Saturday, July 29, 2017

DIY Overwatch Pop-Up Card - Free Templates!

Here's a super simple craft I put together that I am ridiculously excited about, because it combines two things I love: pop-up cards and Overwatch.

Eh? Eh?!

(For you non-addicts: "Heroes never die" is something this character, Mercy, says in the game. A lot.)

And best of all, I've done all the hard stuff for you! I'll give you the template below, so all you have to do is print, cut, and glue.

You also have the option of swapping out Mercy for another character. The graphic I used is one of the "cute big-head" sprays from inside the game, so you can find almost all of the other characters with a quick Google search:

The font I used is Coalition (a free download here) which is pretty close to the official Overwatch logo font, in case you want to make your own card with a different saying.

But for those of you who like mine the way it is, let's do this:


- printed template (right-click and download the graphic below)


- Scissors
-craft blade
- glue stick and/or double stick tape
- colored card stock for the envelope [optional]

Start by cutting only the side slits of the pop-up tab with your craft blade:

Do NOT cut any of the horizontal lines; those are fold marks.

Cut out both sides of the card. Set Mercy aside for now.

Fold both sides in half, making sure the pop-up slit is folded forward, like so:


Your two card halves should now look like this:

Glue the two together:
... then trim the top and bottom edges if one side hangs over a little.

Next cut out your character:
I used a craft blade for most of it, then cleaned up some of the edges with scissors.

To place Mercy, lay her FACE DOWN on the bottom interior of the card, like this:

This will prevent you from gluing her too high and having her head stick out of the card.

Line her up, apply tape or glue to the pop-up tab, then firmly close the card.

When you open the card up again, Mercy will be glued in just the right spot:

And you're done!

See how easy that was?

Now let's make a custom envelope for it, since the card's a funky size.

And oh yes, I have a template for that, too. WHO LOVES YA? (It's me. *mwah*)

I made this using the incredibly helpful TemplateMaker website. (Just plug in your dimensions, and the site will spit out a free printable template for envelopes, boxes, bags - seriously, it is a crafty GOLD MINE. Go bookmark it!)

Download and print that template directly onto your colored card stock, cut, fold, and glue.

A perfect fit.
I hope this inspires some crafty card-making out there! And hey, if you do make your own, please share a pic over on the Epbot FB page or tag me on Instagram - I wanna see.


Want more? Then check out my Craft Page to see ALL of my tutorials and projects in one place!


  1. oh that's so lovely! <3 Overwatch is fantastic! Have you tried out doomfist yet? super fun.

  2. I love square cards. Just be aware that they cost more money to mail for some unknown reason.

  3. Oh well, they look lovely, specially the pop-up thing. I'd like to add more birthday presents which out be really nice, as I've been reading this article and found these bracelets (actually bracelet bundle) really cool. Check them out!

  4. This is such a genius idea! Pop-up cards are awesome. I love that you gave us the templates. You rock. :)

  5. The timing of this couldn't be more perfect! My son is turning 14 on Thursday and is having an Overwatch theme for his birthday party and cake. Thanks, Jen!

  6. I know not this Overwatch of which you speak (darn it!), but I can modify it for Skyrim. The inside will read: "But they sometimes take an arrow to the knee. Happy Birthday anyway". Thanks for the quick craft even *I* can do!

    -Just Andrea

  7. Cute! I will have to save this to try later. Also will have to think of more cute sayings for other characters. Happy birthday to an a-mei-zing friend?! :D

  8. Thank you so much! I'll make mine <3


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