Tuesday, May 28, 2019

May Art Roundup: Galaxy Mermaids, Baby Dory, & Hilariously Inappropriate Deadpool Cat

Ahh, long weekends. Is it just me, or does an extra day off make it that much harder to get back to work?

Of course, when you're self-employed, there's no such thing as "weekends" or "days off," so really I'm just feeling lazy for no reason. :p

Plus, I really thought this month's art roundup would be a cake walk after I found dozens of great new artists at MegaCon. I came home with a big stack of business cards, totally pumped to show you guys my favorite finds.

So imagine my dismay when 85% of the business cards I picked up either A) have no website, B) link to a site that doesn't sell art, or C) link to a site that DOES sell art, but that's currently closed/broken/on vacation.


Sometimes you just have to unleash your inner Dr. Cox.

And now that I'm done grumping, let's look at some incredible art, most of which I didn't find at MegaCon, ha.

Starting with the best Disney pairing since Yzma and Kronk:

 Baby Dory and Piper!! Omigosh, THE CUTE, you guys. Piper is such an underrated Pixar character, this is amazing.

That's by Dane Draws, btw, who has many more adorable Disney couples:

You can buy these individually, or all on one print like this!

Dane also has some classic Mary Poppins goodness:

Go check out Dane's Etsy shop for more, including a fantastic Guardians of the Galaxy portrait series.


I'm really digging this etching style art from Emily Zelasko:
I love the monochromatic look and all the intricate line work: 

Although Emily also has gorgeous pieces like this:
So good.

And this!

You can see the rest of Emily's prints here on Etsy, then go check out her fun stickers over on SquareStore:

The snail with the horn and the tiny wings. I have a mighty need.


It's been 3 or 4 years since I last featured Jeff Langevin's work, and he has some STELLAR new pieces:

John and I've been re-watching old TNG episodes during our lunch breaks, so this hits me right in my Trekkie roots. 

And look at this Goonies one!

I love Jeff's colors and silhouettes; they read so well from across the room,  then you get closer and see all that extra detail. Hnnng.

One for you Link fans:

And one more for John, since he's been missing the world of Horizon Zero Dawn:

Again, these colors. I'm drooling.

Head to Jeff's Etsy shop to see the rest!


AwwDraws (her name is actually Audra, how cute is that?) has been doing the best MerMay series:

Gamora and Nebula!

 This Wonder Woman was what first caught my eye:

Audra has lots of non-fandom mermaids, too, which look straight out of a vintage kids' book:

Total Mary Blair vibes. Love it.

Before Mer-May Audra did a whole series of Disney Princess ballerinas, and er. MERGOSH.

All the grabby hands. ALL OF THEM.

Right, I better stop before I post everything in her shop, ha.

 Head to the AwwDraws Etsy shop for dozens more prints and originals!


And finally, here's my one other MegaCon artist (the first was Emily) who actually has her work online so I can share the purr-fection:

 If you grew up in the age of the "Hang In There" kitten poster on every school counselor's office wall, then THIS IS FOR YOU. Hee!

Ahh, but wait! Alana McCarthy's Geeky Pet Art has more. SO MUCH MORE:

I'm dying.


I'm posting too many, but now I'm inspired to dress up Suki as Stay Puft:


Ok, last one: the one that made John laugh so hard in the Art aisle at MegaCon that he started doing that adorable gasping giggles thing:

Deadpool cat is feeling a little inhibited by his mask.

(Semi-related PSA: Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-13 re-cut of Deadpool 2, is streaming on Hulu right now, and it is HYSTERICAL. Go watch it immediately.)

Getting back to the art, there are SO MANY MORE. Go browse Alana's Etsy shop to see the rest! You can also follow Geeky Pet on IG.

I hope these gave you a smile and some new artists to follow, gang.

Now, let's give away some art!

This month I'm doing something VERY DIFFERENT, so heads up: the art give-away is happening on the Epbot Facebook page, not here on the blog. Too many people can't comment here on Blogger, which makes me sad, plus my last few lightning give-aways on FB have been super fun, since you can post your favorite .gifs and photos to enter.

SO. Head to the Epbot Facebook page if you haven't already, then comment on my art post there for a chance to win one of THESE three beauties:

 Iron Giant (5X7) by Kallie LeFave

 Toothless (8X10) by BriPi Art, & Captain America (11X17) by SchoenHoltz Design

UPDATE: The give-away has ended! My winners are Beth Ditto, Emma Perry, & Lillian Kang. I've DM'd you three through Facebook, ladies, so please check your "other" inbox if you haven't seen my message yet.

I'll also announce the three winners on Facebook in about 24 hours - which again, is much easier, since I can DM you directly versus announcing it here on the blog and hoping you see your name. I'll ship anywhere, as always, so internationals are welcome.

Good luck, and happy commenting!


  1. Love the Star Trek one! The colors are awesome!

  2. Beautiful happiness this month! Seeing my favorite Rescuers is a nice bonus.

  3. Oh, my gosh. Those Geeky Pets are KILLING ME. So funny.
    *Runs off to google "kitty costumes my significant other won't kill me for".*

    I think that Link and Goonies art by Jeff Langevin will be a nice transition from my very colorful NASA wall to my geeky wall. :)

    Thanks for the goodies this month!!

    --Piper P from Washington State--

  4. I am loving the Loki one. One of our cats is actually named Loki and this picture is purrrfect.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhh the mermaids!!! <3

  6. I didn't even wait to finish reading your post before running over to etsy to buy two mermaid prints! Love them so much! (And gave you a plug during checkout, as well :) )

    1. Oh sweet! Thank you! (Most of the time artists have no idea I'm even featuring them, ha.)

  7. The mermaids are adorable! love all the art featured here, thank you for sharing.

  8. AwwDraws reminds me of LianaHee who I also adore. I'd love to have the Toothless print for my seester who has a derpy black cat named Prudence who often makes Toothless faces.

  9. ...assuming everyone has Facebook... ;p

    1. True, true, but a lot more of you have FB than Blogger accounts these days! (I'm hoping to change platforms for Epbot some day so the comments work for everyone again, but that may not be for a while!)

  10. But why aren't you a Zelda fan? Because Breath of the Wild is something you'd appreciate the heck out of...

    1. To be honest it's only because I've never played a Zelda game before! I'm sure I'd love it if I did, but since I've never played ANY I've never wanted to jump in midway.

    2. The individual Zelda games aren't really connected in terms of story (mostly), so you won't be missing much other than vague references by jumping in in the middle. The first Zelda barely even had a story at all. And the gameplay is easy enough to pick up with no prior experience. If that's your main concern, I'd urge you to give it a shot anyway.

  11. I like the "Hairy Purrter" print. ;)

  12. I'm so happy you've found BriPri. I have her TARDIS running off with the first doctor framed on my wall :)

    1. Bri is actually a long-time friend & Epbot fan! Her mom showed me her art YEARS ago, and I encouraged her to start selling it at cons. Now we see them every year at Mega! It's been such a fun ride watching her grow.

  13. “Stellar”, hehehehehe. :)

  14. You're killing me with the Deadpool cat! LMAO :D

    Alas, I'm not on Facebook.

  15. Amazing!! I went to high school with Alana and her work has always been stunning! :) Glad to see her getting love from my favourite blogger/website/person I've never met! <3

  16. I have found my husband's birthday gift!!! Thank you :) . (Also :( on the FB giveaways since I had to leave FB but of course I will still love the art roundups)

  17. Thanks so much for linking my Geeky Pet art - and for all the traffic. Hope you had a great time at Megacon!

  18. Emily Z is one of the nicest people ever! I am not sure she knows she got mentioned here, but I am totally passing it along. I have a number of prints and her comic books. SO GOOD!


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