Thursday, April 30, 2020

Dapper Day At Home 2020: All The Disneybounds & Fun Fashions To Make You Smile!

This weekend was supposed to be WDW's Dapper Days, the ever-growing fan event where folks dress their best and visit the parks.

 Of course the park events have all been cancelled, but we Dizgeeks aren't about to let a little lockdown get in the way of our Dappering, right?

So on 4/19 the Dapper Day organizers asked people to celebrate Dapper Day At Home, and oh boy, DID THEY.

Ready to see some magic?

 My friend Emma dressed as SPACE MOUNTAIN ITSELF, whaaaat:

And here's the cutest Orange Bird 'bound by Tiffany:

I am LOVING the Jack Skellington vibes in Ashlyn's backyard picnic:


In fact, quite a few people set up picnics in their yards!


I want to be invited to this picnic.


 I am so smitten with this whole look. I wants it.

Brace yourself for the CUTEST baby Gus Gus ever to grace Cinderella's table:



 So many folks got creative with the things around them at home:

Edna Mode has never looked more fabulous, dahling.

Raven even found a way to get her photo in front of the castle - complete with her own "hub grass!"

 This BB-8 lamp is PERFECT with Dapper Poe:

I love her X-wing pin!

If you happen to have your own tiki bar in the backyard, then really, you MUST dapper it up to match:


How amazing are these two??

My friend Jessica (yes, I'm bragging that I know some of these people - wouldn't you??), took "Quarantine Chic" to the ultimate level:


She made a matching mask from the same fabric, y'all. AND wore the perfect yellow latex gloves to match her flowery headpiece. AHH-mazing.

Logan says he was channeling a little Cruella and a little Moira from Schitt's Creek here, haha:


 That plaid cape with those glasses is everything.

 And check out Em's Edwardian-style Marie:
"Fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers."

More love for Jack Skellington and Nightmare Before Christmas:


Oh! This is fun - let's see if you get the reference without any hints:


Is that not the PERFECT Lorraine rocking out at the Under the Sea dance? (Not Disney, but I'll take a Back to the Future homage ANY day.)

::singing:: "That girl is poison..." 


Apple, that is. And she's dapper to the core!


Another villainous look - though I have to say, Ursula looks surprisingly adorable in saddle shoes:


Plus that skirt is AMAZEBALLS.

For everyone feeling like we're all mad here:

We ARE! But Cheshire reminds us to keep smiling.

(Jordan up there did FOUR Dapper looks, click over to his account to see the rest!)

Speaking of cats... I SPY A FLERKIN:


Little Captain Marvel even has her lunchbox back there! Yes!

Dahlia and Ashley are always two of my favorite dappers each year - and in fact their whole friend group is just scream-worthy, they have such epic group 'bounds. So I was especially thrilled to see these two here:

I love how it looks like they're at some swinging party in the 50s - these are shots I'd never get in the parks! That's the silver lining here: watching so many peoples' creativity bloom through adversity. Seeing folks work together (and apart) to spread beauty and joy reminds me that we're going to be Ok, reminds me to keep waiting for that great big beautiful "tomorrow."

K, gang, I'm only halfway through my dapper favorites, so stay tuned for part 2! My next batch includes dapper pups in bowties, The Child (but make it FASHION), fruity snack dresses, Hundred Acre 'bounding, and LOTS more to make you smile. See ya again real soon.


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  1. This was a Dapper Day I longed to join, since the chance of me making it to the parks for an official one is small. Had no one but a slightly addled 94 year old to take photos though, so I knew it would be awful stressful for her! Thanks for bringing this to us!

    I have that exact 101 Dalmations sheet (and various other sheets I've picked up at Goodwill to make Disney bounds and costumes)! Love them all.

  2. Love all of these! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the picnicking gal with the purple ukelele. Is she dressed as someone, or is she just dressed dapperly? (Please forgive my ingorance.) Also (she says sheepishly, drawing circles in the dirt with the toe of her shoe), what Disney vehicle is Marie from? I fee I should know, but don't.

    1. I believe the Ukulele Dapper is just dressed dapper, yes, I don't detect a 'bound there. And Marie is from Aristocats! That's an older movie I don't remember, either, so don't feel bad, haha.

    2. Thanks Jen! Oh dear, I think I'm going senile -- Aristocats is from my era of Disney movies! I don't remember if it was its first run, or the second theatrical run, but my sister took me to see it when I was little. We still call each other up and sing "We are Siamese if you ple-ase. We are Siamese if you DON'T please!" I will have to dust that one off and watch again.

  3. Oh man! I didn't hear about this enough in advance to put together a bound, but I'm LOVING all this. <3 I have a Dapper Captain Marvel idea I'd love to actually put together someday.

  4. Is Jessica's dress orange with pink print, or pink with orange print? Asking for a friend....

    1. I must be that friend! Haha. :)

      I had the same thought, since it looks pink in two of the pictures, but the close-up is orange with a pink squiggle... But the color is great either way.

      (And you know Epbot Jen would just add teal and call it a day.)

      --Yet Another Jen

    2. I'm going with orange with pink print - and yes, Yet Another Jen, I would! Ha!

    3. Jessica here. It is an orange base with pink foral swirls. About 50/50 of both colors.

  5. I have that stuffed Marie! I got her at Value Village for $2! I loved Aristocats (I'm old, saw it in theaters as a kid), and I was so happy to find her. Love seeing all these bounds, please don't make us wait too long for more.

  6. Absolutely love that the 101 Dalmatian skirt is made from a vintage bed sheet!

  7. Exqueeze me, why didn't you include yours and John's Distance Dapper Day outfits?? I know you shared them on FB, but they should be in the round-up, too! You always include your own photos in your usual park visits. C'monnnnnnnnn! <3

    1. Oops, I actually forgot! Now that you've reminded me I put out pic in Part 2 going up later today, so thank you! :D


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