Thursday, September 21, 2017

Jen's Gems: Labyrinth Pins, Figment's Past, & ALL THE DANCING

The amazing news is that John and I finally got our power back on Day 9 after Irma, yay! 

The less-than-amazing news is all that stress and travel and going from sweating to freezing multiple times a day took its toll, and I've been sick since Day 8. Boo.

Being a drippy puddle on the couch has given me extra sifting time online, though, and I found some gems I think you're gonna love.

Starting with these AWESOME LABYRINTH PINS:

Officially licensed and sold by DKNG

had to buy the Worm, of course, and now I want to put together a Disney-bounding type outfit to wear it with. (Is that too weird for Dapper Day, since he's not Disney? Because now I also want to craft John some Ludo horns/ears he can wear with a brown suit and a pin that just says "FRIEND." :D)

The pin is just as gorgeous in person, btw, and only costs $10! (Not sponsored - I just know I'm not the only Labyrinth lover here.)


Theme Park Tourist published a long-read on the Holy Grail of Dizgeekery this week: the complete history of Journey Into Imagination, home of Dreamfinder and Figment.

As always there are some stellar trivia nuggets in here - like why there are hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling of The Land pavilion - plus plenty of photos and videos to walk you through one of WDW's most beloved attractions of all time.

I especially recommend this one if you never experienced Journey Into Imagination in its original form. Clear your schedule for the next 20 minutes and go dive in.


Speaking of adorable dragons, this photo crossed my feed this week and I am in love:

This dragon (and baby dragon!) hangs outside a famous puppet museum in Lubeck, Germany.  Naturally I went digging for more, and found the museum's website and another angle of the cuteness:

It's so perfect! And look at that patina!

::Begins brainstorming places to hang a dragon off the house::


Presenting the most epic Soapbox Derby Car OF ALL TIME:

 Shared on Mark's page here.

It's so beautiful. Seriously, I need to paint something copper and trim it in brass immediately. And then feed it to a sea monster.

Those are the builders in the picture: Brad, Mark, & Ryan. They built it for the PDX Adult Soapbox Derby last month, and I highly recommend scrolling through the photo galleries on that site. SO FUN. (I spy a mini Ecto-1!)

Now let's get to the video portion of Things To Make You Smile. 
First, this video of people all over the world dancing:

My favorite is the dapper grandpa at 2:18.


If you're feeling a little Dragon Con withdrawal (I'm behind, but more *is* coming!) here's a great video compilation from the con:

There are sooo many great Dragon Con videos out there, but I like that this one has a good range of cosplayers and, of course, has so many of them dancing. :)


And finally, here's John's contribution this week: a dad built his daughter Lylah a "Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course," and this is her racing through it. Watch 'til the end, because it keeps getting better and more impressive:

I especially love the spectators in the stands. :D

In the description her dad writes that Lylah has practiced every day for this, and that they have even bigger plans for next year's course! HOW COOL IS THIS? Lylah, you're putting us all to shame over here, rock on.

YOUR TURN: What's the best thing you've seen online this week/month? Share your links in the comments!


  1. if you like dragons, this is awesome

  2. I love how excited and accomplished Lylah looks when she hits that finishing bell! I totally want a ninja course!

    I could totally see that sea monster car converted into a kid's bed in a Jules Verne themed room. So cool.

    -Just Andrea

  3. That car is amazing!

    In our local news this week was an article about a 9th-grader who made a giant steampunk rattlesnake mascot for his middle school:

  4. Glad you made it safely through. Thanks for the dancing links.

  5. I didn't know dragons had pouches! They are marsupials! (Dragon/Possum?)


    Dame Judy Dench rapping with a London (?) based rapper. She's amazing, he's charming, it's adorable, hilarious, and I could watch it for hours.

    1. I was going to suggest this, because it made my day. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thoroughly enjoyed Dame Judi killing it.

  7. Lylah is an inspiration!!! :D So cute, and I love her determination.
    The article about Journey into Imagination is excellent. Thanks for finding it, miss Jen! Hope you get well soon.

    Pinkie Welborne, 16

  8. THAT DAD!! happy sigh. what a good person to do that for their kid.

  9. We have a 3 week old daughter, and my husband is an engineer. I have officially given him a job for our backyard remodel. He has a couple of years to design.

  10. Someone shared the whole "dapper grandpa" video with me earlier this week:

  11. Lylah is the coolest girl ever, and her dad is awesome too! That video is awesome.

  12. I just love starting my day with some of Jen's Jems. They, along with my crystal rainbow makers, are putting me in the best mood!

  13. I've been to that puppet museum! The whole thing is really adorable

  14. Kesha performed on Good Morning America in August and I rewatched the video this week, and shared it with my sister. (We don't live in America.) It is just incredible.

  15. I would love to see a Labyrinth Disneybound! And since Disney bought the Jim Henson Company and Lucasfilm, the worm is Disney.

  16. That dance video just made my whole day better. Thanks for sharing it.


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