Friday, August 2, 2019

FOE & Tell: Hoopy Froods, Sock-Hopping Tribbles, & Gondor Calls For Aid

It's been too long since I shared some of my favorite FOE finds! (That's Fans of Epbot, btw, a fan-run Facebook group.) I find new favorites all the time, but it takes me a while to compile everything, and then John hunts down everyone a month or two later to ask for their permission to share here. So prepare to ooh and ahh, laugh a bit, and of course judge me for how old some of theses posts are. ;p

 Bahaha! Yes, yes she does.
(Psst, Erin, next you should "accidentally" send her a jetpack and some steampunk clothes!)


When Kelli found an adorable little whale statue at OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware, I think?), she knew EXACTLY what to do:

... name him Arthur and put a tiny pot of petunias on his head.

(The little flowers are from Michael's.)

This is a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference, in case you're lost. I highly recommend reading the books if you haven't! And I know it's been a while since Kelli posted this on FOE, but if any of you happen to see this whale sometime, please, grab it for me! I'll pay you back. See, I'm turning 42 next year, and, well... NEED.

Which reminds me, Shanda just inspired one of my next Cricut projects:
Now there's a hoopy frood who really knows where her towel is. Bravo, Shanda!


Warning: after you see this next post from Morgen you may have to fight some Extreme Crafting Urges:

A few details: 

 Eeeeee!! C'mon, who else wants to make tiny dioramas on tiny golf ball planets now, ala The Little Prince? ::raises both hands:: I hope you're displaying this under a little glass cloche, Morgen; I feel like that would set it off beautifully.


Megan and her friends made their own Star Trek Sock Hop dresses, and I can't handle the cute:

The tribble headbands, y'all. And the tribble rings!! Ded.

(You can follow all three ladies on IG for more cosplay here, here,& here!)


Rachel and her daughters made a whole gallery of melted crayon art after my tutorial, and they're all incredible:
I have so many favorites: Yoda! Tangled! Kiki! And I really like the smaller splatters, like on Kiki; gives it even more of a watercolor feel. Super, super cool.

Then Cora & Dyan used both the positive and negative of their stencil to make two different Castiel pieces!

How clever is this?!

Here's a larger version of the left one, because I'm digging that rainbow tie:


Hey, want to see some magical Harry Potter crafts by your fellow FOE? 

Ooooooof course you do.

First, this hair clip is a keeper:

I have all the grabby hands over here, Jennifer. All of them.

Then Jennifer managed to top herself by replicating a piece of the wall in Diagon Alley!

This... this is genius. Especially since there are so many fantastic wall advertisements in Diagon Alley! Now I wish I'd saved the scraps of brick paneling from back when we overhauled our steampunk room. In fact, I may go rooting through the garage, see if I can find any.

FOE has a crafty gift-exchange program called QUACK, and during the deadline month the group is flooded with photos of everyone opening up their handmade gifts. It's one of my favorite times on FOE - and they've had 7 rounds so far! Anyway, here's Cristina showing off her QUACK made by fellow FOE Katie:

Again, SO CLEVER. I love the idea of layering 3D objects in a frame like this, and of course the lights are the best part!


I know I've been especially craft-focused this batch, but I promise I love all the other posts, too: the bad jokes and memes and stories, the little triumphs and silly polls and everything in-between. In fact, I'll end with one of my favorite stories ever shared on FOE, and I'm so happy Jim said I could share:

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. Some people live their entire lives waiting for a story like this. Bahahaha!

I hope these gave you a smile, and reminds you that whether you're in FOE or not, you've got a geeky family out here.

Today John and I are off to Tampa again, this time for Tampa Bay Comic-Con. We'll be there all weekend taking photos and video, so if you're there and see us wandering, please say hi!


Btw, over on my Amazon store front I have a bunch of lists of some of my favorite things, including one that's all Harry Potter pretties like these:

From John's Hufflepuff wallet (which he adores) to a bunch of our everyday decor items (those metal coasters are AMAZEBALLS), there's a little of everything. 

Or, if you're not into Potter, you can browse my other lists for fun geek toys, housewares, our favorite tools, and more. Look for the comment bubbles to read my reviews!


  1. Ooh, my husband turns 42 next year and I've had this idea in my head for years. I'll be watching closely to see what you come up with.

  2. Sadly, Orchard Supply Hardware is no more. Lowe’s bought them then closed them all =o(

  3. Eeekkk!! I'm so starstruck!! I love all these projects! Daughter saw the melted crayon art and declared that to be our next project. I hope we can make it look have as awesome as these are.

  4. Erin Grey's grandmother is the most fabulous creature ever! I want her to be my foster grandma! (What? Fifty-one-year-old women can have foster grandmas, right?)

  5. Next year is my 42 as well. There will be a bulldozer and a shopping cart of assistance on my front lawn #42nd birthdays are better than #40th!

  6. Ahh thanks so much for the feature! Those tribble outfits are the most fun to wear ♥ I missed a couple of these posts on FOE, I adore that snitch headband!

  7. It's posts like this that almost make me want to join facebook so I can see them all firsthand. Tribble skirts are so cute, and I love the matching accessorises. Also the dark days of the target men's room cracked me up.

  8. That last story is the best! It makes me happy to know that my #1 fandom is still alive and well. Also, the whale with the petunias. 😂

  9. When I turned 42 a couple of years ago, my birthday was on a Friday, so I took a PTO day. I sent out an email letting everyone know I wouldn’t be there. I’m it I said it was my ‘answer to life, the universe and everything’ Birthday. Only our English teacher got the reference, but it was totally worth it! (And I took myself on an adventure day that included buying a new favorite towel and drinking a lemon drop - the closest thing I could find to a Pangalactic Gargleblaster) lol

  10. I have that whale and bought it from my local garden center/CSA. I'll see if they have more next weekend! Also you goat mail has a whale (killer though) if you want to send someone whale mail.

  11. Dang well I guess a whale statue is now on the top of my shopping list. That is so clever!

  12. Love the whale. I actually own a semi-authentic tribble. My brother and I ordered some waaay back in the '70s from an official supplier of Star Trek merchandise. They resurfaced while we were going through my mom's house after she passed away. My cats aren't sure what to make of it.


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