Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Dressed To The 9 3/4s 2019: Stepping Out For Universal's Potter-Themed Dapper Day

Last weekend John and I strutted our 'Puff at Dressed To The 9 3/4s, a fan-run event at Universal that's basically Dapper Day, only Wizarding World themed. You've heard me rave about this event for the last two years, so buckle up; I'm about to rave some more. :D

(I really love this shirt & skirt I found last-minute on Amazon, I'll link them in my Lists for you guys! They're both stretchy and SUPER comfy, but still flattering, I think.)


The official 9 3/4s meetup times were earlier this year, so we missed ALL of them, ha. Happily the weather was so nice that nearly everyone stuck around, though, so I was able to find plenty of dapper witches and wizards over the rest of the afternoon.

Cmon, I'll show you some of my favorites!

I know Aleta (on the left) from photographing her at Dragon Con, where her steampunk cosplays are the stuff of dreams. Love seeing her rocking blue and bronze - I know some Ravenclaws who will be happy to see this!

On the opposite end of the style spectrum, how about some Rockabilly Professor Sprout vibes?

(Hufflepuff At The Beach)

Eeeee, SO CUTE. I want this whole outfit, but mostly her shoes! (My yellow Chucks are too lemony-bright, I need this shade.)

Here's another fellow 'Puff wearing her wand like a hair stick(!!):

 I love her vest. Actually I love all their vests. Vests rock, we should collectively be wearing more of them.

I'm getting some Viktor Krum vibes here with the fur collar:

... and I love this Wiseacres style skirt & jewelry here on the left!

These two were so fun, btw. Later that night we convinced them to stick around for the Death Eater experience, and while we waited about 6 of us got into a group debate over which Star Wars heroine is best. We had to laugh over arguing about Star Wars in the middle of Hogsmeade.

Speaking of the weird way I (try to) make friends, it took us several attempts to get this composed shot after I instructed her to "work the pole."

I mean, it seemed like a sensible suggestion at the time...

Did I mention the Christmas decorations are up? It was way too crowded to get many pictures, but this guy is always up to pose. (Also now I'm thinking I want to dress as a dapper Snowman next year...)

Also here's a lucky people-free shot in one of the shops:

I kind of want to add wrapped witch hats and cauldrons under the tree now. (The skull might be a bit much.)

I love - LOVE - park specific dapper outfits, so this group made me squeal:

Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees! Eeeee!

That's Melissa on the left, btw, one of the Admins of the Central Florida Slug Club, which runs this event. This group and it's leaders are wonderful and welcoming, you should definitely join if you're a local Potterhead - or heck, even if you're not local, and just visit sometimes!

So remember I told you we got there late? Well, I did miss some great stuff - so I have to share this photo from the group page:

They got a picture onstage! LOOOOOVE.

And while I'm at it, let me show you the official House group photos we missed earlier in the day:

Look at all those beautiful colors! These are by the official event photographer Morgan Wolfblood, so go check out his page to see them full-size.

Now back to my photos, and this scary beautiful Death Eater:

(Aundi Lanaé)

Before you ask: you can't wear a mask into the parks, but she reported it seemed to be OK for photos like these.

 Love this subtle Slytherin look:

This 'Puff is wearing a gorgeous vintage coat and bee pin, I definitely oohed and ahhed over her a while:


And here's my friend Karen in her own Ravenclaw blues and bronzes: 

 Btw, most of these photos are taken in the little side streets in Universal, which are great for escaping the crowd and finding awesome photo backdrops:

(This is a different street, but the shop fronts can be fun backdrops, too.)
 Jamie here dressed to match her Art Deco wand! 
 Omigosh, Stunning!

A dapper Hufflepuff gent:

It's not a Slug Club event 'til I find Marlah and her two sons, because these three BRING IT every time. This year they're all in formal Mandrake Gardening attire, and I am here for it:

Hang on, I have to show you the long shot, since even their shoes are perfect:

 (Don't let Diego on the right intimidate you; he's a total sweetheart, all smiles when the camera's not on him. :D)

Just LOOK at all these handmade details:
The pins, the embroidery, the leafy bow ties!

All three have the new mandrake plushies which scream and vibrate when you lift them out of their pots. Yep, gonna need one of those...

Marlah also has a custom tote bag for her mandrake with a wand pocket in the side:


Here's the next group that made me go full fangirl:

 Let me walk you through all this wonderfulness:

She hand painted her dress! And if you look close you can see she's wearing some super fun eyelashes. 

Not my best photo, but this Chocolate Frog dress is perfect.

I love all her gold accents, like the necklace and hairbow.

John told this dapper Newt he was getting Hamilton vibes from her ensemble:

 Then it turns out she loves Hamilton, so that worked out, lol.

And finally, I like this style for Hermione's dress even better than the movie's:

Look at that lush twirlin' skirt! Ruffles FOR DAYYYS.

 More magical ensembles:


Oh! I have another story for this couple:

After I took their photo the guy leaned in close to me and John and, while furtively flashing a Ministry of Magic badge, said "Now, I'm going to need you two to forget everything you saw here today. I don't want to have to obliviate anyone." 


Speaking of folks getting into the magic, I came across some first-rate shenanigans in one of those alleyways:

(The pipe was already broken; it's a set piece in the alley.)

Gotta love the unconcerned Hufflepuff in the background, ha.

And finally, the piece de resistance - which I had John work a little magic on himself:

The only thing photoshopped is the green light; he's really holding himself up like that!

So cool, right?

We ended the night with a second viewing of the Death Eater... show? Experience? Whatever you call it, I highly recommend checking it out if you're there before it ends on the15th this week. And if not, don't worry, I'll put up a post soon with some pics and video!

 Stay tuned for that later!

As always I do have more pictures, since I can never fit them all in one post. To see the rest from Saturday head over to my Flickr album - and of course feel free to download and share my photos of you!

A huge thank you to the Central Florida Slug Club and all its members for letting me take your pictures and come play dress-up with you. 'Til next time, my magical friends!


  1. I really need to get to Universal sometime. I'm not seeing the Viktor Krum fur collar picture?

    1. It's the 6th picture from the top of the post. The young woman has a red dress and appears to have fur beneath her blonde hair.

    2. I was confused by that also, but I think her hair is two-toned.

    3. Ah ok, if I imagine the darker hair as fur, I get the Krum vibe. Thanks!

    4. Oh, wow, even in person I thought her hair was feathers or fur! Whoops! Good catch, lunabelle.

  2. That photoshopped picture guy certainly knows how to work a pole!

  3. Everyone is so cute. Love the jaunty poses- you can just see how good people feel about themselves and their ensembles. That pride and confidence makes me smile. Also that man holding himself up is STRONG. I’m impressed with his boy control.

  4. Completely unrelated, but I keep forgetting to ask: do you have a Playmobil Stay Puft figure, Jen? I'm not even sure they're available in the US. If not I might contemplate sending you one if you like.

    1. I do not, no! Although after Googling it, I think it looks like the exact same mold as my Hallmark ornament Stay Puft, as the two look identical - and maybe even the same size?

    2. Can't say, I'm just trying to promote my homeland products here! :-) And yet I have a LEGO Ecto 1 sitting proudly on my shelf, not one Playmobil Ghostbuster in sight. The pirate ship on the other hand... a childhood wish come true.

  5. Those are fabulous! I do love the gender-swapped Newt. <3

  6. Always so nice to see you guys, thanks for celebrating with all of us the love we have for harry potter, and appreciate our way to Express it. See you next time.hope soon

  7. OMG, my friends and I will be there Dec. 1-6! (Long shot, but Jen and John, we're big fans, but we also know you've got a lot going on with your upcoming Xmas party; we'd love to meet you, though, but all your fans tell you that.) :) Thank you for the preview of the Xmas decorations! Your Xmas posts are what led us to the timing for our trip this year. :) I'm gonna melt my credit card over ALL the HP Xmas decorations! :)

    1. That IS a hectic week for us, but if you e-mail John the dates, we might be able to meet for a hot butterbeer or two! I love doing meet-ups this time of year, when the weather is finally nice. :)

    2. Really? Wow! :) OK, email sent to I think the correct email addresses. :) Thank you for the consideration. :) (Nice weather would be awesome- two of us are in the Midwest and in single-digit temps. Florida's going to seem practically hot for us. LOL)

  8. Dear Jen, I know I'm a bit behind the party, but I saw this and thought of you guys. https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/757216602/badger-embroidery-kit?ref=shop_home_active_4&crt=1 no snake or eagle, but there is a lion and a barn owl. Love from Australia.


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