Thursday, May 2, 2019

WDW's Spring Dapper Day 2019, Saturday Part 2

Now that I'm fully recovered from the weekend, let's dive back in to my favorite Dapper finds on Saturday in the Magic Kingdom!

Rockabilly Ariel with her spiffy-suited Eric were so cute together.

More royal couples:

The lantern purse!

Someone mentioned shoes in my last post: Here in WDW there's a lot more ground to cover than Disneyland, so you'll see more flats - and most who do wear heels have backup flats to switch into throughout the day. 

(Some day I'm going to write a Dapper Day survival guide, and back-up flats will be tip #1! Too many newbies try to wear heels all day, then end up limping to buy flip-flops by noon, ha.)

Saddle shoes and chucks are dapper alternatives to heels, and are perfect for colorful 50s styles.

I'm proud to say that's my friend (and FOE) Matt rockin' the kilt. GO, MATT.

And I have to show off the back side of this gorgeous hair:

SO PRETTY. I basically stalked every woman with flowers in her hair, I love them so much. (If I didn't require a giant hat for the sun I'd be wearing a friggin' bouquet on my head.)

More gorgeous 'dos! Ohh, and she makes me want to wear bumper bangs and hair scarfs, too.

More Flapper Dappers, anyone?

I'm sure you guessed the Iron Man 'bounding flapper, but do you recognize the other one? I'll give you a sec. 

[tapping foot, humming Jeopardy theme song]

SHE'S PEGASUS FROM HERCULES, Y'ALL. Eeee! That winged scarf is genius. (And you can just see flapper Hades in the background; sorry I didn't get them together.)

I know I keep coming back to shoes, but look how perfect these are on dapper Rey:

 Rey wears two-tone boots that are almost exactly these colors and textures. That attention to detail makes me happy. :)

More perfect hair and accessories. (The lace gloves!)

Someone asked about the dog in my last post: these are all service animals. It's nice when the pups get a dapper accessory, too, though!

You ever see a stranger and think, "LIFE GOALS"?

She's beaming with happiness and wearing a dress that reminds me of Spectromagic's garden float:

 Also I've wanted long white hair like that since I was in college. So yeah, LIFE GOALS.

Love the lily-pad fascinator on Tiana, and that blue beaded shawl was stunning up close.

Only the most hardcore Dizgeeks will get these next Disneybounds. Ready?

Did you guess? Here's a hint: These 'bounds are off the wall.
Yep, they're dressed as the famous WDW walls: the bubblegum wall, the purple wall, and the lesser-known blueberry wall. ONLY IN DISNEY, MY FRIENDS. Love it. (They even have matching fascinators!)

Guess how much I squealed over this gorgeous gal's hair. Go on. Guess.

A LOT. You're squealing too, right? ERMERGERSH.

I spotted quite a few Rapunzel and Flynn 'bounds, but I think this was the only pair who went for Rapunzel and PASCAL:


I haven't complained about how hot it was yet this post, so consider this my reminder that everyone here is swimming through Florida swamp humidity & 90 degree heat. And with that reminder, allow me to introduce you to the cleverest group at Dapper Day:

Bahaha! The lades are in actual swim dresses, and the guys' old-timey bathing suits are PERFECT with those stick-on handlebar mustaches. When I asked for a photo I swear everyone within 15 feet of us also whipped out their phones. :D (People are pretty shy about asking for pics at Disney; it's only my 10 years of photographing cons that's given me the guts to charge in.)

I spotted a dapper JC Skipper while we were in line for lunch:

The pith helmet is so cute! As a former Jungle Cruise skipper, this went right for my heart.  (And stay tuned, because on Sunday I spotted a dapper Trader Sam. YES REALLY.)

Throughout the day on Saturday I encountered at least 3 or 4 people who were genuinely shocked - stammering, uncertain shock - when I asked for a photo, and watching that shock segue into blushing delight is my absolute favorite thing about Dapper Day. 

I had 2 or 3 ladies ask, "Me? You want a photo of just ME?" and then thank me profusely, laughing and eagerly handing off purses and bags to friends so they could strike a pose. It was wonderful and adorable and maybe just a tiny bit sad, all these gorgeous folks being so surprised by a stranger's compliments. But wow, what a reminder, you guys. What a reminder of the power we have with our words.


This lady's dress practically GLOWED in the sunlight - my photo isn't doing it justice at all - and I love the butterflies in her hair! I chased her a good 20 yards, and then she was so soft-spoken and shy, obviously one of the stunned one. Ahh, but the way she lit up for my photo, the way she beamed as she rejoined her group afterward...  you see it, right? Yeah. That's gonna stay with me for a long time.

Hoo boy, you can tell I'm rested up, because I am talking way too much. Ha! Pick up the pace, Jen. Onward!

Nightmare Before Christmas 'bounds! Jack, Sally, and I think that's Zero on the left, since she's carrying a pumpkin pail.

I spotted this adorable photo in process while wandering around Fantasyland. I think he might be 'bounding as her! SO SWEET. (And he looks a lot like Matt Smith, right?)

Completely smitten with this Rapunzel 'bound:

How gorgeous is that kimono?!

A trio of beauties on Main Street:
I want everything the one on the left is wearing. SO FUN. (And those perfect Victory Curls!)

 Here's the third D3 Darlins meet that day, you can see the numbers have dwindled quite a bit:
This was around 6pm, I think, so everyone who lasted this long was a trouper!

More hair flowerrrrrs:


Someday, gang. Someday I will have this many flowers on my head... hopefully in a pretty fashion.

Dapper Haunted Mansion vibes! And check those fabulous sunglasses.

Ruh-roh. WE HAVE A 2319!

And her purse is a scream canister! EEEEEEE! So clever, and so happy with these colors!

Every year I see more gents dappering up for the occasion, and every year I will continue to tell you I am HERE. FOR. IT. Just look at this suit! And the wingtips! Yassss.

I admit, I had to google this... and it turns out the character she's Disneybounding is literally known as "Beret Girl" from An Extremely Goofy Movie. She looks just like her, too!

So happy to see the new Mary Poppins movie represented:

THAT DRESS. Those shoes! And Jack, too! This two are practically perfect in every way.

I think that's going to wrap up my favorites from Saturday, so I'll end with my special reward for surviving over 7 hours in the sun:


I've wanted one of these for ages, but they were always sold out when various friends tried to snag one for me. By getting there early John and I were finally able to grab one, so this beautiful mousey boy is now in a place of honor in my office, making me smile. (And shout-out to the balloon CM on Main Street for helping us take this photo!)

I hope you've been enjoying all my Dapper photos, peeps, because I'm only halfway through. Next up, Sunday at Epcot! I'm about to edit those now, so expect at least one more photo roundup, maybe two. (Sound off in the comments if you want more or less dapper pics, won't you? It's hard for me to gauge the general interest, and I could talk about spiffy people all day. I'm also happy to space the posts out, though, so you don't get Dapper Day fatigue. :D)


Much as I love them, Dapper Days are work days for me and John. We don't ride rides, we don't see shows - just like with conventions, all we do is look for people to photograph and stories to tell. If you'd like us to keep sharing experiences like this, then you can help support us by liking and sharing my Facebook posts, shopping through our Amazon links (USA, UK, Canada.), or by giving directly through Paypal.

 As always, thank you for being here and letting us do what we do! Much love and all the squishy internet hugs, my friends. ::mwah::


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    1. That's Rapunzel & Flynn on the right, and I believe Aurora and Phillip on the left (though not positive).

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