Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dapper Day Fall 2020: Both At Home And In The Parks!

I guess one benefit of the time limbo that is 2020 is eventually you lose track of all the fun things you were supposed to do this year - which is my excuse for how I completely forgot Fall Dapper Day was last weekend. o.0

For Spring Dapper Day last April the organizers asked everyone to dress up and celebrate at home, which led to some truly magical gems where folks had photo shoots around their houses and yards with their pets and kids. (You can see all my favorites here.) This time, with both WDW and Disneyland Paris open, they had a hybrid celebration: some folks dappering it up in the parks, others at home. I love how this lets everyone participate, and honestly I hope there's an "at home" element for every Dapper Day going forward. 

But enough intro. Ready to see some dapper delights?

Let's start with a couple Epbot readers, who are the ones that oh-so-helpfully reminded me Dapper Day was even happening:

There's nothing low-key about Jillian's dapper flapper Loki - and I high-key approve. :D

Karen did a groovy 60s 'bound of Pluto, I love her makeup and the scarf "ears":

This group couldn't be at the parks for the weekend, so they celebrated a little early:

Any day can be Dapper Day if you believe - and convince a few friends to come with. 

Lauren is an amazing cosplayer and 'bounder, she celebrated with some stunning vintage Belle vibes:

I recommend checking out all the accounts I'm linking, btw; lots of great follows to add more pixie dust in your feed.

Fall Dapper Day is better than Spring for 2 reasons: A) it's marginally cooler here in Florida, so we sweat less, and B), more importantly, CHRISTMAS DAPPERS.

(Miss Bettie Bookworm)

 Flailing over Bettie's Nightmare Before Christmas look!

And check out Fifi in front of her sweet tinsel garland:


I want this whole outfit, Fifi, but especially your hat!

Brace yourself, because little Luke 'bounding as R2 is almost painfully adorable:

(Dreamin Disney Dad)

The cute is strong with this one. 

The in-park Dappers really stepped up with their mask styles - and in Erin's case, even used the mask as a brilliant 'bounding accessory:


So perfect for Scrooge's bill! I'm also loving her yellow socks.

Megan's skirt is giving me all the heart eyes:

(Dapper Disney Guy)

A little hard to see, but she also has fairy wings in her hat!

This ombre fade on Sophie's Cinderella dress is the stuff that dreams are made of:

And Clara's outfit has me dreaming of a white (and fluffy) Christmas:

(Clara Sunflower)

That perfect victory roll in her hair, though. Hnnnng.

Care to swoon with me over these peppermint pretties?

(Milliec Trivino)

Look how stunning Bianca's sequin ears are with this dress her family sent from Mexico:

(Bianca Reynoso)

Then there's Haki bringing honor to us all (AND his cow) by 'bounding as the best spirit guardian ever:

(Haki Coats)

Mushu! AND HE EVEN HAS HIS OWN GONG. Plus a tiny Mulan on his shoulder!

I... I can't. This is too good. Eeeeee!

Ray & Joanie are Dapper Day regulars here in Orlando, so I was delighted they found a safe way to participate by themselves over at Disney Springs:

(Ray & Joanie Fuller)

Ray is dressed as a dapper Good Humor Ice Cream Man, and Joanie has embroidered ice cream cones all over her outfit to match! This was their first outing since March, so you know they're smiling behind those masks. Aww, love you two.

Every Dapper Day I find at least one orange outfit to crush on, and this round is no different: 

(Miss JenJen G)

This dress! Those earrings! ::grabby hands::  It's just so happy, Jen, beautifully done.

Here come a bunch of my favorites from the folks at Disneyland Paris:

(Plumetis Girl)

Jack and Sally! Love how they used their masks; I can't stop grinning over her painted-on lips, hee. 

(Sara/Princesse Ariel)

Of course Captain Hook has a matching lace mask to go with her fancy cuffs.

Hook even has a dapper Lost Boy to chase:

(Sandra/Oh Honey Lemon)

This style makes me so happy, I'd love to wear stylish cozy layers like this!
(She says, in the 85 degree Florida humidity. Siiiigh.)

 Mrs. & Mr. Banks from Mary Poppins are rocking this Dapper Day:

His mustache mask is cracking me up, but Tatiana is legit breath-taking in her Votes for Women ensemble. SWOONSVILLE.

Tarzan's Jane brought her own Terk to snuggle:  


Speaking of cute babies, we have to have some "Baby Yoda, But Make It Fashion" in here, right?

(Jessica Mouse)


Or if that's too subtle for you:

(Sand Raven Clan)

I think she likes the Child, y'all. :D (The little bow tie and cap on the one she's holding!!)

Another dapper villain absolutely slaying: 

(Vanessa Huntbach)

Vanessa you are on FI-YURE. Blue fire. 

And here come some Cinderella blues:

(Bri Rose)

So perfect it almost hurts a little, right? Stop that, Bri. ;p 

Two Tower of Terror Bellhops:

And a perfect 60s Mod Alice, channeling her Flower Power:

(Vintage Val)

So so fun!

I'm sure there are lots more amazing Dappers I've missed, gang, but I'll leave you with one last bit of extreme cuteness. And just for the record, I want this entire outfit in my size:

(Arabelle Marie)

EEEEEEE! Arabelle's gingerbread ensemble is everything I never knew I needed in my life. Gah, I'm so stinkin' happy right now.

I hope these made you happy, too, and reminded you we don't need an occasion to celebrate. So if you're feelin' it, go dress up in something silly, or stylish, or both! Plan a new outfit, even if you have no place to wear it. Buy something sparkly or colorful or completely impractical, if for no other reason than it's 2020, and that means you've earned it. 

Most of all, remember you are loved and desperately needed, even when it doesn't feel like it. There are people in your life right now who need you to show them what it looks like to live out loud. They need you to show them how to love yourself and others, how to be proud of your passions, and how to find a little joy, even in the midst of 2020.

You do all that, by the way, just by being your awesome self. And don't you forget it. ::finger wag::

That's all I've got today, but be sure to follow the official Dapper Day account for more eye candy and inspiration!


Speaking of impractical-but-fun impulse buys, I just found these $14 dragonfly sunglasses and ooOOOooo. This could be dangerous.

Can you see with them on? Probably not. But will you look AMAZEBALLS? See, that's the question.

Or, if seeing is a priority, how about these butterfly ones?
Butterfly Sunglasses

Oh dang, I think I have to buy these - once I decide on a color. (Both styles come in a bunch more colors - that's what makes them dangerous!


  1. BABY YODA BOWTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *all the kermit flails*

  2. The Jack and Sally pair are perfection, right down to their perfectly in character poses. Great stuff!

  3. I didn't notice little Arrabelle's gingerbread Mickey ears at first, but squeeee! Everyone looks great. Thanks for sharing these pic Jen! You indeed brought a smile to my day.

  4. I turn 63 this month, and I dyed my hair bright pink.



  5. If they made those kinds of glasses as prescription glasses, I would totally love a pair!

  6. How... how do people see 4 million US cases in November and still decide to go to a theme park? As someone in a country that has reached virtual eradication (twice), I just can't fathom how anyone in the US can feel this relaxed...

    1. I think the answer here is multi-faceted, but here's what I've observed: 1) There are genuinely people who just don't think it's a real thing and live that way. One of the reasons we're so high on the scale of cases and deaths is folks not taking things seriously and going to church, parties, bars, etc. with no masks and no social distancing. 2) There are people like the sweet couple Jen featured who have not been ANYWHERE since March. I think the people in the second group know that if the people in the first group could just buckle down and do the right things, this would all be much more reasonable and manageable... but also, it's been almost a year and no end in sight. So more cautious people are now venturing out to places that seem safe. We've been going to public parks and eating outdoors more frequently lately. And places like Disney and Universal are having to be super strict about protocols, and that makes some people feel safer. So a lot of it right now is folks who've burrowed in for a year seeing that the people who aren't taking it seriously are still partying it up, and realizing that if they sit around and wait for all of us to get it together, they're going to be sitting at home alone for at least another year. Many people are doing just that. A lot of folks can't handle the isolation anymore.

  7. Cinderella Sophie's hair is AMAZING.



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