Tuesday, September 7, 2021

IT'S FINALLY TIME. My Spirit: Halloween 2021 Store Tour!

Who's ready for some spirited Halloween shopping?


Hey, we're into September now. That counts as Fall.

John and I were actually there the day after our Spirit stores opened, and we went to three different locations to find all the good stuff. (Patience? I don't know her.) One was a flagship store with all the giant displays and animatronics, which we gleefully set about triggering one at a time. Don't worry, I took plenty of video for y'all, but if you can't watch this right now keep scrolling for the photo tour:

I have lots more photos of merch that isn't in the video, so let's gooooo.

But first another look at the fun entryway:

It's a shame Mr. Hale Knope guards the Carv-O-Matic, because the conveyor belt & skeleton workers are so cute!

Definitely watch the video when you can for the squishy "lava" floor inside. (A few of you on Instagram pointed out that's probably supposed to be blood on the floor, not lava, which... is gross. Ew. Why would you tell me that.)

Now on to the STUFF.

First some random - but very soft - Cheetos throws & pillows:

The throws here are great; I found a Hogwarts one here that was my favorite couch blanket for years - 'til the cats loved a bunch of holes into it, ha.

 Big wall of Harley and her Bird of Prey looks:

They have everything from her jewelry to her sequin socks.

Anyone ever try these face tattoos?

They had some pretty cool designs all around the store, kinda tempted to try one.

This NASA jacket has 2 patches on each sleeve and is lined with a gorgeous galaxy print:

I also thought the astronaut suit was nice. To be honest seeing any "profession" costume for women that has more than a mini-skirt and tube top is a pleasant surprise. :p


The book cover parodies are my favorite.

The decorative signs are always great at Spirit:

I like subtle fandom nods. I bet you could sneak this into a rustic lodge decor and most folks wouldn't look twice.

The Hocus Pocus section, on the other hand, is a bit more on the nose:


Spirit plays heavily to the classics, so if you're a fan of Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, or Nightmare Before Chrismas, GO.

merch is especially prolific this year, which is great timing with Universal's new Beetlejuice Haunted House that just opened here in Orlando. (And looks AMAZEBALLS, btw. I've been watching all the walk-throughs online - here's my favorite so far -  and the first time I saw the waiting room I was so happy I teared up a little.)

Here's just a little of what Spirit has for the ghost host with the most:

They also had a candlestick version of the sand worms - and trinket trays, water globes, etc. So much!

Fun socks!

I really like their variety of Beetlejuice costumes, and LOVE that one features a teenage girl in pants:

Spirit doesn't have the best track-record when it comes to hyper-sexualized costumes, so I'm impressed with all three of these. (They do still carry not one, not two, but FIVE  different styles of "Naughty Nuns," though, so... there's that.)

This light-up sign would be great in a media or game room year-round:

Which brings me to the best new products in the whole store. You ready for this??

Barbara & Adam!

I joked in my video that I didn't know who would buy these, but I've since heard from a Spirit employee that theirs sold out in HOURS - and they're not available online. So if you see these in-store and want them, don't wait! (Oh, and they're $27 each, so don't fall for the scalpers online.)

On to Nightmare Before Christmas:

All of these little pumpkin heads light up:

And they have everything you need for a sweet Sally 'bound:

Another great wall sign:

There was lots more plush, but these two are my favorites:

  Anyone else walk the entire kids' section just for the cute costume pictures?



"ROUSes? I don't think they exist."

"Oh, hi, Mark."

Maybe don't answer this, but what does it say about my fashion sense when I want to buy the Halloween "Nerd Kit" for Dapper Day?

I would rock those suspenders, just sayin'.

I found an Appa beanie hat, which immediately made me wish for a Momo version:

Another thing that made me smile: the kids' section has TWO versions of Wonder Woman's shield.


Let's see, I think I'm nearly to the end of my photo roll here. Oh, wait! The back of the store had another big display building set up, check this out:

So of course I had John model for us:

The fact that he's wearing a rainbow mask and a "Long Distance Hugs" shirt is just the cherry on top.

And finally, because you know I've been saving this for last, here's the scariest costume in all of Spirit: Halloween:

You said it, Jennifer Gray.


I hope you had fun shopping with us! Let me know what your favorite Halloween finds are - or better yet, share a pic over on Facebook so I can see! I'm ready for ALL the Halloween spirit this year, so tell me everything.


P.S. If you're looking for more spooky content, click here to browse all my posts from Halloweens Past: everything from crafts to costume roundups to our Ghostbusters Halloween when we made a life-sized Stay Puft head for the roof.

Remember this?? Ahhh, good times.


  1. I am just as excited for Halloween! We always do a family theme for costumes, and we have had two councils on what to be, and we are waiting for some inspiration books (real, but hilariously bizarre superheroes) to come and see if we can settle on a theme.

    I also made a Halloween wreath I have been dreaming about for years! I made it this last weekend, but I made myself put it away until October. I am happy to prepare now, but I don't want to waste the magic early!

  2. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I can't dress up for work because I'm a lawyer and have to be ready for court. But, I'm very excited to fully display my zombie poker finger I won from you last year! I also have a skeleton cameo pin and a new bat ring and necklace made out of real gemstones (black spinel). So, I'll be a bit understated but stylin'!

    1. A coworker of mine once did a lovely Breakfast at Tiffany's costume for Halloween. She just took off the gloves and put on a jacket when it was time for court. :)

  3. My boss is aghast that I've never seen 'Bettlejuice,' while I'm aghast that she's never seen 'Mary Poppins.'

    I still think I win that one.

  4. Either your area has fabulous stores or Spirit has really stepped up! I stopped going because they were so lame!

    1. I have two Spirit Halloween stores nearby that both have most of the same displays, so I think they stepped it up a bit!

  5. Several years ago, my teen daughters started Halloweek - 7 days of costumes leading up to the big day! Usually starts with some kind of bounding and gets more complex as the week goes on. Gives them an excuse to wear the costumes from musicals they've been in plus cosplays they've created. They and their friends have now spread Halloweek to their college campuses. Thanks to the profs out there who take costumes in class in stride!

  6. Amazing! I'm missing being in the stores this year.

    The face tattoos might be amazing for someone who struggles with the makeup but it wouldn't be appropriate for me to try them and I don't know enough about the holiday to speak of the significance of applying the makeup vs cheating with the temp tattoos, or if the markings are like pysanky and have meanings vs being simply a esthetically pleasing.

    1. I have a feeling that there will be a "culture is not a costume" reckoning for the Dia de Muertos stuff in the next few years. Surprised we aren't there yet.

    2. Calavera Catrina was drawn by a mexican artist in the early 1900's to mock people for preferring european traditions over native ones, she was drawn representative of a rich mexican woman (skeletonized) dressed in her european finery, ironically, for her, a "costume" of a different "culture".... People loved the image so much that it was picked up as part of the celebrations, mostly taken from european catholic All Souls, stripped of it's original intent, and painted with native mexican imagery... Cultures change and develop and adopt what they see, nearly everything is culture adopted from another culture

    3. That's a true point about cultures adopting from other cultures and an interesting bit of history, however that doesn't mean that dressing as a catrina for Halloween needs a pass from scrutiny. Japanese geisha makeup has origins in China but I still would not dress as a geisha for Halloween.

    4. There's already been criticisms from the Hispanic community against non-Hispanic people using Dia de Muertos makeup for a costume, as it does have cultural significance and should not be used as a costume. So those tattoos would also be a no no.

  7. Um, if it's not lava, then why is it orange, I ask??? Yeah, I'm going to stick with Floor Is Lava. I don't even like Halloween that much (Christmas is more my jam), but I love going to the Spirit Halloween stores! Thanks for sharing; can't wait until some stores closer to us open up!

  8. I worked for several Halloweens for Spirit here in San Diego. Not only did I love my job, but my boss loved me back; I could fix any popped seams etc. on costumes that had been tried on, I could style the display wigs (and tutor the buying customers), give advice on make-up and hair (wait until the spirit gum gets tacky, and seal coloured hairspray with AquaNet to prevent flaking!), and help the customers put together specific ideas from random costumes/props. I was on my GAME, y'all.

    I wish they'd made that Beetlejuice light up sign years ago/ Halloween on '90, my brother and our friends threw a huge Beetlejuice party. We built Dante's Inferno Room in my friend's backyard, complete with devil girls and lighted signs (GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS). When you went inside, it was the Eternal Waiting Room; you went to the Front Desk for the bar, which featured a stupefying Beetlejuice Punch, made from multiple boozes and cans of Hi-C Ecto Punch. I made my brother's Beetlejuice costume from scratch; dude was 6' and 260, with a 56" chest, it was a LOT of work, but he loved it. Good times. I last saw him alive at our Halloween party (every year for 20 years) in 2010, he looked like hell and he was gone just over two months later. I miss him every damn day, but especially Halloween. Love you forever and always, Kevin; party on.

    Your Pal,

    Storm the Klingon

    1. I wish I could go back in time and get invited to that party, because it sounds INCREDIBLE. I'm glad you made so many amazing mememories with your brother - and extra glad he had you in his life. <3

    2. Well, when you get back there, be sure to tell him Xanax and booze don't mix. For real though, thank you for that, I really needed it. Been going through old photos to frame/scrapbook from parties, cons, and my wedding (he gave me away) today and smiling though tears.

      You're the bee's knees, Toots,

      Storm the Klingon

  9. I did the sugar skull face tattoos a few years back. They worked really well. It was one of my fav costumes.

  10. So glad you finally got to Spirit and had a good time! I have gone back to ours a few times for some accessories... I think we're done for now? Ha. (Convention costumes, convention is Sept 16-19) My kids love it, even though they know mom won't buy pre-made costumes, we still have fun looking for ideas, and sometimes purchase accessories and decor there. Now I need to sew, or the accessories will have nothing to go with!

  11. Ummm...at least one of those book cover parodies is a direct ripoff of a Threadless design. Hate to be a downer here, but just sayin'...

  12. My desk is now wet from a spit-take for Mr Hale Knope. Well played, Jen, well played!


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