Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Lying Cupcakes, Geek Plushies & Toy Shopping

I haven't shared random pics from my phone in ages, so I have some fun ones saved up:


 The cupcakes were a lie, y'all.

 (Dollar Tree, you've betrayed me!)

If it's still here come Christmas I'm decorating this bad boy.

I found the frame first at Ross, then the star at TJ Maxx (for only $8!), and figured they were made for each other.

These are pretty tiny, though, so I wanted to hang them somewhere eye-level:

It seems fitting above the light switch.

(This is Eva's namesake, btw, which is why I love Christie's art so much!)


Speaking of my fuzzy star:


This is actually a bit bittersweet - I still consider that someone else's spot - but I'm working to focus on the sweet.

Oh, and here's Suki being all refined and elegant ::snerk::


She's sitting on her own giant tail. Ha!

I got a hard dose of reality thanks to the new Wizards Unite game:


It's, uh, a little embarrassing.
And when I *did* finally leave the house I lost two duels because I couldn't figure out how to point my wand! ARG.
But hey, eventually:

 In case you're wondering what it takes to get me out in the 95 degree heat.


These things are all from FYE in the mall. Most of their stuff is too pricey for my cheap self, but they have the best plushies, and sometimes their clearance has a few bargains.

I was this close to buying the $10 cupcake, even though I've never played Five Nights At Freddy's. Look how they're glowing! No filter, and my hand looks like it's on fire!

 John's cat selfie up there was taken at a store called Riley Rose, which has a cute mix of makeup, housewares, and accessories. I found the best thing in the whole store for only $4, though:

Move over lobster bisque... it's time for LOBSTER BURLESQUE.
 (I danced this thing all around the store. Poor John.)
 And while I'm providing this important service, here's the best thing currently being sold at Box Lunch:

HOW CUTE IS THIS BEAST BAG? (But no, I didn't buy it.)

And the best thing at Hot Topic:

On clearance for $15! So yes, I did buy it. (Or rather John did, ha.)

I'm sure I'll eventually do a more formal update, but here's a little progress:

I had some hilarious suggestions on what to do with my hand, but my favorite read:

"Hold a sword. Obvsly."

So now I need to buy a sword.


I don't wear makeup at home - which I prefer to have on for full-face selfies - but I'm still working at it:
 Big hair always helps.

Also I meant it when I told y'all to take pictures of your feet!

 I really like my shoes most days.

Those sandals are my holy grail of footwear, btw: took me over 6 months of buying and returning pairs to find ones wide enough for my feet, comfy enough to walk in all day, and cute enough to wear with dresses. They're by Hush Puppy, and less than $40 - I linked them in my "Stuff Jen Wears" list.

Let's finish up with the last bit of random fun stuff:

My Donald cubby in my office. I like clumping all my collections together like this.

And finally, a quick shout out to one of my favorite Disney photogs:

Doug does the most amazing composite edits, and this was actually his first one! I've since found out he's a proud Hufflepuff and a really great guy. That's one of the nice things about sharing people's work online: sometimes it starts up a conversation I'd be too shy to start otherwise. Anyway, go follow Doug on Instagram, you're gonna love his stuff.


  1. You just reminded me of one of my summer reading picks: Infinite Wonder, because it has the coolest foot selfies ever! From the ISS. The author is both an astronaut and a pro/am photographer (like you. I mean the photog part) and the book is just chock full of cool geekery and transcendent beauty.

    It's pricey but your local Library will have a copy.

  2. You have such beautiful hair! Appreciate it now, before you're an old broad (like me) and it turns wiry and gray! ;-)

  3. instead of a sword, use your wand. lots of magic charms you can do with it for your pix. :-D

  4. Oh wow, that last picture is gorgeous! I wish it was that easy to get there. <3

  5. Is the all orange Donald Duck a vintage Marx toy? Just curious, as I have a Marx Minnie Mouse

    1. Yes, I think it is! I also have a pink Mickey from the same maker, both from antique fairs.

  6. Donald Duck Day? Does that mean walking around without pants all day?

    1. I've heard of No Pants Day - it'd be hilarious if they were both the same date.

  7. Warning to folks who publicly post photos of shoes/feet: It will almost certainly attract a specific group of aficionados. Most of them are harmless and at least complimentary if a little WAY too enthused, but I used to post shoe photos on my Flickr WAY back in the day and there were a couple folks who frequently gave me the willies. I gave it up because, no, I was not interested in selling specialty photos for their personal use, no. (Now, maybe I only noticed because I've never gotten anything near a similar reaction to my face, and possibly other people experience this kind of thing all the time no matter what they post, but, it's worth being aware.)

    1. That is so creepy. Sorry you had to deal with that!

    2. 0.O I had no idea there was an interest in actual SHOES, that's a new one.

  8. Two thoughts as I'm going through your post. 1) Jen finds the BEST stuff 2) She DOESN'T have a sword??! How can that BE?!

    1. Right? This injustice must be corrected!

    2. OMG, no sword? Truly you jest. After all this time I thought that certainly, you must have one! My husband the ballistics dude made sure I had just the right one for me--folded Japanese steel, too. You MUST have a sword. It's a moral imperative.

  9. You live in Florida and you wear SHOES in the HOUSE?!

    You're doing it wrong.


    1. Ha! I know, I know, but I have 3 reasons:

      1) Walking on our hard floors all day hurts my bare feet
      2) I also work at my treadmill desk a lot, &
      3) CAT GENIE PELLETS. Anyone who's ever stepped on a tiny plastic pellet on a hard wood floor knows this pain, lol. It's like a teeny tiny LEGO!

  10. You introduced me to the r/abrathatfits sub, may in introduce you to r/curlyhair? I'm really curious what your mane would look like after some curlygirl method applied.

  11. until your ONE TRUE SWORD arrives in your life, you can do what I did, and find one in the toy section. https://www.target.com/p/dc-comics-wonder-woman-battle-action-sword-costume-accessory/-/A-51394352

  12. Have you heard of Sorelle Amore's Advanced Selfie class? If not, you might want to check out her YouTube channel :) It really helped me get over a lot of my body loathing and self hate. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkbTTGoBpjX8ogXHCt-aegw

  13. I loved seeing all of these on Instagram! That rainbow afro puppy totally rocks.

  14. Jen your foot is as flat as my husband's! Our podiatrist told him he has to wear orthotics in all his shoes, even his slippers. My husband said a lot of his various body pains went away when he started wearing them.


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