Friday, May 10, 2019

Cute Cats, Dismembered Toes, & Plush Diarrhea


I didn't see you there.

(Bat Cat!)

I haven't brought you random life musings and pretty kitty pics in a few weeks, so let's catch up.

But first, sleepy Suki:

Sleepy Suki doesn't care that your house is a mess or if you're behind on work. 
Sleepy Suki says everything is better after a nap.

I start each morning being tackled by a very loud Suki the second John opens the bedroom door. Once she's had her snuggles, up comes Eva for her turn. Then we end every night in reverse order, as John pulls them off me to put them outside the room, ha.

It's the circle of snuggles.

 Most of what John and I've been up to lately you've already seen: making Swedish Chef, playing with alcohol inks, and running around Disney taking photos of Dappers.

In more mundane - but still fun - news, I bought some new t-shirts:

Lisa Frankenstein, everybody.

And since Threadless was running this crazy sale last month where all their black tees were only $10, I also replaced John's entire t-shirt wardrobe:

This was better than Christmas for John; he was SO HAPPY. His old shirts were almost all worn ragged, so now I have a huge pile to turn into sleep shorts.

Allow me to point out a few favorites:


Let's see, what else? 

Oh yes, there was this:

Bringing you quality content in my Stories since 2018.

Then Walmart redeemed itself when we stopped in later that week:

I want to put together an entire outfit to go with that kitten hat. This could be dangerous.

Filed under "Things That Probably Only Happen In OUR House":

Eva knocked it off the shelf and was batting it around on the floor. I would pay actual money to see her do this in front of my mother-in-law during dinner this weekend. Hmm. Maybe if I rubbed some catnip on it... ?


(I'm just the RIGHT amount of evil, uhthankyouverramuch.)

Btw, anyone remember the project this was for? Oh man, that was so funny. I need another awesome weird craft in my life.

I do miss seeing my lovely Wizard's Chess set displayed, but at least now I don't have to pick up the pieces every day after Suki goes bowling through them. Sigh. You win this battle, cat.

John and I are gearing up for MegaCon next weekend, which will kick off convention season here in Florida. It's kind of frustrating that our cons aren't spaced out more; we get all the big ones crammed into the Summer months, then almost nothing for the rest of the year. Some are only one week apart this year, egadz!

Buuut on the plus side: COSPLAY PHOTOS ARE COMING. More videos, too! I'm excited. Cons are my happy place - once I push through my agoraphobia and actually GET there, of course. (Ug, leaving the house. Amirite?)

I edited most of my last batch of Dapper Day photos with Eva in my lap like this:

I've gotten really good at one-handed photo editing.

And this was the time before:

Get yourself someone who looks at you the way Eva looks at my ear. ERMERGERSH.

Also I have some excellent "wait for it" videos to share:

Sound on! Then wait for it...

And while I don't have any new progress to report on Swedish Chef, something pretty special happened just last night: Our friends Chris & Christie, both professional puppeteers - and Muppeteers(!) - came over after dinner, and immediately went straight for Chef.

Now, Chef is our first attempt at puppet making, so John and I have zero base of reference when it comes to his overall weight and the amount of force required to work his mouth. So when Chris first put Chef on, I was internally cringing, waiting for him to look puzzled or hesitate over something we did wrong. But instead, both he and Christie put Chef through his paces, excitedly taking turns dancing him around our kitchen, singing the Bork Bork song, and you guys, it was like seeing Pinocchio turn into a real boy. Our baby Swedish Chef came to life!

And yes, of COURSE I have video:

This was Chris & Christie right after picking him up, just playing around. I can't believe I get to have such talented friends. Plus this reignites my desire to get Chef onto a convention floor somehow. John and I are still sketching and brainstorming and talking through logistics: we haven't given up yet!

Now here's one last Suki for your weekend:

I hope your next few days are this peaceful and sweet, peeps. Remember to take a nap, for Suki's sake! :p


  1. Your posts just give me all the happies. :-D I am SO desperately in love with Swedish Chef, even more now than when you first displayed him, and that's sayin' somethin'.

    1. PS You do know Eva is actually a Night Fury, right?

  2. Have you ever thought about having a t-shirt quilt made with all of your old shirts? Actually, I'm sure you could make your own quilt! :o) I've used this company ( and it turned out great! It's not really a quilt, it's the t-shirt squares sewn together with a fleece backing. If you sign up for their notifications, they send out sale codes all the time.

  3. I'm so glad to see how your Chef is turning out. I've had such a shit week so seeing that video with Chef and your friends was the right way to start my day. The little wretching sound was so funny and they did a great job with the Bork Bork song. :)

  4. I also bought that Nathan Pyle shirt!!
    Love seeing Swedish Chef come to life! :)

  5. I don't remember what you needed John's toe for, but I do remember you making it and the post of your hand holding the toe. As a matter of fact, if it doesn't make me sound too toooo bizarre, I was thinking of John's humongous toe in your tiny little hand just yesterday, when you posted some so-very-normal pictures of the two of you. Ok, nap time!!

  6. The plush diarrhea is of the Giant Microbes toys.
    Not the end product (hah!) but rather a microbe what causes it, hence the string. And the cute eyes.

    They DO have a poop one, though.

  7. Love the t-shirts. Love the cat post more. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Actually, the red strings on the plush diarrhea are supposed to be flagellum which helps the bacteria move. The company is giantmicrobes, and is hysterical for biology geeks/science nerd

  9. I think that you are going to need to turn "fat Thor" sightings at cons into a drinking game. It's gonna be yuuuge!

  10. Any reason you couldn't just take him to a con as a puppet?

  11. Is Eva a "cat of little hair"? I ask this because I swear she and my Licorice could be siblings! The fangs, the squeaks, and the belly with bare spots. His fur is so thin in places it's like he's got male pattern baldness! (And someone had the gall to dump him in the middle of a Pennsylvania winter!)

    Love the kitties! Love the Chef! Not so sure about diarrhea...

  12. Have you considered either one of the "windows" from the opening of The Muppet Show or an old school tv set and do a Swedish Chef cooking show type thing?

  13. Oh man, i wish i could find replacements for my hubby's increasingly worn out t-shirts! All i seem to spot are just.. not right or too obvious. You guys have excellent taste in designs! Really glad you got to stock up.

  14. sleepy yawn meow = incredible cuteness

  15. I want to thank Suki and Eva (and you guys!) for the how-to-keep-your-cat-from-licking T-shirt idea. It wasn't for spaying stitches (my cat's way past that) but she started barbering herself badly so I used your cat-coverup idea and it worked really well.


  16. Perhaps you could make a vertical chess board to hang on the wall [like this one]. Then your special pieces could always be displayed. :-)


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