Saturday, April 15, 2017

My Favorites From Epcot's Flower & Garden 2017

Happy Easter, peeps! 

(Fun Fact: I've been calling you guys "peeps" for the last 4 years just to lead up to that opening.)

You will quickly realize this is NOT a post full of Star Wars Celebration cosplay, so sorry about that. It'll take me a little while to re-combobulate and sort and edit my photos, so in the meantime:

How about some Epcot Flower & Garden Festival pretties?

I don't have the patience to do anything comprehensive, of course - there is too much! - but here are some of my favorite shots and finds from around the park.

This chalk art (actually done with decals) is a new addition right outside the butterfly tent. I love these kinds of illusions!

Here's how it looks from the side:

More butterfly love:

And caterpillar action, too!
I forget what kind of flower buds these were, but don't they look like something out of Avatar?

 More butterfly topiaries take center stage at the World Showcase entrance:

You can buy the Egg Hunt maps at the nearby shop, which I've covered before. In addition to the map and stickers, you get to choose a plastic egg for your prize. Here are the new eggs this year:

(We picked Nemo.)

Plus they had last year's options available, too:
 I'm still waiting for them to come out with a Figment and White Rabbit eggs. Harrumph.

We spotted this baby duckling (with mom close behind) in the crystal clear waters near The Land:

Doc topiary with Spaceship Earth in the distance:

I didn't photograph all the Easter Eggs this year because I've done that before, and they're the same designs - just hidden in new places. In fact, see if you can spot Goofy waaaaay up here:

That's the tallest tower in the Italy pavilion. I wonder who got to climb all those stairs. o.0

I also liked Perry's egg over in Morocco:

 Note how the egg sits in a little bird nest. :D

The whole park is decked out in its flowery finest:

I don't think any of the character topiaries are new this year, but they did add a face on Belle:

This was the most popular photo spot in the park, of course, so it took patience to get a clear shot!

Off to the side are Cogsworth and Lumiere:

Over in the UK Tinkerbell watches over a garden filled with fairy houses: 

 I broke out the fish eye so you can just see them; I think there are 4 in that shot.

I bet they'll eventually add faces to all the character topiaries - you can see Tink doesn't have hers yet, which kind of stands out.

A better look at one of the fairy houses.

Here's the spot where everyone takes pretty pictures of the monorail going by:

... so just imagine there's a monorail in there, k? 

(We waited for AGES, honest! Then I got bored. And a little peckish. What.)

With the fish eye you can see the Imagination building off to the left:

The Three Caballeros!

And here's Anna & Elsa in Norway:

I almost missed Stitch; he's over on the side of Mouse Gear:

Golden Hour hitting Test Track and this side's flower quilt:

Donald with Huey, Dewey, and Louie:

And on the other side of the ball:

Mickey, Minnie, Daisy & Pluto with a May Pole. 

I take it back; this is the most popular photo spot, so I had to take it from the side. Sorry!

Here, I'll make up for it with my favorite:
 Bambi, Thumper, & Flower. D'awwww.

I love this one, the field of flowers they're in is so vivid and cheerful. Just makes me happy. :)

I hope these gave you a smile, peeps! Happy Sunday, and stay tuned for news from a galaxy far, far away.


  1. I like Tinkerbell without the face. It's more topiary-like.

  2. This kind of awesomeness genuinely makes me consider hunting for jobs in Orlando.

    Plus yay for the Monarch butterflies in both caterpillar and adult form. That almost guarantees the plant is some kind of Milkweed as that's what the caterpillars eat. ( Asclepias spp. ). How many entomologists do you think read this blog? Can imagine 'Readers of Epbot' has a surprisingly wide range of professions.

    1. Not an entomologist, but I was also going to point out the Milkweed. My dad has raised monarchs and cercropia moths in his backyard for years, and has some Milkweed started indoors to be moved outside when it's warmer. :)

  3. Thank you for posting this today. I was in need of some eye-candy!

  4. It snowed here today. I want to crawl into my monitor and smell the flowers.

  5. The faces on the topiary reminded me of Te Fiti. Moana rules.

  6. Gorgeous photos! I'd love to go to Flower & Garden Festival someday. I love Beauty & Beast and also Cogsworth and Lumiere. But my favorite is those 3D butterflies--they look SO neat.

  7. I loved you got Peter in the picture with Tink. Thank you for the beautiful spring flowers. You're pictures always make me smile.

  8. I love all of these awesome Disney photo posts! I'll probably never get there so I have to live vicariously through every post.

  9. Back in 2014 they had bunny themed eggs for the Easter egg hunt (at least here in California). I have the White Rabbit and Thumper.

  10. Those arent actually topiary though are they? not a bush or hedge clipped into a shape, they look like metal frames over which ivy and other things have been grown or glued and some of it is not living foliage (I'm a gardener, in case you hadnt noticed!)
    Nice pics though, it must be a fun place to visit.

  11. Having a super-down day, and your pictures lifted my spirits. LOOOOOOOVE your framing of Doc's picture. Your eye for composition and color in your pictures rivals what I like to think mine is. :) Thank you for sharing on this Easter Day.

  12. Thumper looks like he's about to sneeze in that topiary/photo. I love it!

  13. These actually make me a little sad. This is the first year since 2012 we're not there for F&G, and I miss it SO much!!! But these are gorgeous shots, Jen, thank you for posting them!

  14. Bambi, Thumper, & Flower!! #swoon
    (thanks for sharing all the pretty!)

  15. Aw, thanks for the great greenery and flower photos Jen! We are still apt to get some snow here in Wyoming, so I appreciate a peep at someone else's flowers!

  16. Love the gorgeous pics. Lovely to see on a cold and dreary Minnesota morning. I'm just curious why Belle, Anna and Elsa have green "skin". Thumper and Bambi have pink and flesh tones on them.

  17. Oh wow, I see why Bambi & friends were your favorite! That's lovely.

  18. The monorail was probably broken down again. Happens every time we try to ride it - we think, let's try just one more time! Then we get burned. We ended up taking a bus into MK one time. I didn't even know the bus was an option, I thought it was ferry, monorail, or nada!

  19. Thanks for the photos, Jen! I've never been to either Disney... Why are there what appear to be floating car tires covered with flowers dotted all over the water?

  20. Is there something in the eggs? Or are they empty for you to fill yourself?

  21. Beautiful! Just a fun educational note: that butterfly with the black and yellow stripes is a Zebra Longwing. It is the state butterfly of Florida! :) (This is what you get from working at the Florida Natural History Museum and Butterfly Rainforest for years!)


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