Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Epcot's Spring Dapper Day, 2019!


To Dapper Day, of course.

 Lookit my man. LOOKIT HIM. Would you believe those are his first pair of Converse ever? He always thought they'd be too narrow, but they fit! And now we can BOTH have a rainbow of Chucks in our closets, aw yeah.

I'm getting ahead of myself, though. Herein lie my favorite fashion finds from the second half of Dapper Day(s): Sunday at Epcot.  Starting with the Dapper Ducks!


They're all here: Launchpad, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Donald, Daisy, Uncle Scrooge, and Webby. SO GOOD, I love all their bright yellow socks, haha. And Scrooge! With her money bag purse! And blue shoes and top hat! Yasssss.
 I don't think the pastel couple are Disneybounding, but that's Meg from Hercules on the right.

Thank you to everyone who demanded I continue on with my Dapper coverage, though we all know nothing can stop me rambling when there are Disneybounds like this on the line:

 ::wordless, high-pitched flailing::

That's a dapper Dreamfinder & Figment, y'all. And they are PERFECTION. I don't know how he managed in that full suit, hat, and gloves; somehow Sunday was even hotter than Saturday, oof.

 I also had requests to ID all the Disneybounds, since I left some for you guys to guess last time. I'll try to do better, though keep in mind not everyone is 'bounding, and I don't always recognize the ones that are.

My first photo on Sunday was for this spectacular rose headpiece, straight out of the Met Gala:

I think I scared her a little with my gushing. Gotta rein it in, Jen. Don't spook the Dappers.

This group took me a few seconds, let's see if you can guess their 'bounds:

The clues are in the tiny details: a license plate belt buckle, a Porsche logo on the clutch. 

Did you guess? They're from Cars! And yes, "Mater" is wearing false front teeth, which is cracking. me. UP. Next to her is Sally Carrera, Lightning McQueen, and the Sheriff.

I promised you a dapper Trader Sam from the Jungle Cruise ride last time, and here she is!

It got even better when she added little Moana and Tamatoa, ermergersh. (Kicking myself for not getting a photo of Tamatoa's backpack: it was gold and oh so SHINE-AYY.)

I don't think this is intentional, but I like to think these two are 'bounds of Rapunzel and one of her paintings:
 Her dress on the left looks like a painting, right? And they're so pretty together!

 Esmerelda from Hunchback and a dapper Eve & Wall-E:

Hard to see, but Eve is carrying a green rhinestone clutch: a sparkly homage to Eve's plant!

These two make me want to see ALL the Avengers as Mousketeers:

 Right? RIGHT? This is genius! She's even wearing Tony Stark style sunglasses - and an arc reactor necklace, nice.

More traditional style Mousketeers:
Honestly this is a cute group idea for any day. Love it.

I tend to focus on Disneybounding because it's fun to guess the characters, but there are also so many eye-candy-licious vintage styles around Dapper Day, too:

Swooning over the capri pants and the orange basket. SWOONING.

Bambi 'bounds! 

That's Thumper, Bambi's dad, Bambi, and Flower. The ladies wore hand-painted pins of their characters, and the gent had antler collar clips. You might remember them from last year: they were the Dapper Robin Hood group I fangirled so hard over!

The loveliest Moana & a little Cinderella with her Prince Charming:

I've always loved this Minne Mouse hat with the flower, and this lady put together the PERFECT outfit for it:

I think she made the happiest DRESS on Earth! How can you look at this and not smile?

More dapper Avengers assembling:

Cap, Bucky, and Iron Man somehow made a SUIT patterned after his... well... suit. Amazing.

Then this chap dressed in my favorite Jack outfit from the new Mary Poppins!

He practically glowed, the colors are so vibrant.

Did I go running across blistering pavement for a hundred yards to chase down this next Dapper?

 Yes, yes I did
She's wearing a version of Minnie's 80's rainbow dress! ERMERGERSH.

Retro Epcot goodness. Squeeeeeee.

An especially elegant Tinkerbell:

I like how she used the tulle drape as a nod to Tink's wings. And can we talk about those perfect curls??

As the home of Spaceship Earth and Mission Space, Epcot was the perfect place for these STELLAR ensembles:
I love that they made skirts to match their space-themed tees! And the matching umbrellas! I honestly want the entire Mars outfit for me; I would totally wear that to our next con. Rats, I should have asked if they take commissions.

Also can't forget their mom, who's rocking a skirt version of the Blueberry wall. THIS FAMILY IS AWESOME.

Speaking of geeky greatness, I even found some dapper Sailor Moon scouts!

 Those pillowy bows are the best. And the pink boots!

 I didn't get the best group shot of Epcot's "Dapper Darlins" meetup, but here's a general idea of how many people were there:

 The Dapper Darlins are a Facebook Fan group. They're not affiliated with the official Dapper Day organizers, but they always have a few meetups that are fun to stake out for photos!

This Doctor Facilier (from Princess and the Frog) is dapper 'bounding perfection: subtle, but with just the right accessory:

 That necklaces as a nod to Facilier's fanged necklace is so good. Plus I love the sunglasses! Reminds me of the fire from Facilier's spells.

Sorry, Edna Mode, but dapper She-Rah here proves capes are awesome:

So gorgeous.

 And here comes some more love for Emperor's New Groove!

Ooooh, I need to start painting fun parasols IMMEDIATELY. Such a great idea! (Especially since I'm so short that everyone would see the top anyway, lol.)

That reminds me, I didn't show you what *I* was wearing on Sunday.

 Everyone loved the unicorns!

(I linked this dress in my Amazon lists, since so many asked. It's only $20!)

I didn't get an outfit photo of John and I together, but here's a sweaty selfie while we were in the A/C somewhere, trying to cool off:

This dewy glow brought to you by Florida Steamy Swamp Weather.

And finally, I'll end with a one-two punch of both retro Epcot perfection and EXTREME CUTENESS.



 This is my friend (& FOE!) Stephanie and her little girl Ariel as baby Figment. BABY FIGMENT, YOU GUYS.


Steph made the felt wings and horned headband and paintbrush, and then she's also wearing a paint palette fascinator in her own hair:

 That face.

::ded again::

We went with these two to meet Mickey and Goofy at the Visa Character Spot, and Goofy had a BALL with that plush paintbrush. He basically painted the entire room with it. Meanwhile, little Ariel and Mickey were having a moment: 

Close the internet. Maximum cuteness UNLOCKED.

I hope these made you smile, gang! 

Of course, as always, I have SO MANY MORE DAPPER PHOTOS. In fact it was painful to only show you this many! So to see the rest, just head over to my Flickr account. I've got everything from both Saturday and Sunday in my album here.

 Oh, and Dappers, feel free to download and share my photos of you! It always makes me happy when folks like my pics enough to share them.

Next on the horizon, Orlando's Megacon! So if you enjoy hearing me ramble on about people dressed up in awesome ways, hold on to your hats. That's all going down the weekend of the 16th, and we'll be there all 4 days of the con, so watch for me and John if you're going! We'll be the ones chasing after cosplayers with large amounts of photo gear, haha.


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  1. I don't think I've ever squeed THIS much over one of your Dapper Days posts, and that is really saying something, but that Baby Figment is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. :-D You and John look completely FABULOUS, and I'm sorry, young lady, but in future you need to do a better job of making sure you have at least ONE posed shot of the two of you. Your fans need this from you. ;-) (I LOVE YOUR HAT SO DANG MUCH!!!!)

  2. Is that bound She-Ra or Power Girl? The cape is pretty Power Girl:


  4. I always enjoy your Dapper Day posts so much. Thanks to you & John for enduring the heat to get those awesome pics.

  5. LMM's character is Jack, not Bert. ~wink~ :)

    1. WHOOPS. See, it's not a post 'til I get someone's character name wrong! :p Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Ermagersh, Baby Figment!

    Psst, Jen, Jack is Lin-Manuel Miranda's character's name in the new Mary Poppins. He's Burt's protege so to speak.

  7. That Bambi group!! Well, actually...everyone! Thanks, as always, for the fun Dapper Days pics!! You and John should do a home exchange with me here in Wyoming, where we have gotten SNOW the past two weeks! I would love to soak up some 90 degree heat and you and John could luxuriate in the cool weather here. --Jodi D

    You mentioned wanting to paint parasols -- have you thought about doing alcohol ink on one? You could make your own Mars parasol that way, maybe!

  8. OMG, this is the best Dapper group ever!! I LOVED the Dapper Ducks, and it's great to see some bounds of Meg and Esmeralda. I loved Dapper Cap and Bucky too. But Dapper Dreamfinder and not one but TWO Dapper Figments?! OMG!

  9. so awesome! thank you for the blast of color and sunshine you bring to my screen in cloudy and cool New England. I love everything but special shout out to your unicorn dress and the Eve and Wall-E couple.

  10. I recognize that Lightning McQueen from Instagram! They've also got a Taako from The Adventure Zone cosplay that I love!

    Also, I audibly squealed when I saw your picture of that baby Figment! Too precious!

  11. I say we all buy that dress that Jen is wearing, and then we all Jen-bound next Dapper Day. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  12. The detail on that Iron Man suit is mindblowing! Was it all pieced together or beautifully painted?

    1. Neither, it was printed like that! It had an interesting shine to it, almost like printed Halloween costumes. So my theory is he either took apart a body suit and turned it into a suit, or had the fabric custom-printed at Spoonflower or something.


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