Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Why Disney's "The Owl House" Is A Hoot, And You Should Totally Watch It

Sure we have new seasons of Stranger Things and Obi-Wan to watch, but what if you're not in the mood for bone-crunching or a gritty Space Western?

That's been my dilemma; lately I've been craving something light and fluffy. I like to laugh, and John and I already binged the latest season of The Floor is Lava - which I HIGHLY recommend - during our lunch hour. (It's a hilarious game show, you can see my season one review here.)

We just started Ms. Marvel, which I'm really enjoying, but even that I want to space out with something lighter. Something easy to watch when my brain is fried and my heart is heavy.

Then I remembered this amazing cosplayer from last HolMat:

She told me she was Edalyn from the series "Owl House," and IMO any show with a staff that gorgeous deserves a watch. So this past month I finally started the series on Disney Plus, and ahhhh. This is what I've been looking for!

The premise may sound a little generic: a human stumbles into a magical world, makes friends, discovers her own magic, defeats monsters, etc. BUT. Give it three episodes, and I think you'll fall in love like I did.

Still not convinced? Would a Top Ten list help? Because I happen to have one RIGHT HERE.


My Top Ten Reasons You Should Watch The Owl House:

1) It's funny, and has a huge heart

Again, give it a few episodes, because this wacky cast of characters will quickly fly, crawl, and bird-worm their ways into your heart.

2) It's not TOO cutesy

There's a bizarreness to the animation style and monsters, some gross moments, and plenty of raw chaotic energy that keep Owl House from being all sweetness and fluff like, say, Hilda. (Which I adore, so zero shade there.) 

The school bell gives a full-throated scream instead of ringing, and it makes me laugh every. dang. time.

3) Luz is the hero we all want to be

Luz is spunky, kind, and brave - almost to a fault. This may be my own anxiety talking, but I love her self-confidence, how she runs toward every dangerous challenge. In this show she does all the rescuing, and that fills me up in a way I can't quite explain. Just... happy. 

4) Eda the Owl Lady

Voiced by the incredible Wendie Malick, Eda is the eccentric rebel granny we all wish we had. She doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks, and despite being the most powerful witch of the Boiling Isles, she digs through trash for a living, and loves it.

Also Eda's back story is SO GOOD, y'all. Gah. Completely sucked me in. I like how the mystery builds, weaves in more characters, and raises the stakes through season one.

5) Owlbert

Remember that amazing owl staff? Well it turns into a real owl, Owlbert, who is SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT.  Ermergersh. Insta-love.

(P.S. For those of you with a 3D printer, I found a free print file here for Owlbert. Eee!)

6) King

King is king of the demons, as he keeps reminding everyone, but this power-hungry tyrant is also basically the family dog, with a soft spot as big as his bony skull head:

If you loved Gravity Falls you'll recognize King's voice: it's the same voice actor as Bill Cypher.

7) Hexside High

If you think a magical school filled with age-inappropriate dangers sounds familiar, don't worry: there are 2 or 3 very obvious Hogwarts send-ups in the first season that had me snort-laughing. Hexside is no magical castle, though; it's more of a demon-infested high school.

Also the lockers are sleepy monsters that store books on their tongues. So that's cool.

8) The World-Building of The Boiling Isles

This is what really sets Owl House apart for me: the almost Terry Pratchett style world-building. The Boiling Isles are a series of islands built on and in the skeletons of massive, presumably long-dead Titans.

There are cities in giant rib cages and forests on knee caps. It's WILD, and a fascinating backdrop that's rarely mentioned, which only makes the world more mysterious.

9) Lilith

Eda's younger sister Lilith is also her nemesis. As the head witch for the Emperor, Lilith wants to capture Eda and force her to join them on the dark side. The sibling dynamic through season one is excellent and often funny (definite Zuko vibes from The Last Airbender), and has a wonderful arc into season two.

10) Complex Friends & Enemies

 Luz makes both at Hexside High, and all of the supporting cast is fab. I like how the characters grow and change, even in just the first season.

Best of all is how Luz works to win over her chief tormentor and leader of the Mean Girls pack, green-haired Amity:

I won't spoil anything for you, but Luz's approach to her enemies reminds me of Kipo (another great show). I like main characters who assume the best about others, who repay cruelty with kindness, and who gradually win people over just by being themselves. That's such a beautiful lesson and inspiration, for all of us.

I've only just started into season two, which has some big character changes and added peril from the Big Bad, so I'm excited to see it play out. Am I about to watch another episode right now? Yes, yes I am.

There are 2 seasons of The Owl House available now on Disney Plus, with the third - and apparently final - season set to release March of 2023. I have a feeling that's gonna be a looong wait.

Oh! And since I'm new to this fandom, of course I had to go see what sorts of official merch is out there.  Check it out, here are a couple of my favorite finds:

This Owlbert shirt also looks amazing in black, purple, and navy.

This King plush has some terrible reviews - apparently the seam work isn't good - but it's also only $12 right now, down from $26, so maybe worth a shot?

And I'm always a sucker for replica props, so of course I have my eye on this Portal Key necklace:

Portal Key Necklace

Get it? My EYE on it? Chortle chortle chortle.

The key finish doesn't look great to me, but it has excellent reviews and is apparently hefty and well made, so may be worth a re-paint. Makes me want to DIY a custom key display, since I also have a BioShock key and several fancy steampunk styles.

Oooh, hey, there's a craft night idea: fandom keys! 
::Immediately starts brainstorming designs::

Now it's your turn: have you discovered any fun and fluffy shows lately? Or if not, what are some of your go-tos? Drop your suggestions in the comments for the rest of us!


  1. King is the best!

    If you haven't watched Amphibia, I highly recommend it as well. It just completed its run and there's a nice little nod to it in The Owl House season two finale.

  2. You were spot on with all your top 10 here, but I'm sad you didn't mention Hooty! He's one of our family's favorite characters - we were even considering doing a full on Owl House set up for Halloween this year complete with a Hooty door to dispense candy.

  3. If you're looking for something silly Green Eggs and Ham on Netflix is super cute. The voice work alone is worth the watch. :)

  4. Have you peeked at 'Strange New Worlds' yet? I won't say it's light and fluffy (occasionally it is, but not always), but this old (formerly disillusioned) Trekkie has had her love rekindled by Capt. Pike and the new/old crew of our beloved Enterprise. Pike is now my favorite captain, mingling humor, intelligence and empathy into an extremely seductive mix.

    Just try it out, OK?

  5. Alex Hirsch isn’t just the voice of Bill Cypher and King - he created Gravity Falls!

  6. It’s very silly but I feel like you’d love Making Fun on Netflix. Just a tip to skip the intro after the first time - it’s a very long spiel about what the show is.

  7. Have you tried Taskmaster? It’s my go-to easy watch after a long day. There are about a dozen seasons on YouTube. It involves 5 British comedians competing to creatively complete bizarre tasks in the cutest little London cottage. Sidesplittingly funny!

  8. Amphibia is some light fun.

  9. My happy show for the year is Ghosts (The American version. I'm dying to see the BBC version!). Sam inherits an old estate, trips, goes into a coma, and when she wakes up she can see the resident ghosts, and befriends them. I love the interplay between the regular ghosts, the cholera victim ghosts who reside in the basement, and the outside ghosts, but also love Sam's relationship with her husband Jay. It's just full of feel-goodness!

  10. I love this show! I don't know the Holmat cosplayer, but the second cosplayer here looks like nonbinate, they do a lot of excellent Owl House cosplays!

  11. Despite it's name my current happy show is Our Flag Means Death. It's funny without being mean and has a wonderfully wacky cast of characters being their delightfully weird selves during the golden age of piracy.

    This is a spoiler but I feel the warning is fair if you're looking for pure fluff and happiness: The last episode of season 1 ends on a sad but hopeful note.

    Also in the animated department I can't recommend Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power enough.

  12. So glad you discovered Kipo and Owl House! We recommend Kipo to pretty much everyone. LOVE Wendy Malick in everything and that books coming alive episode was fantastic!

  13. Alex Hirsch also voices Hooty, and did it as a placeholder/imitation of Early Mickey Mouse and they ended up keeping it.

  14. In our house, we were very pleased with the timing of the new season of Floor Is Lava, because it makes an excellent palate-cleanser between Stranger Things and going to bed!

    I don't have any additional suggestions, but you do have me intrigued by this Own House thing. Several of your top 10 reasons were somewhat reminiscent of the things I loved most about She-Ra, so I might just have to give this a go...

  15. We just binged Bureau of Magical Things on Netflix and enjoyed that quite a bit.

  16. The cosplayers arw (in order) @glitgossamer and @nonbinate


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