Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Hogwarts House Laptop Decals To Make With Your Cricut! (Free Templates!)

John designed the BEST laptop decal for himself the other week, and I'm still not over it: 


Technically "the rest" should be in quotes, but he made this before I could nitpick his grammar. :D

In case you're unfamiliar with the reference: in the books, after each of the other House founders claims the students they want, Helga Hufflepuff proudly proclaims that she will take the rest. John has always loved that line, even convinced me to draw a badger so he could make this t-shirt for himself a few years ago:

Note the proper quotation marks. :p

(I can't find this shirt anywhere on Epbot! Have I really never shown it to you guys before??)

Getting back to the decal, John put the design together using free clip art - but it's his use of the glowing apple on his Mac that makes it so brilliant. PUN INTENDED.


Let us not speak of how many times John & I attempted the simple motion of LIFTING A LAPTOP LID to get this shot. 



Glowing badger eyes! EEEEE!
This is seriously the coolest.

We're still new to the world of Cricut, so I'm impressed how well it handled all the tiny cuts. Then we took the advice of some of you readers, and used dollar store shelf liner as transfer paper (after weeding the design):

 This is the trickiest part; you really have to coax the vinyl off its backing and onto the sticky shelf liner. You can see John had a craft blade handy to help get some of the smaller sections started.

After that it's easy-peasy to place on the laptop, and the shelf liner peels off the vinyl like a dream.

When I posted this on IG you guys (rightfully) went a little nuts for it, so of course John was happy to share his template! This is pretty big, so you can make whatever size you want:


 This is a .png file, ready to go for your Cricut. (Just crop off the words if you don't want them.) Click to embiggen, then right-click & save to your desktop.

But wait, THERE'S MORE.

John *also* made designs for you Gryffindors, Slytherins, and Ravenclaws! He modified each crest, giving them all new animal toppers & glowing center symbols:

 He used eagles for Ravenclaw, since most of our Ravenclaw friends are book purists.

Slytherin is my favorite - after Hufflepuff, of course:

I just love that lil' snek up top. 


(Er... I mean... SO CUNNING.)

If you have a Mac laptop then getting the sizing right for these decals is crucial. You want the center circle to just cover the apple, so I recommend printing a test paper off first to check. Again, these are pretty big files (set at 300 dpi), so remember to set your size first.

Of course, for non-Mac laptops you have more wiggle room on the size. Or use one for your tablet!

You could also use these to make House art: transfer your vinyl sticker to colored card stock, then frame it up. That would look especially pretty with metallic vinyls, oooh.

I'm also wondering if there's a way to use transfer paper to move over card stock designs that have lots of cut-outs. Anyone have any experience with that?

Welp, I hope these are helpful, gang! If you don't have a Cricut, just ask around; you may have a friend who does. And speaking as a new Cricut owner, I'm more than happy to cut stuff for friends. (Plus John loves weeding - who knew?)

If you do make something with these, please tag me on IG or share your pics on FB, so John and I can see. (It's embarrassing how much we love your photos. Seriously.)


And if you want more crafty goodies, check out my Craft Page! Over 150 projects in one place for you to browse, and LOTS of them are Potter-related, since we're a bit obsessed over here.

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  1. I don’t own a laptop and I am sorely lamenting the fact because that Slytherin decal is to diiieeeee forrrrr!!! I just want to rep my house!!!

  2. OMG I AM ALSO PROUD TO BE "THE REST"!!!! Love this so hard! Thanks, John!

  3. Now I need a new laptop! My current one is black. I would also need a cricut. Humm this is getting expensive.

  4. JOHN!! That is EPIC! #PuffPride

  5. Stellar! Absolutely adore these!!! Thanks John!!!

  6. If you're putting an intricate design onto a hard surface, it's often easier to weed it after the transfer. And I *think* you can use transfer tape on paper designs as well, as long as the paper isn't too fuzzy. It's about as sticky as a post it note, so don't use it on anything a post it might damage. The trickier bit would then be getting it off the mat, but you might be able to with the blue light tack mat.

  7. Please make that shirt available, if you can. I'd love to buy one. That badger is so cute! *huggles*

  8. For paper, try Glad Press and Seal. Paper crafters have been using it since it was designed (the inventor's wife is a paper crafter).

  9. I suffered and ranted and raved over using Contact paper as transfer tape for a year before I broke down and bought actual transfer tape and my life is SO MUCH EASIER NOW. I got a 30 ft roll for $10 from the site where I buy my vinyl and it's so worth the extra money in times saved!!

  10. When you are using the transfer tape (or contact paper) to remove the vinyl from its backing, peel it backwards parallel to the backing. Most people tend to pull straight up (perpendicular to the backing), and that actually makes it harder to remove the vinyl.

    I can't wait to see all the fun things you make with your Cricut!

  11. Why I’m using transfer paper, I find it much easier to leave the transfer side down on my mat and peel off the white vinyl backing. When the little stubborn pieces want to stick, I just press it back down a couple of times, then it lets go. The picture of John peeling it the other way is giving my the heeby-jeebies.

  12. These turned out amazing! Thank you for sharing them

  13. One great trick that enormously simplifies life is to weed after you use your transfer paper. Apply your transfer tape to the unweeded design, then run a credit card over the design in every direction 6-7 times, pressing firmly. Then, peel up the transfer paper, running it horizontal (as a previous commenter mentioned) and not at 90-degrees to the design the way John did in your photo. You'll find 90% of your weeding happens automatically, doing it this way. There will only be a few small pieces remaining to be weeded. This is the BEST way to weed text, especially small font text.

  14. I have a Silhouette Cameo and several years ago they had officially licenced HP stuff. All the house crests, school crest, fun stuff with the main trio, some dragons, etc. I bought quite a bit of it and we love using it.

  15. I love the design- fabulous! Also, if you don't have a Cricut- try your local library- they often have Maker Spaces now with fabulous things like Cricuts and 3D printers :)

  16. Those are amazing! I want to buy a Cricut just so I can make these!

  17. i can't find where to download the templates. help! wanna make 'em on my cricut.

    1. The photos up there ARE the templates! Just right-click each one then save to your desktop. :)

  18. Another request for the T-shirt!! Please!! I have a couple of proud Hufflepuff "kids" in my life that would go nuts for them!!!


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