Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Dragon Con 2019: My Final Flash Portraits!

After taking October off for Important Halloween Things, I'm back with my final batch of Dragon Con portraits!

And you know, since this was my first year really getting into Halloween - and therefore being kinda sad when it was over - it's nice to jump right back into costumes and spooky/silliness. For cosplayers and convention-goers, Halloween lasts all year. ;)

Let's start off with a little spooky:

Hmm, Billy and Eleven? Well, Stranger Things have happened.


(These two were completely in character, btw. El kept telling him his mother was pretty while he staggered around. Amazing.)

This Nott was JAW-DROPPING, so many great details!

Hard to see in this photo, but she even had sculpted goblin feet!

(Hey Critters, anyone else watching UnDeadwood? Because I am loving it!! I'm trying to get John to watch it, since it's a stand-alone story even non-fans can appreciate. I will say the language is especially R-rated [even by CR standards], but dang it's a fun ride.)

Right, back to these two Doctor Jones:

Aren't they perfect? You can practically hear him saying, "Junior?"

Ohhh, you guys, here comes one of my best shots of the whole con - and it was pure luck with the timing:

We're in shoulder-to-shoulder crowds during this shot, and he was rapidly fluttering the fan scarf back and forth. This was my FIRST TRY with the flash. We tried it a few more times after this and couldn't even come close!

(This is Link wearing a Gerudo outfit from the Zelda games, btw, which took me way too long with Google to figure out, lol.)

It's hard to follow up a shot like that, but Gomez and Morticia do it in a snap (or two):

They're mysterious AND ooky. Bravo.

Which reminds me: just last week MGM uploaded 14 full episodes of the original Addams Family series to Youtube! I think it's a promotional stunt to advertise their newest animated Addams Family movie. Anyway, John and I watched a couple the other day, and the original show is a friggin' DELIGHT. I highly recommend Lurch Learns to Dance

Speaking of delightful original series, check out this classic 'Trek couple!

I love Andorian makeup, it's such a pretty color combo - and their blues match!

My friend Alexie always blow my mind with her handmade and hand-beaded dresses. Here she is as Colette from Dumbo, and she literally started this entire cosplay TWO WEEKS before Dragon Con:

If you go to her account you can see the rest of the pictures I took of her, since I took quite a few, ha. Here are two more of my favorites, though:

You might remember Alexie from our Dragon Con video where she throws off the tear-away over skirt. These flash pics show off so much more of her rhinestone detailing, though. Plus I really love her makeup.

Now on to some Overwatch with Zarya in her Barbarian skin:

"Welcome... to the gun show."

(Do I still play WAY too much Overwatch? Yes, yes I do.)

Ohhh, here comes another great shot. This guy ROCKED it as the Kollector from Mortal Kombat:

 He was wearing UV reactive contact lenses with a UV light inside his hood, so we were ALL amazed when this shot turned out. Check out his account to see how the glow looked without flash, it's pretty rad.

Dragon Con is the only convention I know of where you'll see incredible full-body body painting like this:

Don't worry, I promise she's not naked. I mean, at least I'm pretty sure. 

Remember back in one of my earlier Dragon Con posts when I told the story of a lady who burst into happy tears after seeing my photo of her?

Well, I kind of left out the best part: She was dressed as a totally badass Storm:

LOOK AT THAT POSE! You can see why I had to show her right away, right? And she's right: she DOES look like an action figure. Love it love it love it.

You can see this Moira dancing in one of our videos - which also shows off the lights in her costume - but I had to get flash, too:

Ahhh-MAZING. (She's another Overwatch character, btw.) When I first spotted her she was coming up the escalator towards me and John and Alexie, so all 3 of us leaned over the railing and started shouting, "MOIRA!!!" I loved watching the expression on her face go from confusion to delight as this group of strangers called her over to fangirl over her, ha, and it was so fun getting to chat for a few minutes - and then of course having her dance for us!

Here's one more Overwatch beauty: a femme Reaper in his Plague Doctor skin!

I'm so happy the lights in the eyes and guns still showed up, at least a little.

Here's one for the folks tired of not recognizing all these new fangled-video game characters: how about a classic Scooby Doo villain?

This makes me SO DARN HAPPY - he's even holding Scooby's collar!

What you can't see because of my flash are his light-up yellow eyes, so definitely check out his account to see the full lighting effect!

A gorgeous Thor with the most angelic head wings:

And this Warhammer Inquisitor looks like an oil painting, don't you think?

Gah. SO BEAUTIFUL. (I just love reds in black-out flash. They glow!)

Technically speaking this next one is a terrible photo, but I have to show you this adorable Toothless!

I think you can see why I couldn't make the black-out effect work here, but how great is this cosplay? Go check out her account for way better photos; she pulls some hilarious Toothless faces, and it's just the best.

Here comes a BEAUTIFUL mashup: The Shreddalorian!

Shredder was made to be a Mandalorian, love it.

And to go with him, how about a Sith lord?

I actually love how she melts into the darkness on the left side. Again, looks like a painting! (Plus I'm learning to embrace the dark side and not stress when I "lose" part of a cosplay with black-out flash. Now we're just calling that extra drama. :p)

An excellent Game of Thrones trio:

Oh! This was fun: it was like 2AM one night when I spotted some incredible clown makeup from across the Marriott lobby, so I dashed over. It wasn't until I had the camera to my face that I realized I was about to take a picture of Tori, one of my favorite fashion Instagrammers!

Tori dresses and paints her face in crazy beautiful ways like this almost everyday, so I HIGHLY recommend following her. Her looks and fashion sense just makes me happy.

And finally, let's wrap up Dragon Con 2019 once and for all with a stunning San from Princess Mononoke:

You don't want to cross her OR her forest.


I hope you enjoyed this final visit to Dragon Con 2019! If you missed anything, you can see our three daily Dragon Con videos on the Epbot Youtube channel, or here's a list of all my previous posts in order:

 You can also see ALL my flash photos on Flickr, since I don't post everything here on the blog. (The Bunny Hutch album is separate here.)  Cosplayers, as always, feel free to download and share my photos of you! If I don't have you credited here, then be sure to link your account in the comments so I can add that in. And then if you could credit me for the photo when you share, that'd be extra awesome.

Whew! What a ride, eh?

Can't wait for next year. 


  1. Oh, gosh, 'Lurch Learns to Dance' is just hilarious from beginning to end. Definitely my favorite Addams Family episode.

  2. My local con has a great turnout for costumes, but it's peanuts compared to Dragon Con! The amount of polish that went into each of these costumes is amazing (And I really can't believe Alexie made that costume in two weeks! Holy cow)

  3. Undeadwood. Undeadwood. Undeadwood! Khary is smoooooooooooooth AF!

    1. He's so good! I think my favorite is Travis... and Anjali... and Marisha... OK ALL OF THEM. :D

  4. I absolutely LOVE the way they look like they are stepping out of the darkness or appearing from the void!

  5. Hooray, thanks for more photos! Also, you can find the entire original Addams Family series on Amazon Prime video. I've been watching 1-2 episodes on my work lunch breaks for the past few months, it makes for a nice mid-day reset.

  6. SO pretty!! I don't recognize most of the characters this time, but I can still appreciate that artistry. WOW! I also love how such simple costumes can still be awesome, like the Doctors Jones.

  7. Wow, Billy and Eleven are PERFECT. Pictures are fantastic as always!

  8. More specifically, the Gerudo Link is from Breath of the Wild. Only female Gerudos are allowed into the main town in that area, so he has to dress as a female (which is the outfit the cosplayer is wearing) to enter the town and go about his Ganondorf-defeating business.

    I got way too much enjoyment from changing into the female garb right in front of the oblivious guards.

  9. These are uh-mazing. The costumes themselves and then the photography- just stunning. It took me reading your caption twice to convince myself that the plague doctor one was a photograph and not a game screen shot. So so cool!

  10. (Cassandra Ariel Cosplay) link isn't working :(
    Love all of these! Embrace the darkness!!! <3

    1. Whoops, thanks for the heads up! Just fixed it. :)


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