Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July Art Roundup: Kingdom Hearts, Mad Scientist Vibes, & Anime Cuties

I found some awesome new artists for you guys this month!

First up,  Kelly McMahon:


Then she has almost as many enamel pins as she does prints!

Head over to Kelly's Etsy shop to browse the rest, and be sure to follow her on Instagram!


Claire of Hoo? It's Claire also has some fantastic prints:

(Little Donald!)
... but most of what she sells are buttons, stickers, lanyards, acrylic charms... ALL the things.

 I especially love her heart-shaped "Love You 3000" pins:
 And here's a fabulous My Hero Acadamia lanyard with her art on it:

Plus she has so many cute stickers and acrylic charms, like this Spider-Verse set!

Head to Claire's Etsy shop to see the rest, plus you can follow her on Instagram!


Ibble of IbbleScribbles has such a dreamy art style that I couldn't stop staring at her booth in MetroCon - even though I didn't recognize a single character from her fan art, ha:


These holographic prints are characters from the TPN series... though I don't know what TPN is. :p

Ibble's holographic prints are incredible in person; they have flecks of iridescence that catch the light and change colors:

Here's the full print:

These are all Ibble's original characters, not fanart, which helps me feel a little less clueless, ha. I especially love her character Pluto, a sweet little astronaut boy:

And here's a rose tea mermaid - with shiny gold foil stamped into the prints!

Go check out the IbbleScribbles webstore, which is frankly overwhelming, there are so many pretty things. T-shirts, pillows, charms, pins - there's so much, and it's all so lovely! You can also follow Ibble on Instagram to add some eye candy to your feed.


Something else that caught my eye at MetroCon: fellow Dizgeeks, check out these totally tubular pins from A Goofy Movie:

 Plus the Sora is awesome.

 Polar Arts doesn't have much in their online shop, but happily these pins are there. I also like this Kingdom Hearts print:
 The colors are so soft!

Then there are these clever acrylic charms:

... which look like Polaroids! 

Go check out the Polar Arts online shop to see the rest.


If you've ever won an art print from me then you might recognize this BB-8 pin:

I used to have a notepad with this art, and wrote all my thank-you notes on it. I miss that notepad. (At least now I have it as a pin!)

The artist, Cathy Alameda of Rad Jinja, has a colorful, retro cartoony style I can't get enough of: 

How fabulous is this shirt?! Love the stitch lines on the sleeves!

Some of her prints:

And her hilarious Loki cat pin:

I don't know who the Elite Trine are, but this double-sided keychain of them rocks:

  SO FUN.  Am I right? 

Head over to the Rad Jinja online shop to browse lots more goodies, then follow Cathy on Instagram to see her latest works in progress!

I hope these gave you a smile, and some new artists to follow.

Ah, but before you go - want some free art? If so, then go to the Epbot Facebook page, and comment on my new post telling me which of these next 3 pieces you want to win! You can only pick one, though, so CHOOSE WISELY.

Here are your three choices:

"You Can Be Anything" by Bianca Roman-Stumpff
signed 4X6 print mounted on a 5X7 board, ready to frame

Chibi Harry Potter by Star In My Pocket
4x6 print in a 5X7 mat, ready to frame

And finally:

Doctor Who postcard set by Planet Xeeni 
signed 4X6 postcard prints

 Remember, for a chance to win, be sure to comment on my art post on the Epbot Facebook page, not here! I'll announce my randomly selected winners after 24 hours. Watch for that announcement on Facebook, and I'll also do my best to tag or direct message the winners there.

Happy commenting!


I do these monthly art roundups because I love - LOVE - finding new artists, and it makes me happy to share independent artists with you. I also purchase most of the give-away art myself, and ship everything for free - including internationally - for the same reason.
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Thanks, fam. I love y'all 3,000.


  1. My instagram feed just got more lovely artists to fill it! You find so many gorgeous works of art. ^_^ I'm in love with that first artist's work and kept losing their shop, so thank you!!!! As a pink haired mermaid, I've been meaning to add a pin or two of theirs to my collection.

  2. The Elite Trine are "Starscream", "Skywarp", and "Thundercracker" - Generation 1 Decepticons from Transformers. (Starscream was always trying to take Megatron's place, I believe he even tried to crown himself in the animated movie - but it's been years since I've watched it so I may be misremembering there)

    1. Aha! I *thought* they looked like Transformers, but figured I must be wrong, lol.

  3. Ohhhh, I love You Can Be Anything!! I have a similar Justice League print, with a variety of kids pretending to be the Justice League characters, including a kid in a wheelchair as Cyber Superman. I'd love to hang this one with it. <3

    Also, Powerline World Tour buttons? Love it!

  4. TPN is short for the anime The Promised Neverland, available on CrunchyRoll. Looks adorable, is actually HORROR. I can't explain the twist, but it is an interesting and compelling story!

  5. I'm sad that the people who don't do Facebook can't enter the giveaway.

    1. Sorry about that! I'm trying to switch between the two, so everyone gets a chance. (A lot of people can't comment here on Blogger!) My last give-away was here on the blog, and I'll have more here in the future, too, promise. :)

  6. Every artist you featured here is my new favorite! I super love Kelly McMahon's circle mermaid pin, Rad Jinja's Present Mic poster, and Ibble's Ray print. Actually I love all of the TPN prints, dang they are super pretty!!

  7. I just wanted to be sure that you're aware of Adam Savage's book.
    Every Tool's a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It

    I'm on chapter 6 and so far, it's great!

  8. oh my goodness that you can be anything is precious.

  9. I love what you do to my paycheck! Thanks for the great sharing and for supporting so many different artists.

  10. I love the monthly art round up. i love everything in this months, all so pretty!

  11. TPN stands for The Promised Neverland, an anime that came out last? season (maybe two seasons ago?). It's streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll (VRV) and I definitely recommend giving it a look!

  12. I would love "girls are super" for my little daughter' s room. Super Heroes and Tutus go perfectly together in her mind


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