Friday, September 8, 2017

Dragon Con 2017: Best Of The Bunny Hutch!

Though Dragon Con is technically a Friday through Monday con, the partying and cosplay is in full swing by Thursday - and nothing kicks off the weekend better than Thursday night's "Bunny Hutch." This is technically a party and costume contest in the Hilton, but it spills out into all the main host hotels. The theme is fandom Playboy bunnies, so you'll see every conceivable mashup of both bunnies *and* Heffs, ranging from hawt to hilarious. And no need to be scandalized; most of the costumes are pretty modest by Dragon Con standards, so you'll see far more skin late Saturday night than you will here. 

For example:

Bunny Bebop & Rock Steady with a Shredder Heff! Bahaha!

Some cosplayers modify costumes they plan to wear later - sometimes just adding bunny ears and a tail - while others go all out with original Bunny designs:

This Fallout bunny has the CUTEST shoes - you can just see the big yellow bows on her ankles. Also note the Vault 111 number on her hip - love that little detail.

Bunny D.Va and BB-8: 

D.Va's heels have green lights in them!

A jaw-dropping Lord of the Rings trio:

Check out the fabric prints in their ears: potatoes, maps, and Elvish script! Plus "Samwise" is holding a tiny frying pan, while "Frodo" has a glowing blue Sting *and* the One Ring! Seriously, these details are SO GOOD.

One of my favorite parts of the Bunny Hutch is seeing how creative cosplayers get with the ears especially. This Wonder Woman made hers look like a tied handkerchief:

While this Spock used enormous Vulcan ears and made me laugh so hard I had trouble focusing:

You'll quickly learn that actual bunny ears are more of a "guideline" at the Bunny Hutch, and really any pair of objects sticking off your head will work, like Loki's horns here:

Can we talk about how gorgeous this outfit it? Please? Because those feathers and that silk cape are singing the song of my people.

Thor's helmet wings work, too:

The award for Most Hilariously Wrong Mashup Ever goes to...

The Handmaid Bunnies.

This is so wrong. SO WRONG.

Though I'm digging that guy's octopus tattoo.

Tom Servo & Crow from MST3K:

Glinda the Good Witch & David Bowie's Star Child:

Pokemon & Poison Ivy:

Here's one of my two top favorite "ears" of the whole night:
 This Aqua Girl is SO ADORABLE I can't even, and the fish for ears? YES.

Here's comes my other favorite pair of "ears" - so get ready to laugh:
It's Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree, y'all.  He has paint brushes for ears! Bahahah!

There was a lot of Bob Ross cosplay this year, btw, so I think we can thank Netflix for bringing him back into pop culture again.

This Merida & Elsa skipped the ears entirely and went for more of a Victoria's Secret Angel vibe:

Merida's wings are made of arrows, you guys(!!), while Elsa's are feathers and icy-looking branches. So even though they aren't really bunnies, I'm giving them a pass for sheer creativity.

Some Final Fantasy cuties:

That's a Black Mage Heff & Moogle Bunny, plus a Chocobo with the FUNNEST feather headdress.

Btw, John was making that couple laugh so hard it took us like five tries to get a photo. They're Epbot peeps, so everybody say hi!

The 7th Doctor bunny and a TARDIS Heff:

When I asked the guy for a photo, he pulled a TARDIS pipe out of his pocket to pose with! Gotta love fun little details like that.

Our flash bleeds most of the color out of light-up elements, but this Doctor Strange bunny's sigil glowed bright green in real life:
I'm going to get John's help Photoshopping some of that color back in for future photos; we have a lot of super-pale lightsaber shots I need to fix, ha.

A gorgeous Evil Queen:
I wish you guys could see all the fun little bunny tails, too, but photographing those could get awkward pretty fast. :D

 Speaking of, it turns out I can go FULL AWKWARD when asking scantily clad men for photos, but this Sexy Heartless was super sweet about it, even volunteering to relocate to a different side of the room when my flash couldn't pick him out of the crowd:

(That Pyramid Head Heff also had a scary nurse bunny with him, but she wasn't up for a photo just then.)

And hey, for what it's worth, every time I've worked up the nerve to ask for a photo at Dragon Con - of men, women, and all magical creatures in between - I've always been met with friendliness. So don't be afraid to ask, gang; just be respectful.

Here comes another of my all-time favorites:

Elizabeth & Booker from BioShock Infinite! I am LOVING how she split the Splicer mask so she could wear the bunny ears separate, talk about brilliant.

And finally, let's end with a giggle for you Game of Thrones fans:
 Tormund Bunny! Ha!

Hope you guys enjoyed the Bunny Hutch! I'mma go "hunker down" now for hurricane Irma. Good thoughts & prayers appreciated, since there's no telling what this weekend will bring, and it's already been a nerve-wracking few days getting prepared.

Assuming we're not dealing with too much devastation later, stay tuned for lots more Dragon Con goodies!


  1. Fantastic post! So much awesome! And yes, that Loki dress is amazing!

    You guys will definitely be in my thoughts this weekend. Stay safe, and if possible, give us some life signs so we know you're ok <3.

    1. Thanks! And absolutely; I'll be updating FB & Instagram throughout, as I'm able.

  2. Great shots! I think my favorites are the Bob Ross/Happy Little Tree pair.

    Stay safe and get out of Dodge if you need to. Stuff is replaceable, you, John and the kitties are not. <3


  3. The Lord of the Rings bunnies are fantastic!
    However, I'm sure it's Frodo, not Bilbo. ;)

  4. best up luck riding out the storm! stay safe you guys!!

  5. sorry about the typo, I meant to say "best of luck" ...

    also awesome photos!

  6. I see the new flash setup works beautifully! Good luck with the storm; it looks like Irma will come visit us in DragonCon territory after she's done with you in Florida. So, good luck to everyone down there and up here. Keep us up to date about how you guys are doing this weekend.

  7. Love the Tom Servo and Crow! I'm a huge MSTie! Great pictures!

  8. Playmate Tormund is AWESOME! Such creative costumes. :)

  9. These are so fabulous! What a fun party! Good luck you guys, stay safe!

  10. Ha, that happy little tree! Hope you and John and all the Epbotters in the path of this storm can stay safe.

  11. Doctor Strange bunny is Science of Cosplay on facebook! Good luck through the storm guys!

  12. Wait, no pictures of the actual bunny that went to the Bunny Hutch party? Her human, a member of the House Rabbit Society, brought her along and kept her content with lots of treats. I'm so sorry I missed seeing her!

  13. Please be safe, J&J, and let us know how you've fared when it's all over!!! Fingers and toes crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 100% here for the sexy heartless; 10/10 good posting Jen keep it up ;D x

    (Keep safe during this mega storm, sending all the good voodoo I can muster).

  15. i think I would feel super awkward photographing these people, so good for you! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I do try! ;) Though I'm sorry to say I was too intimidated to ask the giant clan of shirtless, kilt-clad superheroes for a photo. Maybe next year?

  16. I'm still excited about how many times we ran into you at Dragon Con this year! Sadly, the final fantasy costumes didn't survive the night, but that just means it's time for new ones. Stay safe, stay dry!

  17. Need more pictures! BTW, Jen, the Evil Queen is Bernadette Bentley ( and I love seeing all her costumes! I loved that she was so sparkly and had the poison apple purse. <3

  18. We are praying for you and everyone in Irmas path. God Bless you Jen & John!

  19. Great stuff, best of luck and keep us posted!


  20. Hey, that happy little tree is me! We had so much fun, thanks for the photo (always love getting pictures of the husband and I in costume). From the other comments, I'm going to guess you're a fellow Orlandoan... Stay safe and I hope you make it through ok! -- Jen

  21. Ooh! That cape and skirt on the Doctor Strange is swoonworthy!

  22. Stay safe and as dry as possible. Fingers crossed.

  23. Hoping your dry,safe and your beautiful home is unscathed.Prayers and love guys!

  24. Those Handmaid bunnies! So funny! So wrong!

  25. I am sooo flattered you loved my Splicer mask/bunny ears! If you happened to have any more pictures of us as Booker & Elizabeth I would be eternally grateful for them!

  26. Have any of you been on Cakewrecks? Cakewrecks is a lot like this website. :3


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