Saturday, November 7, 2020

Happy Things Round Up: A Labyrinth Basement, The Child Minnie, & An Alpaca Eating A Banana

As I write this there is an emotional tidal wave hitting my social media feeds, y'all. I'm seeing mostly relief, since we're all ready for this election fight to be over, but whatever you're feeling, remember to take care of yourself, k? These next weeks and months are still going to be tough here in the U.S., and probably just as shout-y. Let's try to be gracious and loving in both victory *and* defeat, because others are watching, and forming life-long opinions based on our example. 

::flops down::

But first, help yourself to a drink/snack/pet cuddle, and come look at this cool stuff I found! You've earned it.  

Let's start with a good belly laugh courtesy of Amber over at EatDrinkCat:

Yep, she dressed as Bob Ross for Halloween.

And that is NOT a happy little tree. 



Over in Weird Secondhand Finds, Alice turned this vintage kitchen set...

... into "the rainbow mid-century canister set of my dreams... on a budget!"

Eeeeeee! SWOON. ING. Those colors are so dreamy.

Check out her original post for more details on how Alice did it.

Also in Second-Hand Finds, Tori shared this picture to show off her chair and side table, but I can't stop staring at this wall:

No lie, I'm looking around my office right now and thinking it needs a new paint job. Imagine hanging the same color of art in each wedge, so all your wall art is in rainbow order! ::stunned silence::  Uh-oh. Yep. I... I just talked myself into repainting my office. Curses.


I trust that most of you have probably already seen the new Animaniacs trailer, but I love it and I'm super excited so let's watch it again, shall we?

Less than 2 weeks away! Do any of you want to watch together on the Epbot Discord? Let me know in the comments if so, and I'll see about setting it up.


Speaking of shows coming back, now that The Mandalorian is airing season 2 we can recommence with Baby Yoda Fever, right? 'Cuz The Pink Yoda specializes in customizing The Child dolls all SORTS of ways, and you have to see these:

Child Ahsoka! Awwww!

And Child Leia is surprisingly cute:

Then there's Child Minnie, who's a little, well, um...

Nightmare fuel-y. 


([child's voice singing] "M-I-C..." [demon voice growling] "SEE YOU REAL SOON")

Head to The Pink Yoda's IG account to see loads more, or to their Etsy shop to order your very own custom "Yodette."


Listen, of course we all love Bake-Off, but if your love of the show can withstand a mostly tongue-in-cheek critique that will also make you chuckle, then here's a good read: 

Go read the article here, then come back and tell me how much or *if* you agree with the 5 points. While you're at it: am I the only one missing Sandi this season, and the sweet way her voice would crack when she had to send someone home? (I wanted to hug her every time!)


Samantha shared something absolutely epic in my Labyrinth fan group, and it got even better when I went back to grab her post to show you guys; look what she's added at the end!

AAAAAAA! Can you imagine having your proposal in a room like this? ::dreamy sigh::

Here's a better picture, which has me so jealous I'm in that weird place where you just want to sing for joy while angrily smashing things:

LOOK HOW MAGICAL. [aggressively plumps couch pillows] Oh how I wish we'd had the space and ability to do something like this for our Labyrinth Christmas party last year! [Slams cereal boxes into pantry] It's just SO PERFECT. [drop-kicks a set of ceramic plates] 


Head over to Samantha's original post to see more; I didn't see her extra pictures in the comments, just because there were so many, but I'm sure if you keep scrolling you'll find them!

Oh, and if you're a big Labyrinth fan, then I highly recommend this public Facebook group: Jim Henson's Labyrinth Fan Club. Lots of art, tattoos, costumes, and gems like this:



And finally, the video that makes me giggle like a delighted child even after watching it 4 or 5 times, Alfie the Alpaca eating a banana:

View this post on Instagram

Bananas make alpacas go slo-mo 🤣

A post shared by Alfie The Alpaca 🇦🇺 (@alfie_the_alpaca_in_adelaide) on

It just keeps getting better. The peel! Ha!

Alfie is a great follow on Instagram, btw, if you're like me and can never get enough of that fuzzy muzzle.


Rest up this weekend, bots. Remember to eat and take your meds and move around a little. Check in on each other, and say life-giving things to people who maybe don't deserve it.

You're here today because you are a warrior, and the scars the world tells you to be ashamed of will someday be your crowning glory. So rest in that today, because tomorrow you're going to inspire people with those same scars, just by being you.



P.S. I originally linked these on Cake Wrecks, but I think y'all might appreciate them, too:

Unisex Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The dog's face, omigosh. And look closely at the "chestnuts" on the right! SNERK. There are lots more ridiculous designs at the link, too, so happy browsing.


  1. Loved the Great British Baking Show article. The idea of Noel Fielding as the result of A.A. Milne writing The Vampire Lestat is the most accurate description I've ever read!! 🤣

  2. I soooo miss Sandy. I thought her and Noel were great together. The new couple makes Noel the straight man and he's way better as the funny one. We dont have a sweet judge this year. Bring Sandy back!

  3. I absolutely agree with everything in the GBBO article about Paul Hollywood; he used to have actually interesting things to say, but this has become the Paul Hollywood Show and I'm not fond of that. Every time someone says "Hollywood Handshake" I go full Mean Girls (STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN). Prue is delightful and I'm glad they've stopped trying to give her her own catch phrase ("worth the calories") but it's true that she's very much the Junior Judge which just doesn't work.

    Mel and Sue used allegedly used to stand next to crying contestants and swear like sailors to make the footage unusable; while I don't know that I'd like a return to going that far, it does seem like they've embraced the "we have to show the bakers doubting themselves so that we can show them recovering", which is meh.

  4. This post is so needed, thank you! (and now I will rant on and ruin it because GBBS has me all flummoxed and disgruntled)

    I agree -completely- with the ideas for GBBS! For me, the real stars are the bakers. I miss Mary Berry, whose kind intelligence gave helpful critiques, was genuine, and humorous. If I never had to lay eyes on Paul Hollywood again I would be happy -he's not helpful, he's not clever, he's not being cute, he's a d!@<. Currently the show feels forced, wherein the first season it was scripted but felt somehow natural and fun. I completely agree about losing the techniques that died out a century ago, are so obscure, or distinct to a specific region somewhere on the planet --and I agree that the show stopper go back to actual baked goods one might legitimately serve: spectacular, without challenging the laws of physics. Enough. The appeal of the show is the camaraderie of the contestants, who pay for their own ingredients and travel, and have such a passion they volunteer as tribute for denigration from of a blue eyed self important sexist blowhard. 6 weeks of tremendous stress all for the real genuine love of baking, and hopes of a glass plate. These people deserve more.

  5. Interesting point about the technical challenge on TGBBO! I hadn't considered that before, but I have to agree, because as a teacher myself, the rubric of the challenge doesn't quiiiiiiite seem to match up with the connotation of "technical challenge" when it's entirely possible no one's ever used that technique (or seen/eaten/nightmared about a schlerppy almond croisscrepa lorian, a quotidian delicacy from *mumbleshmumble*). And yet, I'll watch every.single.moment. My 8-year-old daughter and I have found a new way to bond by watching and discussing it together, and the stress of everything else going on right now melts away.

  6. I'm with you on TGBBS- I miss Sandi. I'm with the author- they all seem like lovely people but the mix is a bit off. However, I'm watching every episode after a long day at work, although I keep falling asleep and have to go back and make sure I didn't miss any soggy-bottom drama. Also- those Christmas sweatshirts are fabulous and I want about five of them.

  7. I so totally miss Sandi on GBBO! She was such a fantastic counterpoint to Noel. I also totally agree with the author's point about the technical challenge. And Prue is not a good replacement for Mary Berry. I like Prue well enough, but still, I miss Mary Berry.

  8. I was with that article right up to the bit about biscuits, cookies and biscuits are distinct things and biscuits should snap. I think they should have ditched Paul Hollywood when Mary, Mel and Sue didn't want to stay.

  9. Leah in WilliamsburgNovember 8, 2020 at 8:55 PM

    "Let's try to be gracious and loving in both victory *and* defeat, because others are watching, and forming life-long opinions based on our example."

    Thank you for saying this. It's something I feel strongly about and tried to write about on Facebook, but you put it much better than I did.

  10. Totally read that Labyrinth FaceBook post as "my boyfriend David Bowie", and... yeah, relatable.

  11. I know this is a contrarian and unpopular view, but although I adored the original GBBO lineup, the one we have this season is my second favorite. I'll come right out and admit it: I didn't like Sandi.

    I know she's revered in England as a wit and a smart cookie (if you'll permit the pun), but from her first show, I felt she was as interesting as a typical Midwest Church Supper Lady! Let's just say I was highly suspicious of the entire new crew - but I got on with Prue (in fact, over time I liked her as much as Mary, though in a different way), and though I was pretty determined to dislike Noel, he delighted me from his first show, where he ate an inedible flower off someone's cake, and said it tasted "like a clown's nose".

    But Sandi? Boring. Boring. Nice but boring. Her 'comedy' bits with Noel always fell a bit flat, and how many jokes can you make about the fact that she's short? (Apparently, a million.)

    Enter Matt. Slightly more familiar with him than virtually everyone else hosting in the tent, due to Bridesmaids, but didn't really know anything about him. Oh my, I LOVE him! He seems naturally hilarious with Noel, his voiceovers are silky smooth, and when I found out he performed Thenardier in Les Miz...!

    I adore Bake Off and it's been giving me life these past difficult weeks.

  12. I get annoyed with articles that just want to change every single thing about a show to "fix" it. Just watch a different show if you think that many things about it should be changed! And yes, biscuits must snap. That's what makes them different from cookies.

    I do miss Sandi. She was very sweet, though I got tired of all the short jokes. But I really like Matt, and I think he and Noel have a nice chemistry together. I've actually been thinking that Prue had come into her own and wasn't just in Paul's shadow all the time. I like her a lot.

    1. Wait?! Biscuits aren't just cookies? I just assumed that it was one of those vocab differences like flashlight/torch. Same thing, different name. My mind has just been blown!! And I'm totally with you about Prue.

  13. I totally agree with all five changes to Bake Off. Start with getting rid of Noelle who creeps me out. Go back to regional bakes. And i miss Mel & Sue's snark.

  14. I so miss the original crew - Mel and Sue were beyond fantastic and Mary and Paul a great balance. Nothing goes on forever and I get that, but this season is just off. In fact, it seems like each season is just getting a little worse. And the Noel/Matt combo just isn't working at all. I didn't realize what a fan I was of Sandi until she was gone. They've gone pretty sideways from the first season, maybe its time to stop reaching for bigger and more oddly shaped and try that first season cookie cutter again? Not that I'm going to stop watching either way :)

  15. Honestly, I wish Sandi were still around and Noel was the one who had left. I really loved her and it was clear she loved the bakers!
    As for Animaniacs, I would absolutely watch with you!!

  16. I kind of agree with the article, it has changed over time and I think Matt will be a better host next season. You can tell he's grown a lot this season, and him and Noel are starting to gel. And I really like Noel. The technical challenges, I half agree, but I do think picking something odd puts everyone on the same footing. But where I really agree with the article is that Paul Hollywood is kind of forced at this point, but Prue is standing up to him more so maybe they'll find a better balance. And I also agree that the baked goods are really crazy this year, and I liked seeing them make things that weren't so over the top. but I love the show and I'll still keep watching it.

  17. If you've had too much Paul Hollywood bording on asinine...ness, then watch an episode or two of the Great British Baking Show Master Class, where Paul and Mary actually bake their technical challenges. I warmed to Paul after I saw how respectful he is to Mary on that series. It's been a couple of years, so I need to do a re-watch. It just might make you like Paul...just a little, at least.

    I really like Noell but don't like how he seems to have been assigned to be the elder statesman adult this season. He just seems to be going through the motions and lacking the joy he evinced in earlier seasons. I don't want to get rid of him though. Just cheer him up with a couple of nice goth-themed bakes and get him bouncy again!

  18. I'm with the British Bakeoff article for point 4. As a Jew who LOVES babka, their babka episode horrified me. You can't give someone a recipe of something they've never heard of or seen and expect a good technique out of it. And it was insulting to NY babka. My facebook feed went nuts over that episode....


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