last few seconds of her wearing it are creepy, sure, but this mask is undeniably a piece of art. Wow. (She sells the masks sometimes in her web store, give her a follow for updates.)


I have even more spooky picks, but I think I'll deviate from the theme here to end with adorable puns, because adorable puns:

Granted, this Crock Ness Monster might *think* she's a little scary. Rawr.

Piper Thibodeaux only paints puns, and almost all are animal/food mashups like this "sealreal":

MUST SNUGGLE. (See the second one in the box?)

And did you notice the numbers? That's right, Piper has painted over three THOUSAND funny punny cutie-buns.


I've been following Piper for years, and her work keeps getting cuter. Giver her a follow on Facebook or Instagram to add extra sweetness to your feed.

Ohh, here's something we haven't done in a while: an art give-away! I tried to pick choices from my art stash the fit today's theme, see what you think:

Option 1) "Strawberry Griffin" signed 8X10 print by Bianca Roman-Stumpff:

Option 2) Mini Print Collection, all signed, by Dennis Hansbury:

Option 3) Spoopy TARDIS, signed 8X10 print by Will Pigg:

Remember, you can only choose one! Tell me your favorite in the comments below, and I'll choose 3 winners at random to announce in my next post.

I do these art roundups because I love - LOVE - finding new art, and it makes me happy to share independent artists with you. I purchase much of the give-away art myself, and ship everything for free - including internationally - for the same reason.

All that to say, if you like these roundups and want to help me keep at 'em, then please share my posts, leave a comment, tag a friend, etc.  Or, if you want to go the EXTRA mile, you can support me directly through Paypal, either as a one time tip or by sending a few dollars per month - which you can cancel any time.

Thanks, gang, love y'all!


  1. I LOVE Piper Thibodeaux - have a few pieces from her in my tea room.

  2. I have a mighty *NEED* for the spoopy TARDIS!

  3. I love Dennis' work, because he's SO talented!! but I'm also in love with the spoopy TARDIS. :)

  4. Would adore the strawberry Griffin!!!!

  5. Strawberry Griffin! That is way too cute!

  6. I really love the Spoopy Tardis!

  7. I'm a sucker for Doctor Who - 'Spoopy Tardis' entry please!

  8. Oh my goodness, that strawberry griffin/gryphon(?) is adorable!

  9. I love Loish so much!! The 3 prints are amazing! Thanks for posting these 🖤

  10. My wall of geeky art needs a Spoopy Tardis, please!

  11. I love the Tardis.

    Thanks for the smiles with the pun pictures

  12. Love the Strawberry Griffin! Someday I want a door-guarding griffin...

  13. Life Cereal, It's Supposed to Be Good For YouJune 14, 2022 at 8:06 PM

    Ooh, Tardis, please!

  14. Thank you for all the eye candy!

    The Strawberry Griffin is pure sweetness.

  15. I am in love with Strawberry Griffin! Thanks for sharing so much wonderful art. :)

  16. I love Bianca’s art! Definitely Strawberry Griffin for me!

  17. I love the strawberry gryphon one!

  18. I would love the gryphon one. He'd look great above my sewing machine.

  19. Strawberry Griffin for sure! so adorable!

  20. The Strawberry Griffin is adorable!

  21. I love the art roundups :) Strawberry Griffin is my favorite!

  22. So many artists I need to follow!! You should check out Amy Ferguson (Printerandpress on IG). And I would love the strawberry griffin. So cute!!

  23. The strawberry griffin is too cute!!! This is ThatGirlWhoLovesELO

  24. Spoopy Tardis, take me awaaaayyyyyy!!!

  25. The crock ness monster is absolutely adorable!
    There can never be too much adorable in my life. The strawberry griffin is my favorite of the give aways.

  26. I came to Epbot looking for inspiration for my new art wall and was not disappointed! I love the Strawberry Griffin!

  27. Laurpud@yahoo.comJune 15, 2022 at 4:27 PM

    Oh man, that Strawberry Griffin! I have all the heart eyes for it 🥰 Aaannd my phone is acting up, & won't let me sign into my Google account

  28. Oh the spoopy TARDIS is amazing

  29. Strawberry Griffin is so precious!

  30. Adorable! I definitely like strawberry griffin!

  31. The strawberry gryphon is so stinking cute! It immediately made me think of baby owls running around and I’m here for it.

  32. Strawberry griffin makes me smile so much!!!

  33. I like the strawberry Griffin, it's sweet.

  34. Piper Raccarroon was giving me Lisa Frank vibes. I want to go buy stickers and a trapper keeper now. OOOoooohhh, maybe an I-pad keeper for the modern peeps :)


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