Friday, June 10, 2022

Let's Go Shopping At Disney World's Clearance Outlet!

::Screeches up in convertible::


Awww yeeeeah.

John and I finally returned to our favorite Disney bargain spot, and you're coming with us!

You've heard me rave about this place before; the Character Warehouse is WDW's clearance outlet, and has two locations within easy driving distance of the parks. Most of what you find here is at least 50% off, with off-season or discontinued items edging up to even steeper discounts.

So let's dive in!

We started on a high note, because right inside the doors were the Jerrod Maruyama succulent planters I've been wanting for AGES, marked down from $30 to just $10.

EEEEEE! I couldn't grab one fast enough. (In fact I grabbed two, so one of you can win one later.)

There were also stacks of the Dumbo planters, same price:

Full disclosure, I took these photos two weeks ago, but I've seen more recent updates that show these are still in stock.

Me: "Hang on, why is Disney selling plushies of Worf?"

Also me, 2 seconds later: "Oh."

I'm just saying, some times you can see why the merch here didn't sell. Also now I kind of want to convert Lando into my favorite prune-juice-drinking warrior. All he needs is a few forehead wrinkles and a bat'leth, right?

The Warehouse always has loads of Star Wars merch, so if that's your fandom, it's a must-visit.

The standard discount on clothing is 50%:

Be sure to dig through the racks, though, because even on this trip I've found tees for as little $5.

This DJ Rex shirt is printed with a reflective vinyl to give that Tron-like glow under flash:

And it's a great price!

These light-up BB headbands are fun, but heavy.

I can see why they didn't sell well in the parks. I forgot to photograph the price, but I think they're $10-$15.

Some sweet smuggler bags:

The Falcon backpack is $45, down from $75.

Plenty of Black Spire merch:

These hats are $16, and there were matching tote bags for $15, down from $35.

The more stock they have the lower the price, so you'll often find the biggest bargains in the front and center sections of the store.

For example, they had a big shelf display of these VHS-style boxes:

... with adorable character plushies inside:

These were are marked down from $28 to just $10.

Here are the rest of the designs, they're all so dang cute it's hard to pick a favorite:

Did I mention this place is dangerous? Seriously, the second you start thinking about what great gifts everything will make, you can kiss your bank account balance goodbye. 

Now let's mosey over to the back right wall for my favorite section: Seasonal. I'm all about the Halloween and Christmas goodies.

This wasn't enough of a bargain to tempt me, but I do love that art.

This tee has Museum of the Weird vibes to it:

And this Hocus Pocus shirt has an embroidered Binx on the front:

.. plus this graphic on the back:

I don't wear Mickey Ears, but these pumpkins are adorable:

And the matching tee - which I think is a Caley Hicks design - was only $4.99:

I bought it on the hope it might fit - and technically it does - but as a Youth Large it's not very flattering, heh. So this one is also going on the Squee prize board for one of you with less, er, acreage.

There wasn't much Christmas this round, but these teeny Groot belt pouches are adorable:

They're only big enough for a cellphone, and have a loop to slide over your belt in back. Loungefly brand never gets TOO discounted, so these were still $20.99, down from $40.

Again, they're not ALL winners.

If you're a Dooney & Bourke fan, take note: the Warehouse always has at least one or two Disney patterns:

That's $179 down from almost $300, and this Alice bag is one of the prettier D&B's I've seen.

Speaking of pricey-but-pretty finds, look at THIS:

This child's dress caught my eye because it comes in its own shimmery fabric hanging bag, so of course I had to investigate. I'm guessing it's Rapunzel's wedding dress, going by the sunburst pin and pink ruffles.

Anyway, terrible photo, but the details on this are stunning:

I wouldn't call the price a bargain, but it's an ok discount down from $358:

If this Animal belt pouch was a real sized purse, I'd've snatched it up in a second:

Sadly it's another little belt bag, though - also $20.99 down from $40.

Hey, remember when I turned my rainbow Mickey ears into a ball cap?

I found the ears here at the Warehouse years ago, then added them to the cap.

And now you don't have to DIY your own anymore!

Let's just pretend Disney liked my idea so much they were inspired. ;) I really like the addition of the Epcot globe.

I was bummed they only had this shirt in small; I love the colors, and it was only $8!

A couple more of my favorite tees - they have so many good ones here.

Most tees still hover around that $15-$20 price point, but I've learned to be strict and hold out 'til they're under $12.

Lots of purses this visit, like this shiny Captain America number:

Oh, and the Warehouse is THE place for phone cases, especially if you have an iPhone XS/X. Most are just $4.99, down from $35! Here's a sampling:

My iPhone 8 is now so old I can't even find clearance phone cases for it, sob.

Some folks miss this, but the Warehouse also sells a little high-end jewelry. Look for a small glass tower tucked away by a wall.  Prices range from somewhat reasonable:

... to high:

... to "are you punking me? Like, are there hidden cameras around?"

Unless Olaf comes to life and provides a gentle snow flurry during this Florida summer heat, you must be joking. (Samantha?)

One last bit of cute: some Valentines Mickey & Minnie plush for $15 each:

I know most of you aren't local to Orlando and therefore can't pop over to shop, but don't worry; if you see something you must have here, odds are it's already on Ebay, if at a hefty markup. Re-sellers love the Warehouse, so if nothing else it's nice to keep an eye on the stock here to see how much you're being price-gouged online. (Those $10 White Rabbit planters are on eBay right now for between $25-$40, for example.)

And for you locals: good news! The Character Warehouse is open now without a queue or reservations required.

If you liked this post, be sure to check out my tour last June of the super exclusive, no-tourists-allowed, Cast Member clearance shop, Cast Connection.

Cast Connection carries most of the same bargains you'll find at Character Warehouse, but also LOTS more, like Disney resort furniture, exclusive CM merch, and even a small grocery store stocked with some of the foods served at Disney restaurants.

  They also store park-used signage and giant figure displays here, so this was a huge treat to see and photograph - all with permission, I promise.

And if you'd like a chance to win that White Rabbit planter or the Mickey Pumpkin shirt, be sure to enter this month's Squeegineer give-away. It's free to enter by e-mail, or you'll be entered automatically with any size donation via Paypal to help support this site. (Details here.)

Happy Friday, my friend! Have an extra magical weekend, and I'll see you back here on Tuesday.


  1. I would love to see you turn Lando into Worf! I want that E9. S0 cute!

  2. Being *muuuuuch* more of a Trekkie than a... what are Star Wars fans called? Anyway, it took me a good deal more than 2 seconds to figure out what was going on with that "Worf." For half a sec, I was even thinking it was Worf in a Harry Potter scarf? (But obviously not the right colours for that either.) I did get there eventually, though!

    And that Olaf bracelet... Wow. At that price, I'm assuming there's real gold involved, but it's hard to imagine someone who cares that much about precious metals also going for jewellery with a children's cartoon character on it. Bound to be a few, though, I guess...

    1. Worf is definitely a Griffendor. without a doubt.

  3. Have a feeling I could do some damage to my wallet in there! Thanks for sharing the fun finds.


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