Friday, June 3, 2022

AdoraDroids, Sonny Eclipse, & The Sweetest Snakey Hair Tie

Happy Friday, droids and Noids!
(That's a deep cut for you 90s kids.)

I want to show you the prettiest vendor booth in all of MegaCon:

The appropriately named AdoraDroids.

Renee Miller customizes real droids from Disney's Galaxy's Edge, giving them sweet new paint jobs, accessories, and the most swoon-worthy "dock stations" that surround them with lush florals.

Best of all the, the droids are still completely functional and removable from their docks! Renee turns a novelty item you might only use a few times into a stunning art display, something you'll want to have out and enjoy forever. Needless to say, I am a HUGE fan.

Be sure to follow AdoraDroids over on Instagram and TikTok, where Renee posts cute droid videos like this:

My heart. How are you supposed to pick just one favorite?

Next I have a shop for my fellow theme park history fans:

The Theme Park Preservation Society offers imaginary artifacts from attractions at both Disney and Universal, and the closer I looked, the more I fell in love:

They make fictional records for Celestina Warbeck, Big Al, and - sweet space angels - Sonny Eclipse:

WHAAAAAT. Again, this is original artwork, but it looks so much like an antique store find it's breaking my brain. They even have an old price tag on it!

Then there was the "Maledict-O-Matic," which distributes pocket-sized cursed objects, hee. My friend Arielle tried it out, and scored a sweet Polynesian Resort tiki totem:

The Preservation Society also make pins, prints, stickers - and my personal favorite over on Etsy, Big Thunder Mining stock certificates:

I love geeky decor that makes you look twice. Talk about the perfect gift for a Thunder Mountain fan!

Give the Society a follow on Instagram for more; they barely have 1,500 followers, so just like their "artifacts," they're a rare find. Oh! And they dropped their leftover stock from MegaCon in their Etsy shop this week, so definitely click over to browse. (I just spotted a deed to Toad Hall I didn't notice before. Amazing.)

I wish I'd had more time to browse the vendors at Mega this year, but the amazing cosplayers kept siren-calling me away. In fact, you'll appreciate this: I think I bumped into Luna Lovegood in Artist Alley:

To be clear, I don't think she's dressed as Luna, I think she's actually Luna. She gave me a sweet smile and told me I was the first to compliment the snake in her hair.


See, you just don't get magical interactions like this during your average shopping trip.

I know a lot of you go to cons, too, so tell me, what's your favorite vendor room find? Art? Replicas? Snakey hair clips? Share some links below if you have them, and maybe we can all do a little virtual shopping this weekend.


P.S.  My Squeegineer winners for May are Cathy W., Natasha E., & Ruth T. Congrats, you three! Please check your inboxes for a message from John, so you can choose your prizes. And thank you to everyone who entered this month! Remember you can enter now for June, details here.


  1. Noids and droids! This is the kind of reference that I am here for. :) <3

  2. You're a Droid and I'm Annoyed! :D As to what I like in the vendor room, it can be anything from art, to tea, to maps to clothing. Honestly, whatever strikes my fancy!

  3. I the Noids commercials really annoyed me back in the day. Those AdoraDroids are adorable. Especially loving the green BB8.


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