Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Yip Yip Stockings, A Kitchen Kabaret Throwback, & The Labyrinth Chess Set You Must See!

I noticed several of my favorite things online lately have been Jim Henson related, so today we are embracing the theme.

Starting with these oh-so-fantastic Yip-Yip Christmas stockings by Carissa Browning:

Of course these don't have to be Christmas stockings; I bet they'd also be perfect for holding plastic bags in the kitchen, or umbrellas, or hair ties, or maybe even - gaspity gasp - cats??

John! I have a new pet bed idea!

If you visit that link on Ravelry you'll find lots of pictures from folks who've made these. Look at this fabulous rainbow row:

::flailing:: Y'all, the last (and only) time I tried crochet I set out to make a scarf and ended up with a bag, but these make me want to try again.

Also did you know the Yip Yips are actually saying "Yep"?

John and I are re-watching Brooklyn 99 right now and I'm getting some serious Jake Peralta energy here.

Yep yep yep, no doubt no doubt no doubt.


Hang on, I have more!

Autumn Jesme shared some baby pics for her little Oskar and they are ADORABLE:

 D'awww, I love fandom themed baby pics. Head to Aumtumn's original post in Jim Henson's Creature Shop to see a few more of Oskar with all her Fraggle plushies, which is SO stinkin' cute.


Here comes one of those fandom builds that makes your jaw drop:

It's a hand-sculpted Labyrinth chess set. The pawns on Sarah's side are piles of rocks!

 Jareth's side has a delightful assortment of goblins with Humongous as the Queen:

The sculptor of this masterpiece is Dugg Daynes, that's him on the left:

Look at the size of the board! And did you notice the little goblin in the floor with the arrow tile on their head?

Here's a couple close-ups of the pieces:

I think Didymus is my favorite.

These photos were shared by Matty Greg in Jim Henson's Labyrinth Fan Club, hit that link to see the rest. Then be sure to check out Dugg Dayne's posts to see more of his Labyrinth builds, which are all incredible.


This one isn't Henson related, but definitely looks it:

I adore anthropomorphic furniture and dishware, so this set gives me all the grabby hands. Anyone know where it's from? I found a vase set that's vaguely similar on Amazon, but not nearly as cool.

Folks on Mica's post are saying these remind them of the tea set in Sword in the Stone or the dishes in Beauty and the Beast, but that sugar bowl made my mind go straight to the singing milk carton in Epcot's Kitchen Kabaret:

If you remember this, congratulations, you're old. But also cool. So it evens out. :p


I'll leave you with the cutest video I've seen in ages, because I had no idea that baby seals could be THIS FLUFFY:

Also the way the seal keeps looking up at the trainer...!  MY HEART.


 Wait, wait, one more: Sesame Street sells a Yip Yip Kaiju shirt, and you have to see:

Bahaha! And these colors, ooOOOOooooh. (Yep yep yep yep.) This also looks great on black or gray.


I hope this brought some Muppety puppety goodness to your Tuesday. Now tell me, how are you hanging in? What's keeping you going this week? Are you decorating for Halloween yet? (She asked, carefully gauging if she can start posting spooky crafts. :p)


  1. I immediately downloaded that Yip Yip pattern! Brilliant! I can see I will be making one of those for everyone I know this Christmas. And I also definitely need that teapot set. So much fun stuff in one post!

  2. My mind immediately went to the Kitchen Kabaret when I saw that tea set!

  3. (You can totally start posting spooky crafts. We need time to make them before Halloween, after all.)

  4. The thing that's simultaneously keeping me going and helping me procrastinate my life away is Stardew Valley! I got the game during the Steam Summer Sale but didn't play it until recently. It's so cute and pixel-y! I love running around a small town, listening to banjo music, and pretending to be a competent adult. XD With this game, I have gained a new skill: downloading mods manually, not just using things accessible via the Steam Workshop. There's a couple of spooky characters you could craft with: Krobus the sewer monster, or any of the cave creatures!

    1. If you like Stardew Valley, I can HIGHLY recommend My Time at Portia. Wait for a sale - it was 75% off on Steam recently (although I paid full price and have never regretted it).

    2. I've had that recommended to me before but in relation to Animal Crossing! I have had it on my wish-list for a while but keep forgetting about it, lol. If it's also like Stardew Valley, then I am MORE interested! Thanks!

    3. It's $7.49 on Humble Bundle RIGHT NOW

  5. You absolutely can start with spooky crafts! In my house, spooky season starts Sept 1, and goes until December, when it's Nightmare-Before-Christmas season. :D

  6. I've edited the Yip Yip pattern to make Yip Yip hats. When you bob your head it looks like they are talking.

  7. I saw that Labyrinth is on Netflix now, fyi.

  8. Veggie, fruit fruit! Veggie, veggie, fruit fruit! Olé!

  9. I am another one on the side of: bring on the spooky crafts!!

    I have resisted putting anything up yet, but I am trying to dive into everything earlier this year so the costume creation isn't so frenzied. It can be a tough balance with little kids, since they grow so fast, and their interests can change so fast too! Just trying to hit that sweet spot in preping early, but not *too* early! But! I am all over seeing inspiration, etc!

  10. I can't go as far back as Kitchen Kabaret. The first time I took a child to WDW, it was Food Rocks!

    Who could forget Fūd Wrapper?

  11. Spooky crafts please! I have some halloween decorations that stay up year-round lol

  12. Thank you for starting my day this way!

  13. Halloween decor for my Office Gnome does not come out before 10/2. Christmas goes up on 12/2, because 12/1 is World Aids Awareness Day or in my family, A Day Without Art.

  14. Jen! I sent you an email regarding this post! I know you said you sometimes don't check that email often, so I thought I would mention it here. Yep Yep Yep

  15. But....I don't crochet. Can I buy the Yep Yep "stockings"????


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