Monday, October 12, 2020

9 Artists Keeping It Sweet & Spooky This Halloween

We are embracing FULL SPOOPAGE here, friends, because there are less than 3 weeks 'til Halloween! AAAAA! It's time to slow down and savor every pumpkin-spiced moment, and to that end I've been saving up all my favorite artsy Halloween finds over on Instagram.

Let's start with everyone's favorite combination: candy corn [evil grin] and triceratops.

Yes, you read that right.

BEHOLD! From Belmont's Clay Art:

How cute are these?? I want to bite their little tails off. Like, in a good way.

More clay cuties:

Be sure to watch Belmont's Etsy Shop; they're doing an update this weekend, so I'm sure more of these will go up then.


Next, a batty milkshake from Geri Shields:

It's, uh. strawberry flavored. :p

Or how about a dapper kitty?

I think her bat pin might be my favorite:

But really, you have to go check out her Etsy shop; all her prints, stickers, pins, etc. have the best colors:

Those purples, greens, and pinks make me happy.


Usually Alina Priymak makes cute teddy bear creatures, but this month she's giving us these:

Fuzzy toothy pumpkins! Just look at that face.

Er, I just realized she's not brushing the one on the left. o.0


I've featured Lori of Crumbs And Fluff before for her steampunk fantasy jewelry, but this month she's branched out into a spooky sunken treasure aesthetic, and I am loving it:

I'm telling myself it's better that this art bottle is already sold, because hnnnnnng.

She also has these pirate pins:

Or some of you will appreciate this set:

I love how elegant it is; they look like real antiques! Go browse the Crumbs & Fluff Etsy shop; there's plenty more where these came from.


Isadora Zeferino has the kind of art style that always makes me happy. Just try to look at these pumpkins without feeling a tiny bit better:

Even her villains are adorable:

The starfish hair barrette on Cthulhu.

Not Halloween related, but Isadora has a gorgeous "Disney couples" series, like this:

And I just need y'all to know that Pacha and Kuzco are included:

Bahahah! Yaaass.

I think my favorite is Mulan's, though:

I don't see an online shop for Zeferino (boo), but she has free phone wallpapers in her Instagram highlights, so definitely check those out.


Eric Scales has a seriously fun vintage style for his ghost prints:

Total Museum of the Weird vibes, love it.

He's also posting a new drawing every day for Inktober, and there have been some delightful throwbacks:

(If you know who this is, you get 10 geek points.)

Head to Scales' Etsy shop for all his fantastic prints, greeting cards, original paintings, and stickers.

Oh wait, and here's one more non-Halloween favorite, because this is how I first found & fell in love with Scales' art:

Dreamfinder & Figgy!


It's been a while since I featured my friend Dennis Hansbury and his year-round spoopiness:

Dennis hand-cuts all his wooden pieces, and is working on some seriously cool jointed skeletons right now. Here's his latest collection of bats:

And a happy skelly stuffing its rib cage with autumn leaves:

Check out Dennis' Etsy shop for lots more; his entire SHOP is spooky.

Fiona of Pearl Planet makes the kind of art that would be perfect in a kids' picture book, which is one of the highest compliments I can give:

Just look at these sweet batties enjoying their own PSL with whipped cream!

Or this lil' pup trick-or-treating:

Here's a sampling of some of Fiona's non-Halloween art:

Oh, and this is SO cool: She makes her own nail decals!

This makes me want to paint my nails for the first time in... years.

She has a few different Halloween sets, plus over a dozen other designs, like this:

Little Orange Birds! D'awwwww. She also has a set with baby Donald Duck that's calling my name. Head to the Pearl Planet online shop to browse all the goodies.


And finally, a few of the sweetest lil pastel witches by Alexandra of Milk Ribbon:

Don't miss the little mouse ghost behind her!

This one makes me want to see a whole group of cute roller-skating witches:


I don't see these listed in the Milk Ribbon online shop, but there are some cool pins and accessories there. And of course be sure to follow her on IG for more.

I hope these gave you some new artists to follow, and maybe some new goodies to shop! Remember, you deserve treats too this month, so be good to yourselves and each other.


P.S. I've been searching for fun Halloween goodies to link on Cake Wrecks, and I stumbled across maybe the coolest bottle opener ever?

Vino Corkscrew & Bottle Opener By Ototo

I figured this was the right crowd for it. :D


  1. anyone else notice the pokeball in the last picture?

    1. Yup, I saw that too!

      I love all these artworks.

  2. Is that the evil queen from Captain Eo?

  3. So many amazing Halloween finds! The batty milkshake makes me think of my middle daughter's favorite series right now, Isadora Moon. Isadora would love that milkshake - she's half fairy and half vampire ;) I'm also getting baby Yoda vibes from those pirate pins, ha ha. You reminded me there's a Halloween shirt I need to try and order before it's too late! Now back to mask and costume making for me.

  4. Thank you so much for the shout out Jen! And I am loving those little fuzzy wuzzy pumpkins- super cute :)

  5. Thank you for including me with so many amazing artists! Such incredibly different and inspiring styles that I wish I could take time to try. 🖤

  6. Thank you so much for including me with such a wonderful group of artists! Their styles are so different and incredible, I wish I had the time and skill to draw like some of them!

  7. Soo cute! And oddly enough I just ran across this Kickstarter tonight for another very similar styled set of "Hallowtines" pins. Halloween themed Valentines, or Valentines' themed for Halloween? You decide. Hallowtines pin set


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