Monday, April 29, 2019

Disney World's Dapper Day, Spring 2019!

John and I are home recovering today from the gloriously fashionable - and exceedingly sweaty - Dapper Day weekend at WDW. This is a fan-run event held twice a year, where all are invited to hit the parks dressed their best. Disneybounding and vintage fashions are the most popular, but there's a little of everything! Quirky accessories, parasols and fabulous hats, hand-painted skirts, statement jewelry - it's eye candy galore.

Dapper Flapper Avengers, assemble!

 The one big draw-back to WDW's Dapper Day is the weather, since whoever schedules the "Spring" event has CLEARLY never been to Florida in late April. It's already early summer here, so imagine wearing a full petticoat, heels, vintage makeup, and perfect pin curls in 90 degree heat with 1,000% humidity and little shade. Dappers be dropping like flies, y'all.

By mid-afternoon I wanted to hand out medals to everyone still in a suit jacket and/or heels.

Participation felt a little less this year as a result of the searing heat, but the Kingdom was still filled with thousands of lovely folks wearing the loveliest things. Most dappers wisely chose to only dress up on ONE day, since tackling both (like John and I did) is a recipe for pain, ha. Dappers are my pokémon, though: I gotta catch 'em all.

Which reminds me: quick shout-out to our long-time friends Christie & Dana, who each sacrificed precious cast-member tickets so John and I could attend both days this year! Christie even came with us Saturday, and looked like a pastel rainbow dream:


 And speaking of rainbows, for the first time ever I had an outfit I was actually excited to wear! An Epbot reader named Brooke made me the most beautiful skirt EVER - I've been waiting over 4 months now to wear it - and then I put together the rest from things I already had in my closet:


Ahh, but it gets better. Since *I* had something nice to wear, that meant John and I had to get HIM some new clothes. This never happens. So I took full advantage, and now John has a mini wardrobe makeover - even new hats and shoes! - and showed up in a MATCHING OUTFIT:

We match! We're one of those couples now. And can we talk about how amazing John looks in bright colors and spiffy hats? I have all the heart eyes for my gorgeous hubby.

(My Instagram purse got almost as many compliments as my skirt, so I've added the link to my Amazon storefront. It's not great quality, but for $20? Worth it.)

My skirt has a full spectrum of pinks, blues, and purples on the back, so I can turn it to wear any color shirt with it. I'm telling you, it's magic. Follow Brooke on IG to see construction photos, and DM her if you want one of your own!

Right, let's get back to photos of people who aren't me. Here's John and our friend Karen, ready to tap dance their way into the Magic Kingdom:


 This little side street off Main Street was a popular photo spot, with handy shaded doorways and benches.

Cinderella's step sisters have never looked sweeter!

Here's Cruz Ramirez & Lightning McQueen from Cars 3:


One thing about Dapper Day: you don't get inundated with strangers asking to take your photo the way you do at a convention. That meant most people were at least a little surprised when I asked - and quite a few would then ask me to take photos with their own cameras, too, which was fun.

After all, taking other people's Dapper Day photos is something I can really see myself doing.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Eh? EH?!

You're welcome for the Hidden Rainbow Jen, you two.

Yowza, I have SO MANY MORE PHOTOS to show you! Let's pick up the pace.

 Pom-Pom skirt! Monorail 'bounds!

A whole Toy Story group!

This Winnie-the-Pooh 'bounder has a LITERAL beehive hairdo, which is pretty much the best thing ever:

(Click to embiggen)

This trio is really dressed UP.

The daughter on the left is Kevin! Eeee!

Can you guess these two Disneybounds?

 That's Aurora and Sully from Monster's, Inc. (And a little Mike Wazowski in the background who didn't want to pose for photos.)

 Merlin and Mad Madam Mim:

I spotted not one, but TWO Sora 'bounds from the game Kingdom Hearts. This one has a cute plush Nothing:

 And her Goofy guy had a Sora backpack!

This next Sora had the most beautiful umbrella - the handle was even shaped like a keyblade. Er. Mergersh.
Plus look at those adorable heels! 

I, uh, may have squealed quite a lot.

The Dapper Day organizers aren't allowed to schedule group meetups anymore, since there are too many people and it'd be a hazard. There's a smaller Facebook group called the D3 Darlins, though, that still has a few meetups. And since most Darlins are Disneybounders, I love staking out their meets:

 Again, this is just a small subset of Dappers - but even so, I think there were more last year. (It was about 1:30 and the concrete was egg-frying hot, those poor unfortunate souls.)

My photo barely shows it, but this Genie's makeup was super cool:

 Darkwing Duck, everybody. DARKWING DUCK. Eeeeee!

Speaking of fowl superheroes, I'm here to report that the new Hei Hei Dole Whip is phenomenal, and I would like another one, please:

 That's raspberry Dole Whip on top of the traditional pineapple flavor, plus sugar eyes and a sour candy strip that is VERY sour. DeeeeeeLICIOUS. Although it looks less like Hei Hei the chicken and more like the Yip Yip alien from the Muppets. :D (I should note it usually comes in a blue cone, but we got ours in cups instead.)

Now watch how I segue smoothly from actual Disney treats to Disney treat Disneybounds:

How cute are these?!
The matching food ears! And her umbrella looks like a buttered waffle! Plus peep that precious poodle behind her, all matchy-matching.

I'm at roughly the halfway point of my picks from Saturday, so let me break here... right AFTER I show you my favorite trio of the day:

Soak it all in, my friends. Did you guess who they are? I'll give you a hint:

She's wearing the poison, the poison for Kuzco, Kuzco's poison, the poison chosen specifically to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison. 


(And how perfect are her spidery eyelashes?!)

 Then these two are Kuzco and Kronk! Their pins are by Le Petit Mouse on Etsy; I recognized them since I follow the pin maker on Instagram.  So good!

I'm going to stop here so I can get this post up tonight, but more dapper goodness is coming soon! I'll have at least 2 more posts, possibly 3, if you guys tell me to keep going. :)  I literally photographed hundreds of people, so I have LOTS more to show you guys! Stay tuned!


Much as I love them, Dapper Days are work days for me and John. We don't ride rides, we don't see shows - just like with conventions, all we do is look for people to photograph and stories to tell. If you'd like us to keep sharing experiences like this, then you can help support us by liking and sharing my Facebook posts, shopping through our Amazon links (USA, UK, Canada.), or by giving directly through Paypal.

As always, thank you for being here and letting us do what we do! Much love and all the squishy internet hugs, my friends. ::mwah::


  1. Wow everyone is so amazing! It seems like you and John have gone to Disney quite a few times since you gave up your season passes, do you think you will spring for them again?

    1. It's funny, every time we've been to Disney this year I've posted about it, so it *does* seem like a lot, ha! We won't be back to WDW for the foreseeable future, though; you couldn't pay me to go during the summer anyway. So we're still holding off!

      Of course it helps that several of our closest friends are cast members, and 2 or 3 of our visits have been getting in with them for "free" - or at least not costing their comp tickets. We're very careful to never take advantage of that, & honestly it's been surprising how many have volunteered - and then doubly fun since then we get to hang out with them for the day. (Disney is always better with friends. ALWAYS.)

  2. Seeing Dapper Day posts make me want to dress up and I hate dressing up for anything!

  3. WOW! Madam Mim was quite striking in her youth. :D Gorgeous outfits on all.

  4. Yes to any and all Dapper Day posts!

  5. These are fantastic! I think my favorite is the flapper Thor in the very first pic. And OMG, Jen, that rainbow skirt is DREAMS!

  6. I loved the photo with your reflection! It was great that the couple's silhouettes showed in the window too.

  7. All so amazing! I adore your rainbow skirt! Love everyone but my favourite is Yzma!

  8. OmGosh! Your rainbow outfit is a delight for the eyes! Participating in a Dapper Day is definitely on my bucket list!

  9. I LOVE your peppermint swirl!!!

  10. Ummm...I may be missing something. Is it okay to take dogs into WDW, or did you take that picture somewhere else?

    1. You can bring service dogs into the park (and standard poodles can be anything from mobility assistance to alert with their size and train-ability)

  11. Every time I see a Merlin and Madame Mim cosplay duo I keep thinking that's going to be this year's Halloween costume (the puppers as the sword in the stone since we always do the dog events that the county has) but then I get distracted with the twenty other ideas (like what about an Addams family with a Cousin It dog? or the Incredibles with the dog as Jack-Jack? Or reviving our Carmen Sandiego with new human costumes or refreshing the Magic School Bus or doing Avengers because my sheltie already looks like Rocket? Or How to Train Your Dragon because said sheltie is also missing teeth?Or or or... ) It's a problem.

  12. Were the Pooh girl's shoes Tigger?? These are fab pics

  13. Fantastic photos :)

    Not sure how long it's been happening but Feedly no longer forces me to come to the page to view the whole post so you're potentially missing out on ad revenue from visitors.

    1. Ahhh, thank you for mentioning that!! John switched it off a few weeks ago to make a blog backup, then forgot to turn it back on again, ha. o.O

    2. I use Feedly as well and I didn't even notice because I always just open the post and click on the title automatically. :-D

  14. That spiffy Avengers party in your first photo are my lovely high school marching band mates and their family; Mary, Katie&Marco, and Lucy! Their Dapper Day fashions always make me so jealous; they always look fantastic! I'm so glad you spotted them, I'm definitely showing them the lovely photo you got of them.

  15. Keep going, rainbow goddess!

  16. Darkwing Duck was my favorite!!!

  17. Jen I love your hat! Do you remember where you got it? I've been looking for a hat like that for a vacation this summer and that one looks perfect

    1. Thanks! It's just a $10 cheapie from Walmart; it had a gold chain glued around the top that I ripped off. :)


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