Monday, April 10, 2017

This Disney Photo Spot Is A Retro Rainbow Wonderland

I thought I'd follow up my Plush Super Uterus with something nearly as strange: I'mma rave about a hallway now, peeps. Buckle up.

To be fair, it's a DISNEY hallway, located a ways behind their giant golf ball:

Which doesn't usually look this cool, but that's why we have Photoshop.

Now, on to said hallway.

It lurks in the shadows beyond this unassuming door next to the Imagination Pavilion (aka the place with the butchered Figment ride.) (WHAT.) This area is only available to folks with a Disney Visa card, but happily my friend Stephanie has one of those, which just goes to show friends are awesome things to have, because sometimes they get you into cool Disney hallways for free.

Mark that one down, kids.

Ok, so first there's this wall right here:
Which has a rad mural of the Imagination Pavilion, done up Spaceship Earth style with that triangular texture.

Even the clouds are polygonal, what what:
And dig those soothing blues and purples, Dizgeeks. DIG 'EM.

Just past the mural you come to a wall with ACTUAL Spaceship Earth texture... plus rainbow lights.


I had to keep the photo dark to show the lights, but you can kind of see the spiky metallic triangles sticking out all over. This wall is the bee's knees, y'all. It's retro Captain EO Epcot goodness. It is joy. In fact, one of you needs this as an accent wall in your bedroom - I can feel it.


It gets better.

You're not even ready for this.  

You can never be ready.

Because round the corner, and you get...

Rainbows and lattice and infinity mirrors, oh my!

Here's a shot with my fish eye lens (WOMP WOMP), so you have a better idea what we're looking at:

The triangular infinity mirrors have color-shifting rainbow lights inside, then there are more rainbow lights shifting on the wall behind, which shows through the lattice work.

Also behind the lattice:

Another kick-butt mural, this time with a rocket ship launching into the rainbow space-time continuum of sheer awesomeness. (See all the colors in the infinity mirrors? NEEEEEED.)


::grabby hands::

Past the rocket ship is the final switch-back of the hall, where you'll find the Photo Spot.

We were fortunate no one else was there at the time, so I took my time soaking in the hallway pixie dust and taking all the photos. In fact, I took so long that at one point a cast member popped his head out to check on us:

...then quickly hid again so I could get a clear shot of that wall. :D

The red does funny things on film, but it has more of the same rockin' geometric pattern in it. 

The photo spot itself has yet another fantastic mural, but you guys, these people just would NOT get out of the way!

Anyway, they were real characters.

(That's my friend Stephanie the Disney Visa-holder, btw. If you ever see her at the parks, ask her to get you in! She totally will! [Right, Steph?])

Sadly you have to leave through the exit door after your photo instead of backtracking through that magnificent Retro Rainbow Wonderland of Dreams again - but here, I'll leave you with one more shot of the Spiky Splendor:

Mmmm. Spiky splendor.

Epcot needs to do much, MUCH more in this style, am I right? A restaurant? A gift shop? The entire Figment ride? (Hey, a girl can dream!)

Oh, and I finally did the Easter Egg hunt at Epcot, too, so stay tuned and I'll see if I can't throw a few pics of that - plus some Flower and Garden Festival prettiness - together, too.


  1. Love it! Now that I'm cranky and old- the rides don't appeal to me the way they used to, but retro photo spots? I can totally get behind that.

  2. This is a BIG improvement over the previous photo location. Can't wait to check it out!!!

  3. Spiky Splendor would make an excellent band name.

  4. I was all with you on the rainbow prettiness, but then I saw Goofy and all normal thought flew out of my head. Sorry. :)

  5. Oh so pretty! Seeing the infinity mirrors reminded me of an arduino tutorial I saw. So, here's your next project!

  6. Ok so I want the spikey rainbow wall as an accent wall, and the latticey rainbow gate thing as a headboard.. CAPTAIN EO RETRO EPCOT BEDROOM YA'LL.

  7. Sooooo cool!

    I like them all, but being an old fart, I think that the monorail picture is my fave. I totally wonder what else is behind that velvet rope!

    Thanks to you and Stephanie for sharing this little hidden gem!

    1. The roped off part is just the final switch-back to the photo spot, so that CM is standing where the characters are. They hold you there so you can't peek in and spoil the surprise. :)

  8. Spiky Splendor is my new Drag Name!


    Storm the Klingon

  9. Thanks for the tip, Jen! My entire family are Disney cardholders. It's been awhile since we did the photo op though. Looks like we need to the next time we're down there. :)

  10. thinking that spiky splendor would be a rad band name...

  11. OOOO I just did the Easter Egg Hunt 2 weeks ago. (Gah was it already 2 weeks!) So much fun. I got an awesome pic on my phone of the Tramp topiary with an adorable tree lizard on his nose, color changed to match.

  12. Red neither films nor photographs well in large quantities. I've always wondered why. (This has created a massive debate in the Transformers fandom, by the way.
    Otherwise...when, not if but WHEN my husband and I finally get there, I'm getting a Disney Visa just to go through that!!!! :D

  13. Well, now my future Hobbit house needs infinity mirrors of glory.


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