Thursday, November 21, 2019

Disney's Dapper Day, Fall 2019: Christmas & Star Wars!

Ahhh, you guys, last weekend here in Florida was the weekend we wait all year for. It was actually chilly! Even better, it was Dapper Day and chilly!


More good news: Saturday's Dapper Day was back at Hollywood Studios, which is my favorite park for this event. It's small enough that you can find almost everyone, and there are plenty of vintage-style backdrops around the streets for photos:
Those glasses are perfect for his C3P0 'bound.

Not to mention all the vintage-style Christmas decorations around DHS, which complemented the Dappers beautifully:

Looove this green velvet.

 Hang on, let me back up to before I even entered the park, and the group I look for every Dapper Day:

 Aren't they wonderful? You might recognize some of these folks from my previous Dapper posts; they always pull out all the stops. I was behind them in the security line, and after we pulled over for a photo Dahlia (on the right) admitted she'd been whispering to the group that John and I were behind them, ha. It's always sweet when folks recognize us!

One more to show off her matching bag:

Oof. Dapper goals, y'all.  

Here comes another fantastic group:

Those pinstripe suits! The violin case bag! I swoon.

OK, so this is important: Fall Dapper Days are better than Spring Dapper Days for two reasons:

1) Cooler temperatures
I spotted so many merry Christmas looks, and every one made my tinsel-loving heart oh-so-happy.

These two were a delight - and what a lucky spot for the background:

Thanks to the dropping temps we got to see some truly gorgeous vintage outerwear:

Does this count as a coat? Whatever it is, I want one.

There were a few dapper ladies rocking vintage-style pants this year that made me question all my wardrobe choices:

Must. Buy. Wide-legged. Pants.

Plus, with that hat and tie? Looooove.

Folks tend to think Dapper Day styles are either vintage 40s or 50s, but the truth is I see a little of everything. Check out these mod 60s looks!


Huh, I just realized most of these haven't been Disney-bounds, so let's get to some of those.

We made our way back to Galaxy's Edge first thing, because I figured there'd be some great Star Wars 'bounds around:

And I was right! Digging his Chewie bandolier tie.

Some beautiful Emperial detailing on this guy's suit:

Then I found a whole family in Steampunk Star Wars 'bounds!?


That's C3PO, R2, Leia, and Han in the back, then the kids are Rey (brandishing a paper lightsaber, MY HEART) and... I have no idea. Anyone know what character black-and-white kiddo might be?

I spotted a good half-dozen other steampunk Dappers, which surprised and delighted me. Are goggles and gears making a come-back?

Here's a sweet Tattooine-sunset look:

Then, as I was walking away, I spotted Rey skulking in the doorway next to her!

Rey was hiding from patrolling Stormtroopers. This kind of live action role-playing is amazing to stumble across in GE; it's like nothing else at Disney.

Then, not much farther down the path, those same troopers stopped our friend Christie:

 Christie was 'bounding as R2, so they were questioning her allegiances, ha. We also had an Emperial officer stride by and tell me quite sternly to register my droid with the First Order - meaning Christie. 

Later I watched the troopers try to chase down a Dapper bounding as Poe, but she ducked through the crowd, whipped off her cape with the Rebel symbol on it, and lost them! 

Here's Christie again with our friend Karen, who's 'bounding as Boba Fett:

I'm so impressed with Karen's Mandalorian antennae fascinator:

Plus she's wearing a Han-in-Carbonite pin, which John actually sculpted for her. It's not super detailed, but it gets the idea across.

It took me a second to recognize, but this is a gorgeous Princess Amidala 'bound here on the left:

And I like how Ursula has a teal scarf for Flotsam & Jetsam, clever.

This FOE had been searching for us all day, and was wearing the sweetest Steamboat Mickey 'bound!

She used the two flower bunches for Mickey's ears, and the button detailing and ship's wheel pin are the cherries on top. So good!

Spotted this incredible group on the way out of GE:

Going down the line, I think the furry white dress is a Wampa 'bound, then it's C3P0 & R2, then that's Power Line from a Goofy Movie on the far right. Not sure on the remaining two, any thoughts?

I'd know this duo anywhere, though:

Te Fiti and Te Ka from Moana! We chatted with these two for a bit, they were super sweet.

Only at Dapper Day (or maybe a con) would you find Darkwing Duck with the Redhead from Pirates:

Then check out this Toy Story trio:
That's Bo Peep, Mr. Potato Head, and "The Claw" Aliens. Mr. Potato Head has some great little details: eyeball lapel pins, a lips pin on her hat, and lip-shaped sunglasses!

Sort of a mixed group here, but look at Vanellope and Taffyta from Wreck It Ralph!
Ohhh, THE COLORS. So fun to see the Sugar Rush Racers in flapper style.

Speaking of color, I found all of it in one rainbow-licious suit:

Right down to the socks!

Also representing for the fellas, these two are sporting the snazziest brooches and incredible hand-painted umbrellas to match:

(@Umbrella Fellas)

That's King Candy on the left, and Zootopia on the right. They paint the umbrellas themselves!

Check out this shoulder capelet on... General Hux, I presume?

So dramatic. I approve. Plus I'm smitten with her red velvet cape.

Hang on, more Star Wars capes!

Yassss. Capes need to make a come-back in everyday wear, don't you think?

You know I always have to chase the dapper orange outfits:

 I also like to stalk Dappers doing their own photo-shoots, so I can scooch over and ask to take one, too:

My favorite villainous duo:
Kronk & Yzma!

Side Note: My friend Mel once told me she listens to Eartha Kitt Christmas songs and pretends it's Yzma singing, which is just... the greatest. We need Disney to animate this, haha.

Ariel here was sporting a truly epic glitter beard:

Not to mention better eye makeup than I will EVER have.

One last couple from Hollywood Studios:
I love their style so much! They're both so chic, I especially like her hat with the head wrap.

I usually try to go to both Dapper Days, but this time a few things came up and we couldn't make Sunday at Epcot. Not to worry, though, because my friend Karen was there! She took a bunch of photos for me, and here come my favorites:

An entire Hercules group! That's Pegasus on the left, then Meg, Hades, Panic, one of the Muses, Herc, and Pain.

This Sven and Olaf from Frozen are worth melting for:


More cheery holiday vibes:

And here's a mostly Beauty and the Beast group:

The man and woman on the left look Haunted Mansion-themed, but after them there's Beast, Belle, Lumier, Cogsworth, and Mrs. Potts.

I've been watching Susan's outfit come together over on FOE (Fans of Epbot), so I was super excited that Karen found her to take a picture:

Indiana Jones bound! Note the snake skin scarf (brilliant) and Army Crate purse.

I was also delighted when Karen found these two:

(@EmmaJIQRubini & @TheInstaGrant)

Beetlejuice and Lydia 'bounds?!? YES PLEASE.

Also that's Emma & Grant, who are fabulous cosplayers and fabulous people. A++ do recommend be-friending if possible.

This couple had an honest-to-goodness vintage pram:

With an honest-to-goodness baby inside! Now that's commitment to a look, am I right? ;)

As Karen told me later, these three are all about the accessories:
Eve is wrapped with Christmas lights and has a boot purse(!!), Wall-E has his Buy N Large bin, and Baymax has the "Satisfied With Your Care" gauge on her clutch! Plus the head wear on all three of them? Wow, gang. WOW.

These ladies are busy fueling my love of giant floral hair pieces:

And again, more Festive Christmas looks. Can't get enough of those.

Last but not least, I'll end with what I believe is the ONLY punny Dapper Day 'bound I've seen, and it. is. EPIC.

Are you ready for this?

Did you get it?

Give it a sec if not.

She's a Belle Hop.


Cue the standing ovation, throw the roses, and that's where I'll leave you, my friends. Hope you enjoyed your vicarious visit! See you next Dapper Day!


But wait, there's more. Literally, because I have more Dapper photos! I can only fit so many here, so I've put the rest in my Flickr gallery. As always, if you spot yourself over there feel free to download & share my photos of you, no need to ask.


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  1. Perhaps the little kid in the steampunk Star Wars photo is cosplaying as a stormtrooper.

    1. I'm thinking maybe Darth Vader.

    2. with the orange watch and shoes, I thought BB8, especially with Rey being beside him :)

    3. I vote for munchkin being Kylo Ren's droid, BB9E. He's black and white striped.

    4. The shoes were giving me slight BB-8 vibes as well, but I'm just not sure. It just didn't seem like enough orange.

  2. Thanks for the vicarious visit Jen! Made my day. And I agree with Misti that the little boy might be a steampunk Stormtrooper.

  3. I always love these posts - thank you! The Wampa posted their outfit on a Disneybounders FB group, and it was a Wampa. I have to say, Ariel's glitter beard made me itch trying to think about how that would feel! Beautiful but yikes!

  4. Yaassss Power Line! A Goofy Movie doesn't get enough love.

    1. Agreed. Think the girl next to her may be Dr Facilier (Princess and the Frog)

    2. I was thinking the lady all the way on the left was the Genie.

  5. Dapper Day pictures always make me smile. I SOOOOO wish I lived close enough to go for events like this!

  6. Could the lady with purple belt/sash and pink shoes be Maleficent? I can't tell what the broach is on her sash.

  7. Also, I think the couple in red in the Vanellope & Taffyta picture are Jessica & Roger Rabbit.
    Love getting to see these outfits!

  8. I think the lady next to the Wampa might be Genie! She's got the right sort of gold accessories, especially that arm cuff.

  9. What was the actual temperature? There are people in furs and people in sleeveless dresses??

    1. Ha, that's Florida "winter" for you! It was only in the mid 60s, but there were freezing gusts of wind, too.

  10. I love how the "Belle Hop" has a yellow Skyliner cab photo-bombing her. Looks like part of her outfit!
    Great photos of all the talented people out there enjoying themselves. Thanks, Jen!


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