Friday, September 10, 2021

Dragon Con 2021: The Funniest Cosplay You Missed

What, you thought just because I wasn't at Dragon Con this year I wouldn't have any cosplay roundups?



 I spent most of my free time this last week relentlessly seeking out and saving the funniest, punniest, and overall best of the best cosplays to share with y'all, which has been such a blast.

Let's start off strong with the most popular fandom all weekend: Loki. Dragon Con's famous Marriott lobby was actually featured in the show, so you knew folks were going to have a field day making their own variants, right?

Well never fear, because it looks like the Time Variant Authority is here to prune both Totoro-ki and Ky-loki:

(via tjblackburn 81)

Ky-loki, y'all. C'mon. GIVE IT UP. 

Ahh, but wait, I think I can do you one better. In fact, this may be the punniest cosplay of the whole con this year. I'll give you a sec - can you guess who this is?

Did you guess?

Look again. Now?

She's the Delta Variant, y'all.

I'm not sure if that's a wink or a wince, Tom, but really, either works.

I also have to show you this adorable Miss Minutes:

The mask! The clock purse! The TVA belt buckle! I hope she wears this to Disney's next Dapper Day.

Now the coolest TikTok pruning EVER:

I have no idea if this is legit, if they're in cahoots, or if people say "cahoots" anymore, but I like it.

Let's move on from Loki to another fandom near and dear to my heart: puns.

They're the Super Storm Troopers, and those mustaches deserve three gold stars.

(via DragonCon's official IG)

Freddy Kroger: This time he's slashing prices.

(via gtflip)

Annette the Masketeer. Which reminds me to give a huge shout-out to all the cosplayers who got extra creative when it came to incorporating their face masks:

 (via sdog1982)

This "Still Fits" made me cackle.

And huge props to Arthur's beard here:

(via gtflip)

I mean the mask. ;) Plus the ribbon "blood" on the killer rabbit, haha. This whole group is amazeballs.

This couple's cosplay has inspired me for Halloween:

(via ellohvee)

Keep your prince & princess duos: This year I want to be a velociraptor.

Also big shout-out to this chap for keeping the Star Wars "Pink Shorts Boom Guy" alive:

This is the quality "obscure cosplay joke" content I come here for, and it will never stop being funny.

Obviously I gravitate toward the cosplay that makes me laugh, but let me show you a few of the seriously stunning ones I've seen this week. First, this incredible gray-scale Wanda from Wanda Vision:

I loooove the contrast with her glowing red fireball, wow. And beside her is one of the Closed For Cleaning cosplayers I raved about last week. Hi, Kathleen!

Next a simply gorgeous take on Wonder Woman:

(via saxykam)

I love every bit of this, every detail. In fact I just now noticed she has the glowing lasso!

More fabulous wings on this Sorceress from He-Man:

(Am I the only one who hears this line in her head every time she sees feathers?)

It's kind of a shame Prince Adam is just out of frame next to her; I never see him cosplayed!

Then there's this fantastic transforming Sleeping Beauty:


#dragoncon2021 #costume #cosplay #convention

♬ original sound - jack_grealish_is_smexy

So smooth! Loooooove.

 I saved my absolute favorite for last, so get ready to return to the Funny Stuff.

Remember the infamous cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal last March, the one that spawned countless memes and jokes which we gleefully shared on our timelines? Well, some genius at Dragon Con went and made THIS:

... and went around blocking doorways with it.

Maybe this is 19 months of Pandemic kicking in, but y'all, I laughed SO HARD over this cosplay. In fact, when I just described this photo to John - because I couldn't find it at the time - John belly laughed for a solid 10 seconds. It brightened our whole afternoon. It truly is a costume play: a way to interact with people for the sake of a laugh. It's that kind of play that keeps me coming back to Dragon Con year after year, and even though we couldn't be there this time, I'm so glad my nerdy family kept creative and carried on. 

I hope this post brightened YOUR afternoon, and gave you at least a little of the silly joy I found writing it. Love y'all, happy Friday!


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  1. I saw that Ever Given photo on Tumblr! I was wondering if you'd seen it too. xD

  2. That Wonder Woman was AMAZING. I saw her briefly in one of the videos from DC but I couldn't get a good look at the entire costume. Thank you for the full view. And the gray scale Wanda is AWESOME. As is the Sorceress. That's a costume I'd love to try someday. I don't think I'll ever be back at DC due to my crowdphobia but I love looking at the costumes vicariously through others. :) Thank you guys for helping me do that!

  3. I've watched the Princess Aurora color change dress SEVERAL times, it's sorcery!

  4. this DID brighten my day! Thank you for sharing these amazing finds!

  5. OMG I am CRYING over Evergreen. GENIUS!!!!

  6. My husband predicted someone would cosplay as the Evergreen the moment he saw it in the news! I was like, someone's gonna be blocking elevators, doors & people's way with it XD

  7. Shared at work - made all my coworkers laugh!

  8. If you follow Wil Wheaton on Facebook, he posted a photo of a fan cosplaying as HIM! Not as Wesley, as WIL WHEATON! Complete with autograph table.

  9. I love your cosplay photos; I'd never see them otherwise

  10. OMG, I love all of this! Especially the Loki stuff. Totoro-ki is brilliant. And the Ever Given! LOL. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  11. Wow, that Sleeping Beauty color change is AMAZING.
    And "Still fits" cracks me up.

  12. I did Prince Adam from the "What's going on?" video that made it's rounds many, many moons ago. NO ONE KNEW WHO I WAS. I was very sad.

  13. I had to enlarge the first photo to confirm Ky-Loki had someone standing behind him and did not, in fact, have three hands. :-D

  14. 👋👋
    Hi that’s me as Boom Mic Guy! Glad to see people still get a kick out of me wearing it! Hope to have an actual boom mic next year!

    1. There’s a certain charm and wit to using a paint roller, though. Well done and thanks for the smiles!

  15. It is Team Totoro Cosplay that does that annual Totoro. We always have fun coming up with what costume Totoro will wear next.

  16. I'm late to the game and just discovered this blog post... but I'm honored to be included in the highlights of Dragon Con 2021 (mine is the "pruned" tik tok)! I can verify that I indeed came across a Minute-Men cosplayer who had me in his variant registry due to us belonging to a Dragon Con Loki facebook group ... I had posted a photo of myself in his thread but had completely forgotten about it so when I ran into him in the hall it totally took me by surprise.

    Hope to attend Dragon Con again in 2023!
    -DarthxErik / Han


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