Tuesday, May 31, 2022

My Top Ten Moments From Star Wars Celebration 2022

For those of you who haven't been obsessively stalking the Celebration coverage all weekend, here come my top ten moments I've found from fans and cosplayers:

1) This Bantha distributing swag:

(Cosplay by @LisaMeiLingFong)

Aaaand now I need to cosplay something with a giant tongue.

2) Literally everyone doing the Spider-Man meme:

They're all pointing different directions and I'm not laugh-crying you're laugh-crying.

3) Tusken Raiders of the Lost Ark

The C3PO statue! The staff! And could that be a Sallah-cious Crumb?

4) The famous "Running of the Hoods":

After a character in Empire Strikes Back was seen running around carrying an ice cream maker, this hilarious tradition was born. Yes, the stick-on mustaches are part of it. Do not question tradition.

Also please note the first guys in shorts holding ice cream boom mics, because if you get that reference, then you are a true Star Wars geek, and I love you. (I know, I know, you know.)

5) The R2 Hulkbuster:

I have nothing to add here, I just think this is super cool. 

6) Qui-Gon & this Stormtrooper in beach wear

(via Sara Arnold)

Three guesses why Anakin didn't join them.


7) The galaxy's cutest ewok:

(via Alyssa Lee)


8) Delores from Death Star HR issuing citations:

If you're not familiar with Delores, get ready to laugh:

@sunflowerstardust Reply to @helloimprotogaming Human Resources doing more work in Anaheim for the Empire — featuring @BJ Whimpey and @That One Guy (thank you @Satele for doing some of the filming! 💙) #starwarscelebration #deathstarhr #humanresourceshumor ♬ original sound - Laryssa | @sunflowerstardust

9) Force Ghosts vs the Mandalorian Ghostbusters:


(via John Brummet)


And finally, the one that made me laugh the most:

10)  Re-creating the Robot Chicken escalator scene:

This is the kind of art you get when you put this many nerds together in one place, and I APPROVE.


So tell me, what'd I miss? Did you go this year? Have you ever been to a Celebration? John and I last went in 2017, and had an absolute BLAST. (I have lots of fun stories & photos - click here to see.) Celebration is heading to Europe next year, but fingers crossed it returns to Orlando in 2024!


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  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing your favorites<3

  2. Love tiny-pink-shorts-boom-mic-guy!

  3. I apparently am nowhere near geeky enough to understand many of these jokes and puns and parodies, but just watching the joy of all these people geeking together is just WONDERFUL!

  4. Chirrut on the left is my friend! @eatdrinkgeek

  5. I love that Mace Windu’s force ghost aura is also purple. >.<

  6. Images 1, 4, and 10 are not displaying here.

  7. sadly, you miss so much working the autograph hall. :-( looks like there is a lot of wicked fun going on outside the exhibit halls.

  8. This weekend marks the return of the largest sanctioned Star Wars event outside of Orlando...Star Wars Day in Joliet, IL. It's a free event with a parade, games, activities, artist's alley and more. Thought you'd like to know.

  9. #6 - is the guy in the middle cosplaying as Dave Filoni?????

  10. oh, I HAVE to chime in.....the Qui-gon with umbrella, sunglasses, and headwrap is a recreated BTS shot from Phantom Menace, I'm pretty sure.

  11. I went this year and it was so fun! I thought of you when we were creating our group costume -- we were a Reynbow (each person was a different-colored Rey) and I was Blue Rey. DOUBLE PUNS, oh yes.


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