Tuesday, September 28, 2021

10 Artists That Will Get You Into The Cute & Cuddly Halloween Spirit

Halloween really started early this year, and this sweaty Florida swamp-dweller approves. For some reason I'm feeling Fall like never before, and I just can't get enough of all the pumpkins and ghosts and cute little bats in my feeds. It's all so warm and cozy, minus the sunburns and 400% humidity.

If you're feeling Fall, too, then I've got 10 artists here to get you further into the holiday spirits. Yep, hold on to your PSLs, witches, it's about to get SPOOPY CUTE in here!

Starting with the clay creations of Maikki May Darling Designs:

Come on. How adorable are these??

Maikki specializes in these little ghosties:

Which is appropriate, since I am now ded.


How about a little Hocus Pocus from Laura Ellen Anderson?

Laura is also an author, and she's written (and illustrated!) a whole series about Amelia Fang here:

Look how fun the box set is!

Now even your kids' reading material can be seasonally appropriate.  :)


Next some precious pumpkins and forest witches by Keepers of Nature:

Each little witch has their own accessories and squee-worthy animal assistants:

The non-seasonal Keepers are just as precious, definitely give them a follow for more.


More forest witches from the amazing Geneva of gdbee - this time in pastels!

And also more traditional Autumn tones:

Geneva's colors are incredible, so many dreamy, vivid blends:


Juliette of WhyHouses has a soft pencil-sketch style that feels vintage and modern at the same time:

She also has ADORABLE stickers for sale and a criminally low follower count, so go show her some love, won't you?


Willow Works Studio continues to blow my mind with her teeny, one-of-a-kind sculpts:

Every sale she drops I find a new favorite, I love all her creatures:

And now she's even making ones with moving parts!

You know the kind of art that instantly makes you grin? For me that's every single sculpture from Chicken Lips by David Everett:

Bat Bones & Robin!

David hand sculpts every hilarious piece,  I love seeing the process pics on his Instagram.

They're like cartoons come to life!

I know the giant eyes and grins ride that creepy/cute line, but for me it's pure giggle fuel.


Another artist with way too much talent to have this few followers: my friend Bonnie Wong:

She draws with the kind of precision you have to see to believe; I've never seen such tiny pen strokes.

Plus she has great taste in fandoms, I think y'all will approve:


Here's some colorful retro goodness by Anna & Daniel Clark of We Are Pretend Friends:

 I'm a sucker for old Halloween art, and this feels vintage in the best way.

For my fellow Disney fans, they also did a huge tribute piece for the Haunted Mansion!

Click to embiggen, there are so many great details!


And finally, let's end with something a little different: handmade, Halloween-themed sun catchers by Tiff & Micah of Margay B:


Tiff and Micah hand-cut and solder the metal, then cover these beauties in those incredible sparkling crystals and charms. Breath-taking, right?

They only post videos, since you really need to see the sparkle in action to appreciate each one - but here are screenshots of a couple more Halloween designs:

This Jack-o-lantern has the coolest reflection on the wall - I thought it was a projection!

These pics don't do them justice, definitely go watch the videos over on the Margay B Instagram.

In fact I hope you'll click over and follow all of your favorites here! Not only does it help support more independent artists, it'll also make your feed a happier, spookier, cozier place. Win-win. :)


Want more great Halloween art? Then check out my roundups from the last few years:

From 2020:

From 2019:


  1. I really dig that one of Carolyn Jones (the one and only true Morticia)

  2. I love your Halloween arts posts so I can ooooh and aaaah and bookmark for future spending spree urges :D

  3. I'm not really a big fan of Halloween, but... but... Be still my heart, these are ADORABLE!

  4. Is there any way to get an invite to the discord?

  5. Oh my, that little ghost with the floatie! <3

  6. One of my life goals is to own one of David Everett's crows. Or skeleton. Or witch. Great art roundup!

  7. It took me embarrassingly long to figure out what PSLs were. Even with Google.
    BC Patient Safety & Learning System?
    Personal Seat License?
    Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
    Party for Socialism and Liberation
    Pakistan Super League
    *light bulb* pumpkin spice latte

  8. I was browsing Esty and saw a teal steampunk seahorse and immediately thought of you! https://www.etsy.com/listing/818156366/steampunk-mechanical-seahorse-with-gears?ref=shop_home_recs_18

    And totally off topic, but maybe help for folks like me to find you. I'm Autistic with ADHD & Anxiety & Ehlers-Danlos, and I regularly send your blog to fellow neurodivergent folks because you've built such a supportive, accepting, open and kind community full of similarly dissimilar minds.

    1. Fellow asperger's with Ehlers Danlos, and dysautonomia, and I TOTALLY AGREE! This is such a safe cozy comfortable place to be...


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