Tuesday, June 7, 2022

MegaCon Orlando 2022: Final Cosplay Batch & Videos

Hi, friend!

I've been stretching out my MegaCon posts here since they've been filling me with much-needed nerdy joy the past few weeks - I hope they've done the same for you.

So let's jump back in with my final batch of favorite cosplays in our big Saturday video:

That Yzma Mando, y'all. I was howling. And the two-sided Wanda? And the rancor puppet? Sooo goooood.

Remembering all this joy and silliness has been a life-line when I had shut off the news and even social media for a couple days, just to heal up my soul a bit, get my mental health in order.

I find people in the abstract - or in the news -  can make me lose faith in humanity, but people in reality give me hope. That's what cons are, at their best: a reminder that there's still love and celebration and community out there.

 Every time I get to laugh and play and lock eyeballs with people being themselves out loud, I know we're - eventually - going to be ok.

Just look at the characters that inspire us!

And the way the next generation looks to us:

Look at the beauty we geeks create from our passions:


And how laughter brings even total strangers together.

That's why I'm always encouraging you to go to conventions, if and when you can. There's no better place to feel like you're a part of something, or to meet new friends. Even if all you do is hug a wall and people-watch, you'll come away feeling a bit better about the world.

Oh! Two cosplays we missed, but I have to make sure you see:

First, Sailor Moon Knight:

Yasss. We all knew this mashup had to happen.

And then there's this INCREDIBLE shot by David Ngo - spoiler warning if you haven't seen the last Ghostbusters movie yet:

Ohhhh my heart, this is amazing. I'm guessing the cosplayers are father/daughter, too, which would make it even sweeter.

Right, let's finish out this post - and my Mega '22 coverage - with our Sunday video, which I think is our best yet:

I love how the music and editing came together, and how we got more spontaneous moments and silliness. That laugh at 3:12 is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen, I love the dancing at 4:02, and the final outtakes are definitely our funniest of the whole weekend. I've watched this a dozen times, and "I'll sell him for two bucks" STILL cracks me up every time.

I hope this post gave you a lovely lil' break from the stress of your week, my sweet friend. Remember, you need those breaks. We all do. In fact, I can tell you just 2 days off social media helped quiet my racing mind, and a single 8-hour shift of back-aching volunteer work reset my despair into a renewed love of life and labor. Rest, then action. Rest, then spread a little love. Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others.

That's how we get through this. That's how we leave the world better than we found it.

Now, GROUP HUG ::squeeeeeze::, and I'll see ya again this Friday.


P.S.  Since someone asked about it, I'm gonna rave about my hip bag real quick:

It has one large pouch - big enough to hold my giant silicone phone case, snacks, and a chunky pill case - plus several smaller pouches and zip pockets for tucking away business cards, lip balm, ID, etc:

Drop-Leg Canvas Hip Bag

I've had this bag since 2016, used and abused it through over a dozen multi-day conventions, and the only sign of wear is a little fading on the front flap where my DSLR rubs against it. This thing is STRONG, y'all.

I adore the freedom of not having a heavy strap on my neck/shoulders, plus not worrying about a swinging bag that could hit people in large crowds. This feels completely secure and compact on my body, and keeps my phone literally at my fingertips, since the pouch sits just below pocket-height.

I've even worn this bag with skirts! I tighten the leg strap and buckle it under, where it won't show, then wear it by just the waist band. It has a little more bounce without the leg strap to steady it, but only if I'm running. (I run a lot at cons, chasing cosplayers.) I've yet to try wearing it with shorts, though, gotta try that some day for some Lara Croft vibes.

Anyway, this is turning into an infomerical, but seriously, I love this bag so dang much. If it had an attached water bottle pocket I'd use it every day, not just at conventions.

Oh, and I left out the best part: it only costs $17! If you're like past me and eyeing those $200 leather versions, then this thing is a steal. Easily the best convention gear investment I've ever made, HIGHLY recommend.


  1. Ha! I never expected this to ALSO be an EDC blog. That's a really nice bag.

    1. Ahh!! Nothing like dancing the night away under the electric sky!!!

      Love the joy that comes through in these con posts and seeing mention of edc in the comments put my heart over the edge! ♥️πŸŒˆπŸ’ƒπŸŽΆπŸ¦„πŸ’‹

  2. Just had a dad come in to ask if we were finally getting the gang back together and I got to say YES! Tosho-con is back this summer. Tiny, but mighty! Cons are such a joy.

  3. That bag looks really useful! Now I wanna see if I could get one and incorporate it into a cosplay... hmm... :D

  4. I think that this:
    “I find people in the abstract - or in the news - can make me lose faith in humanity, but people in reality give me hope. “
    may be the best advice for understanding and dealing with the current state of the world that I have ever heard. Going to try to take it to heart!

  5. Oh my gosh, that GhostEgon cosplay is AMAZING! <3

  6. It made me happy to see not one but two cosplays of Alastor from Hazbin Hotel cosplays.

  7. You could wear it under a skirt and strap it down so it doesn't bounce if you cut a slit in the seam of the skirt - it's how our ancestor ladies carried stuff around.

  8. Jen, John and fellow Epboteroos (in my mind that is our group name),
    Thank you so much for being voices of joy, love and (in)sanity in a world that is increasingly distressing. I have been so adrift in the last years, as I have watched so many of the people I was raised to look up to demonstrate a lack of compassion, caring, and common decency. Thank you all for creating a community that celebrates our differences, celebrates our commonalities, and offers love, and comfort and care, and advice for our struggles and differences. Y'all are inspiring and amazing!

    1. Thank you so much, Tangeria. We've felt the same, and these last few years have spurred my efforts to be everything the people who failed us have NOT been. It's up to us now, and I'm so glad you're here. <3


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