Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Best Cosplay Of Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017

I hope you're ready for some stellar cosplay, gang, because I've got a heaping helping from last weekend's Tampa Bay Comic Con, and I can't even finish this intro because LOOKIE:


This pup won Friday. (Super)Naturally.

TBCC is always a pretty great con: not too crowded, decent panels, and a new-ish convention center with plenty of nearby parking. This year there was another con going the same weekend - and yet another happening next weekend - so the crowds (and cosplay) were definitely less. There also weren't many big celebrity guests to draw folks in, though we did have some excitement Saturday when an "overzealous" Kate Beckinsale fan prompted a police report and drastically increased security measures. By end of day there were police with big guns (automatic rifles, I think?) posted at the floor entrances, and the show hours were extended an hour to compensate for the kerfuffle.

You'd think that might freak people out, but honestly, I think most folks assumed the cops were cosplayers, ha. Of all the places where tactical gear and big guns blend in...

Incredible, fully-lit Fallout armor. There was even a functioning fan in back!

Tampa Bay attracts a huge amount of families, and it was nice to see lots and lots (and LOTS) of kids out on the show floor.

Most kids wore store-bought Halloween costumes, but there were plenty of homemade wonders, too:

Not to mention SO MUCH CUTENESS.

Not every little girl wants a poofy skirt, of course. Some want a life-sized dragon dipped in the blood of her enemies:


See, that's another good thing about less-crowded cons: you can wheel around your own dragon!

Help me out, you in-the-know younglings - I'm not complaining here, but I am curious why fast food icons are suddenly all the rage:

I've seen so many Wendys, Colonels, and Ronalds at conventions this year! Again, not complaining because it's adorable and fun (especially these ones!), but am I missing some new show/game/meme to explain the foodie fad?

An oh-so-lovely Ariel, Kristoff, and Belle:

Yes, Kristoff, you're lovely, too. 

Have I ever mentioned Belle is John's favorite princess? And that he's always asking me to wear more yellow? :D (And I would, but that's a hard color to find!)
I love this Harley's sparkly dress and flower-covered bat:
And the shoes, YES. Plus check out her arm tattoo! So pretty!

BioShock and Corpse Bride representin':

And a double-take worthy Penguin:

Here's something clever *and* comfy: the flying carpet from Aladdin!

The tassels in his hair are a nice touch.

One of the best things about joining a new fandom is how you suddenly recognize more cosplay. So in that vein, behold!
Overwatch heroes! Mercy's lab coat is too cute, and D.Va's cardboard mech is cracking me up.

This Genji, on the other hand, is no laughing matter:

Because WOW. So good.

A gorgeous Kida from Atlantis with some Guardians of the Galaxy:

She's Mary Poppins, y'all.

And dancing Groot!

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More great kids' costumes:

The girls are Attack on Titan and Gamora from Guardians, and the boys are Pit and Dark Pit from Kid Icarus. [Thanks commenters!]

Fellow Dizgeeks, check it out, Hatbox Ghost!

He told me the whole thing fluoresces like crazy under black light, so I can only imagine how the hatbox (and what's inside) must glow. Super cool. 

Hmm, I have too many favorites to fit in one post, so let me wrap up here for now. Stay tuned for the second half, though! And 'til then, I'll leave you with my favorite shot of the whole weekend - though I'll admit I may be a LITTLE biased:

After all, it's not every day sexy Lounge LEGO Batman feeds me lobster.


Coming up next, Iron Merman, the entire cast of Aladdin steampunked, and pin-up versions of Gandalf and Saruman, because HECK YEAH THAT HAPPENED. Stay tuned!


  1. I believe the angel boys are from Kid Icarus?

  2. The angels are Pit and Dark Pit from Kid Icarus, characters also appear in Smash Bros. Thanks for sharing this great post :)

  3. The food icons thing cold be because of this?



    1. Also, KFC just released merchandise that's been selling really well, and a while back there was a romance novel starring Colonel Sanders that went viral. :D

    2. "Romance novel" and "Colonel Sanders" - words that don't typically go together. *hastens to Google* Tender Wings of Desire?! Well done, KFC :)

    3. Yeah thats exactly where it came from, and Tumblr kind of made even more people get more into it to the point where people were cosplaying the characters and I even saw some RP stuff as them lol. and yeah as Lauren mentioned Wendy's became a meme as sassy/smug (i dont remember what it was called) Wendy always ragging on Ronald in a lot of the fan art of the re-imagined fast food icons

    4. i have accidentally deleted my comment by refreshing the page when i go to log in to comment like 3 times now so yes, this is why, and also the smug wendy meme. it kinda blew up a little on tumblr a while ago so i think its really funny so many ppl were cosplaying it, i love it! ��

  4. I have no idea about the fast food cosplay, sorry.

    I love me some Con pic posts, though! Yay! I get to live vicariously through you.

    -Just Andrea

  5. Someone did some art of the fast food mascots that was pretty cool, so that may be why they are showing up as cosplay.

  6. Recently Wendy (of Wendy's) became a meme. The official Wendy's twitter was trolling other fast food places, so artists ate it up. http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-wendy-jokes/

    That could explain some of it? A few years ago a friend of mine cosplayed the Burger King, it was epic. A photo of her flipping off a McDonald's still shows up every now and then.

  7. Bahaha! Lounge Lego Batman is my favorite! :D I've got to make it down to TBCC some time. Something always seems to come up and I can't go.

  8. Having finally watched Lego Batman with my little, I LOVE the sexy lounge lego Batman shot. Tehehehe

  9. I am so, SO impressed with the detail on tiny Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan). She even has the gas tanks for the omni-directional gear, reserve blades, TINY SUSPENDERS, and the red scarf. I love when the kids (and parents) really nail iconic details. Cosplay on!

  10. I love to live vicariously through your con posts. :)
    Also, whenever I see fellow FoEs commenting here I get excited..."hey I know that name!" Anyone else?

  11. How did the dog dressed as Castiel get into the convention? I thought venues like that had strong "no animal" rules. S/he looks terrific though, and was very good about not chewing on the costume.

    1. Pretty sure s/he was a service dog, which I see at cons pretty regularly. That said, there was also someone walking around with a tiny kitten (SO CUTE), so I'm guessing no one was policing the animals.

    2. AH! Okay a service dog dressed as an angel makes sense. [And accounts for not eating his/her costume.] Honestly I don't mind seeing animals at conventions. They're better behaved than some humans.

  12. Yes the Wendy's Twitter mentioned above has created the "smug wendy" meme. It is adorable and hilarious. Between that and the artist renditions becoming very popular I assume that's where the cosplay is stemming from

  13. Police with guns? Wow. At the Phoenix Comicon at the end of May, some wacko managed to get into the Con with several guns and other weapons, planning on killing one of the Guests. He posted his intentions on Facebook and someone called the cops, so they were able to stop him. Security was tightened; metal detectors set up at the entrances, and prop guns/weapons

  14. Baby-8 is cutest droid!


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