Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Thought Process Of Everyone Walking On A Treadmill For The First Time In A Long Time

OK, just gotta set a nice brisk pace... there we go.

Ahh, see, this isn't so bad!

Yep, it's good to stretch the ol' legs. Mmm.

Really, I don't see why I don't do this every day.

Heck, I should get one of those treadmill desks! I could do that.

I mean, I don't even notice I'm walking here! This is easy! I could go for hours!

Oooh, imagine if I walked my entire work day. They say sitting is the new cigarettes.

Man, if I walked all day I would lose so much weight. I bet I could even fit into those jeans again.

Look at me! I already feel healthier!

That's it, I'm gonna research a treadmill desk. Then I'm gonna walk on it ALL DAY. Every time I'm at the computer, or watching TV: all walking. It'll be the new me! I can do this!


See, here I've been walking at least an hour, and it's like nothing. I'm barely tired!

Well, maybe a little tired.

But that's normal, this is a workout, after all. I'll build up to the all-day thing. Maybe start with just 6 hours a day. Yeah.

Humm. Yep. Six hours a day. Cool cool cool.

Oof, it's getting a little warm. Better turn up the fan...

That's better.

So maybe I'll have a few breaks during the all-day walking thing, just to cool off. Gotta work towards a goal, right? So like, two hours at a time, a little break, then back on again. Easy peasy.


I can't wait to wear those jeans again. Oooh, and I should buy those shoes I saw last week to go with them. Yaaasss. Just a little reward, you know, for taking all these healthy steps.

"Healthy steps." Aheheheh snerk.


Do I like kale?


Eh, with all this walking, probably not necessary.


I bet I could run a marathon. You know, eventually.

Not that I'd want to. But I could.


Whoa, my leg just went a little wobbly. Yikes.

I guess I am kind of tired. I'll keep going just a few more minutes.



I really want to sit down now.

Why is it so hot in here?

Are my calves cramping? Is this what a blood clot feels like?

Screw it, that's enough physical activity for one day.

But hey, this was a good start! I did the thing! Yeah!

I'm so proud of me.

In fact, I'm gonna take a picture of the display. Gotta show Mom how long I walked! She'll never believe it! Hee!

Let's see... I think the timer display is this button...

::beep beep beep::



Written by the gal who does own a treadmill desk, but still has this inner dialogue every. single. time.


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Thanks, gang!


  1. HA-HA-HA! I have the same inner dialogue every time I go to the gym, which is several times a week.

  2. The struggle is real... My treadmill reaches out to your treadmill in solidarity.

  3. We finally put our treadmill-turned-cat-playground on the curb with a sign that said: "Free! It still works - but we do not."

  4. This is more or less me on the elliptical at the gym... I could do this for an hour! Well, maybe 30 minutes. Man, this is pretty hard work, good thing I’ve been at it for... 15 minutes??

  5. Omgosh I know that inner dialogue. I worked last semester at the desk for our colleges gym, I got to where I knew the schedule of the regulars enough that I could work out in peace. Thankfully the treadmill I liked had the hill settings and so I got to watch my progress on a specific track. Otherwise I'd have given up like on the elliptical where the only screen for progress was an oval my dot tracked around. XD I can't imagine it being my desk though, I'd die. You rock.

  6. Bahahahaha we've all been there. :P

  7. I tried to convince my husband once that I need a treadmill desk. Besides just not having enough space, he knows my track record with things that are going to revolutionize my life . . .

  8. I ordered from Amazon thru your link last week! -SMT

  9. Bwah ha ha ha ha! (From the woman who gets almost zero exercise. Zero. And who's never been on a treadmill in her life.) I take it that display means 22 minutes, not 22 hours?

    1. Yes, lol. I'm not sure if my display even registers over 2 hours. :P

  10. Pretty much that every time I go to the gym. At least when I walk around the neighborhood, I know that if I stop half-way through, I won't be where the food is. The gym? Mmmm notsomuch.

  11. A group of women from my neighborhood started getting together for walks. It was fun...until the temperature started getting over 75 degrees. I went yesterday and nearly died. Today I went to the mall, now trying to convince my neighbors to go with me.

  12. Um. Yeah. That’s absolutely relatable. But I’m proud of you for walking that much at once!!


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