Friday, May 7, 2021

A Horrifying Hand Garden, Magical UV Flowers, & Boba Fett, Boun-Tea Hunter :D

It's time for more random internet fun finds!

First up, one of my favorite people, Simone Giertz, made a chair relevant to many of our interests:

Her dog Commander Scraps is also one of my favorite people. Head to Simone's Youtube channel for 20 minutes of pure serotonin: Simone is hilarious, Scraps is adorable, and they're making stuff. That's a recipe for happy, right there.


And now, preeee-senting, for your punny cosplay-viewing pleasure:

the "Boun-TEA" Hunter
by @Maweezy.

Y'all. Y'ALL. Look at these details!

The helmet lid! The swirly cream paint job! The straw arm rockets. And of course the ultra-realistic faux boba in each cup, wowie. (She put print-outs in each empty cup, so they don't weigh anything.)

This is true dedication to a pun the world needed, and I am HERE FOR IT.


NerdForge is always a great follow for this geeky duo's incredibly complex builds, and this latest one is particularly gorgeous for my fellow Lord of the Rings fans:

See how the symbol lights up as the book opens?? WOW.

Facebook is being a grump about letting me embed the full video, so check out NerdForge on Youtube for the long version (20 minutes) and/or on Facebook where they post their shorter time-lapse versions (3-4 minutes). I like to watch the short versions first, then head to YT for more details on my favorites.


I just lost 15 minutes browsing the UV floral photography of Craig P. Burrows, completely mesmerized. Look at this glowy magic!

This is "Ultraviolet Induced Fluorescence," which Burrows photographs with a regular camera. He posts a lot of side-by-sides so you can compare the 2 different light sources, which is extra cool.

I ended up choosing like 20 favorites, so bear with me while I try to whittle this down...

This one reminds me of the golden flower in Tangled:

Best of all, in my digging I discovered Burrows sells prints, starting at only $4!? Ohhh, this could be dangerous.

  Check out his online shop (click on the shopping cart in the upper right of each photo to see the price), or head over to Burrow's website to browse more of his galleries.


There's only one way to follow that kind of magic, of course, and that's with something so horrific you have to laugh in delight. (Or is that just me?)

This hand garden gets three thumbs up! Mostly because the punny possibilities are overwhelming. Would you say she nailed it? Do you think planting was a snap? Could those be finger-ling potatoes?

Ok, Ok, I'm done. Y'all take over in the comments. :D


Finally, here's one more kick-butt creator I'm so proud to know: my friend Amy just wrote a new book, The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!

Amy conducted tons of interviews and research to fill the book with fun trivia and history, plus of course it's packed with the most stunning concept art. This is a great one for fans of the Disney parks and Star Wars in general. (Also follow Amy on IG; she's one of us and writes cool fandom books!)


John and I are still plugging away on the rental renovation, and I gotta say, I'm a little surprised how many of you are this interested in grout cleaning. Ha! Stay tuned, that'll be in my next update.

In the meantime, spending every spare moment working over there while maintaining all the usual Life Stuff over here has me a little frazzled -  and sometimes Frazzled Jen can be entertaining:

I wish I could say I'm in a lot of Zoom meetings to explain this... but I'm not. Bahaha!

But once again, you bots come through and make me feel better about my weirdness:


(I only talk on the phone with 3 or 4 people, all of whom either don't know how to text or are physically incapable of it. The rest of you? Leave a message no way I'm picking up.  :P

Have a great weekend, gang! Love you!


  1. The Lord of the Rings book is gorgeous. *swoon*

    1. The full video is amazing! Cute and funny and really interesting.

  2. I always wave goodbye when I'm done talking on the phone. It just feels wrong not too. My family finds it hilarious though.

  3. My work has a live streamed all-hands meeting for everyone in the company. Other than the presenters, you can't see anyone else, your camera's not on. We've checked, and we have all waved goodbye to the live stream accidentally, multiple times.

  4. I laughed so hard when I noticed Amy’s awesome Galaxy’s Edge book is the #1 Bestseller in Amazon’s “Spa Travel Guides!” Bet she wasn’t anticipating that particular accolade! Quick, someone make her an award to hang on her wall and make her laugh every time she walks by it!
    And as someone who is in a lot of Zoom meetings, I’ve finally trained my co-workers (and outside vendors) to wave at the end of meetings. It makes us all smile and chuckle…great way to end a meeting, I say, and energizing for whatever you have to tackle next! So wave on!

  5. I not only wave while on the phone - I have made my mum a cup of tea hile on the phone to her (many times)!

  6. Is it called "Foba" in places? I've only heard it called "Boba" which would make it a pun and a homonym! But maybe it would be "Boba Tea Fett"...

    1. I think "Foba"refers to it being a "faux" Boba.Maybe?

  7. Oh wow, the Boba Fett cosplay is genius. Seriously so good. And the photo with the cape flying out...*chef’s kiss*


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