Saturday, July 15, 2017

D23 Droolin'

I am not at D23 Expo this weekend (aka, "The Ultimate Disney Fan Event" over in Anaheim), but I'm so loving all the coverage on social media! And while most folks are only talking about the new Star Wars land announcements, I'm all about the art, new merch, and cosplay. So for those you who don't have time to obsessively stalk social media like me right now, here are a few of my favorites so far:

Miss Mindy debuted a new Showcase Collection this weekend, and her Cogsworth and Lumiere figures have COMPLETELY STOLEN MY HEART:

I have no idea on the price or availability of these little guys, but ermergersh. NEEED.
[Update: You can pre-order them here, only $30 each!]

I've been hyped about AmberSkies Cosplay's new Te Ka cosplay from Moana since the moment she started posting teaser images on Facebook. She just debuted it for D23, and sure enough, she and SunChild Cosplay's Tefiti won the "Mousequerade" cosplay contest on Friday!

When she crouches it really looks like she's coming out of the mountain! And I love how she used blue tassels to simulate water at the bottom edge.

Her Te Ka costume even included these smoke effects:


Te Ka is one of my favorite characters ever - she's such a powerful, gut-punching metaphor for a wounded heart - and from the moment I first saw Moana I've wanted to see her cosplayed, and cosplayed well. So I see this terrifying smoke demon and actually get a bit teary. WHAT.

For you park history buffs, who recognizes this? It took me a sec:

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I can't believe an original sea serpent from Submarine Voyage still exists! THIS IS AMAZING.

Here's an old photo for reference:

In more new merch news, check out this adorable Tsum Tsum set:

Photo via DisneyPhantom

That doughnut display is everything. And in the background, I spy Alice in Wonderland!

This exclusive Aurora and Maleficent set is pretty magnificent:

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...and while I'm not a doll collector, this Snow White is goooorgeous:

Main Street Art Corner is actually giving away some artist proofs of this new Dreamfinder and Figment print, "A Rainbow to Paint With," so you can imagine my GIANT SPARKLE EYES:

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  Go comment on their post here before 7/17 for your chance to win! 

DaVid J McCarthy (aka "David for Disney") makes THE most incredible gowns, and for D23 he unveiled an entire lineup of princess wedding dresses:


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 And that's my friend Briana as Rapunzel!

D23 is still going strong, so check back later for more; I'll probably keep adding new goodies to this post through Monday. And please show me YOUR favorite finds, in case I missed something! (You can share pics and links over on the Epbot Facebook page, or just link here in the comments.)


Phew! Quite a ride with all those park updates, huh? Here a few more pretty nuggets to cross my feeds:

This is definitely the year of great Snow White merchandise. Look at this gorgeous notebook:

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The cover has a metal frame, and it comes with several pieces of art you can swap out!

Plus there's an apple-shaped purse with some of the same art:

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Question: If you have a Snow White apple purse, does that make you a... [sunglasses]... HARDCORE fan? (I'll show myself out.)

Then there's this guy with his fully operational "pirate cart":

THE SMOKING CANNONS. Oh my goodness, now I want to build a mini motorized something. Talk about cruising a con in style!


  1. That cosplay is amazing. I just adore the two of them. And those wedding dresses?! And the new Snow White dolls would be fun to cosplay...and yeah I'm not excited either... lol

  2. I don't understand why Te Fiti is pulling the fingers at us...

    1. I think it's a new social media photo pose?

    2. I don't think most Americans realize it is a rude gesture in other countries...

  3. That Dreamfinder print is fabulous!!! I know it would look wonderful in your house -- I really hope you win it!

  4. I saw that Dreamfinder print and thought - hey! they put John on in their wait


  5. The Moana cosplay is pretty awesome!


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