Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Reader Spotlight: Wand Boxes, Batman Shelves, and A Narnia Reading Nook!

Let's see what some of your fellow Epbot readers are up to!

First up, Lisa K. turned a vintage TV into a cat bed, and I am obsessed:

 Her paint job gives it a delightfully retro, Toon Town vibe. Which of course is the BEST vibe.


Gary S. over in the UK made not one, but TWO display shelves inspired by our light-up Death Star!
 First the Death Star itself:

(I totally did a double take; I thought this WAS ours at first!)

And then the Bat symbol!

YES. This is exactly what I was hoping someone would do!

Hard to see, but the Bat has shelves, too - perfect for a smaller Pop collection.

Now quick, someone make one for Wonder Woman, Superman, the TARDIS, and the Ghostbusters symbol. :D (Unless of course Gary beats you to it!)


Ian was inspired by my old Metal Tape Tutorial to upgrade a lackluster wand box into something SHINY:

Looove that top diamond pattern with the W. And the added feet!


I think this is still a work in progress, but Rebekah is transforming her daughter's closet into a magical, Narnia-inspired reading nook, which you MUST SEE:

That's a battery-operated lamp post used for Christmas decorations. Clever, right? And the snowflake lights? 

There's a bookshelf built into the side:

I saw some other FOEs suggesting Rebekah paint the closet doors to look like the front of a wardrobe, which is how you know these are all our people.

Please keep us updated, Rebekah!


And finally, here's some heart-stealing fan art by the amazing Kiera R., aka AshDrakon:


I may make this my desktop wallpaper, guys. Don't judge.


Want to share your crafty or clever projects? Whether it's inspired by my tutorials or not, I want to see! You can post your pics on either the Epbot FB page *or* Fans of Epbot - but if it's on FOE, be sure to tag me & give me permission to share, since that's a private group.

Thanks, gang, and please keep 'em coming!


  1. I got featured! :o made my day :)

  2. Great stuff! I think I must be missing a nod to something with the epbot robot scarves, though. The one on the right (red and gold) looks like the Gryffindor one from the earlier movies, but what is the red, gold, and black one from?

  3. awesome inspirations, I love the cat bed tv.
    as always, Jen, great ideas!!!!

  4. @Susan, I could be wrong, but I think it's a nod to having dual houses, Like Hufflepuff/Gryffindor. I believe the new pottermore test tells you your house, but also a secondary house. Kind of like Harry was able to choose between Slytherin and Gryffindor.

  5. LOVE the Narnia reading closet!! I want one for myself. It doesn't matter that I'm 60. Now, if I only had a closet...

  6. Why would you NOT make that Epbot robot/steampunk/Harry Potter fan art you wallpaper!?

  7. Ugh, that Narnia closet is SO COOL. I want to see it featured again when it's finished!

  8. That Narnia closet seriously is my childhood dream come true. I used to check my closet foe it all the time.

  9. That TV cat bed is fantastic! We have an old TV housing too. I see some paint in my future! Thanks for sharing these. I love the idea of the reading nook too -- I could see a whole Gotham theme as well with the batman shelves added in.

  10. I'm currently on an Edwardian daytime hat-making kick, having just about finished my first and getting ready to start on two more. I was trying to think of how to display them when they're done, and then I remembered your tutorial back in the day on making hat stands out of big-ass candle holders from the thrift store! I'm keeping an eye out next time I go thrifting or shopping the Dollar Store, and looking forward to making them.
    Have I told you lately that you rock with the fury of a thousand suns? Because you do.

    Cheers, thanks a lot,

    Storm the Klingon

  11. OOOoooOOooOoOOOooOoooOoooooooooooo!! That cat bed is GORGEOUS!

  12. Oh my glitter! After reading the comments about mixed houses, I realized that the robots in the last picture are Miss Jen(on the left) and Mr. John(on the right)! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! That's some major attention to detail. Or a creepy fact that I'm able to remember...? Lol whatever.
    Pinkie Welborne, 16

  13. Batman with the yellow backlight is perfection!


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