Thursday, April 27, 2017

Star Wars Celebration 2017: Episode 3

(Did you miss Episode 2: The Best Mashup Cosplay?)

I'm going to kick off this photo batch with the most adorable child of all time, you guys:

This little girl was wandering around the lobby beaming at everyone and rocking her Princess Leia doll, and I can't even handle the cute. Look at that face!

She got high-fives from Chewie and the Leia behind her, who looks exactly like Carrie Fisher here:

All the feelz. All of them.

I have a few nifty puppetry costumes to show you today, and here's the first:

Can you spot the cosplayer? She's hidden inside General Grievous' robe! The feet are attached to her shoes, and with the articulated legs Grievous is incredibly convincing.

I mentioned before how family-friendly Celebration is, and it was such a joy to see so many parents cosplaying with their kids.

And look at those little Amidala dresses! WOW.

Some brave, hilarious souls:

I didn't see them getting any flak, though; everyone seemed to find it as funny as I do.

An incredible Obi Wan:

And check out this Baze Malbus from Rogue One!

Because little kids falling in love with droids will never get old:

First Kylo's grandmother helps him get dressed:

"Thanks, Grams."

Then they drop the sickest beats in the galaxy:

AW YEAH. Coming to a cantina near you.


When you round a corner and see something like this, it really is like the movies come to life:

I got a little choked up, you guys.

Another puppetry costume coming atcha:

This guy has a false arm, so he can puppeteer the Dianoga!
(That's the snake thing. Thanks, Google.)

Now brace yourself...

...for the horror...

...that is...


[blood-curdling shriek]

Seriously, so well done. And so wrong. Bahaha!

Across from the 501st's room outside the Show Floor was the Droid Room, a museum-like walk-though exhibit of incredible fan-built droids and, of course, more great photo opps.

It was dark in there, so all the colorful lights on the droids would stand out. Made photos tricky, though.

At the end of the walk-through were three different photo scenes. Two were in my Mission Report, and the third was THIS awesomeness:

Eeee! I love how they got BB-8 up to head level.

So my new fashion icon is a green Twi'lek:

(You can follow Twi'lek Quinn on Instagram.)

First, stunning makeup, and second, I want to dress like this every day. So many useful pockets! And boots! She looks like an intergalactic Indiana Jones, you guys. Luuurrrve.

Here's another action figure cosplay: Princess Leia!

The plastic hair buns are too good. And the gloves!

I'm guessing these two are from the Old Republic? Maybe?

Anyway, I love all the detail - had fun editing these.

And check out the adorable sass on this little Leia:

John got to chat with Youtuber Jenny Nicholson while I was in costume - so even though they were right next to me, I had no idea. Ha! Jenny's Rogue One review is pretty controversial, but I kinda loved it. [ducks]  Anyway, here she is interviewing a double-take-worthy Qui-Gon Jinn:
Holy Liam Neeson look-alike!

And speaking of celebrities...

The man. The myth. The goofball:

That's my friend John Strangeway (and Tony. Hi, Tony!) I first discovered - and subsequently photo-stalked - his Steampunk Boba Fett at a Star Wars Celebration, so it seems fitting to give him another shout-out here. Strangeway loves everyone and gives great hugs, so be sure to ask for one when you see him. Just don't be surprised if he won't let go.

(If you're new here, that's me in the Jawa costume. Which is also a puppetry cosplay.)

Oh! Did I mention there was a whole area of Star Wars cars?

This was the best one:


Then there was a truck with a pop-up bed cover, and... this happened:

Fun Fact: When you photograph a Slave Leia from the side, it reeeallly looks like she's nekkid.
(Please note the Death Star Truck Nuts. Bahahaa!)

Fun bumper stickers:

And my second favorite car: BB-Bug!
It was playing BB-8 sounds, and the ground effects changed color. Flaaaaailing!

Ok, time to wrap this installment up with the BEST puppetry costume of the whole convention.


Then may I present:


And you guys, it's wearing a diaper:

Eeeeee! The tail!

I know these aren't the clearest shots (they were VERY mobbed) but here's a little video:

That's a little Gamorrean guard doll in its hand - the thing it's chewing on. Hee!

(I'm loving using gifs for short video clips - so much easier than messing with Youtube links.)

Ok, that's all for now, but don't despair: I'm *still* not done. Next time I'll be covering all the dapper and fashionable cosplay of Celebration. From Punk Leia to Burlesque Boba Fett, adorable Ewoks,  Rebels with ruffles, and sparkly droid dresses, prepare for inspiration overload!

'Til then!


  1. The cuteness of Baby Rancor! ::SQEEEEEEEE::

  2. Amazing costumes. Shallow question: The Rancor puppeteer, is that his real chest? Because *wolf whistle* if it is.

    1. I mean, REALLY! If I knew there would be that many shirtless men at cons, I would've been signing up a long time ago!

    2. Bahaha! I have a feeling you'll enjoy seeing the male slave Leia in my next post, then. (And yes, that was his real chest.)

  3. I am blown away by how much that woman looks like Carrie Fisher! I hope she's a reader and sees it, because it will probably make her year (i mean, she looks kinda like her in the other pic, but something about this angle and this's a special picture).

  4. Yet another terrific batch of photos. They made me have all the feelz.

  5. You mean that Star Wars truck is in the county north of me?

    'Scuse me...grabbing the husband from work and going on a road trip in search of that truck.

  6. That's Darth Traya on the left in that pic. She is the BEST Sith. Best. Ever.

  7. Pretty sure the green Twi'lek (your post taught me that's what they're called) is Hera from Star Wars Rebels, which is a good choice, at least the clothes get to be comfy!

    1. Pretty sure it's either an OC or possibly an AU Oola since she's missing the tattoos and I don't think Hera's worn an outfit like that yet. There are lots of amazing OC twi'leks out there. I've even seen photos of Mandalorian twi'lek with helmets and armor over their lekku (head tails)

  8. Is the green Twi'lek Hera from the Star Wars Rebels animated TV show? Or just another kickass female alien? I have a fondness for Rebels because the "ragtag bunch of rebels flying around in space righting wrongs" makes me think of Firefly.

    1. I'm the green Twi'lek! And she's just a random smuggler. I get asked if I'm Hera a lot, which I'm fine with!

  9. Baby rancor!! That's freaking adorable. I wonder how people come up with some of the ideas they have. :)

  10. I love seeing all your pictures. Since The Force Awakens, then Carrie Fisher's death, my childhood love of Star Wars has returned. I wept through the videos from panels. This year for Star Wars Day, I am bounding Leia. I work in government (in a conservative office) so I have to be pretty subtle. White dress, silver belt and some version of Leia's hair. My boss has a R2 phone case and has a small (noisy) R2 unit in her office. So she might figure it out, but I think everyone else will be none the wiser.
    So thank you, Jen and John, for inspiring me!

  11. Aw, I thought I was cool with the BB-8 decal on my little orange hatchback... I now feel very outdone! Love how the license plate is appropriately "MY BB8," I realized recently that "GO GO BB8" would fit nicely on a license plate and have been debating whether my anxiety could handle it.

  12. You know, I'm all about any costume that shows off pecs and abs. Hey, erryone gets all the Slave Leias all day long, let's have some hunky eye candy as well!

  13. Is the blue "got milk" sticker referring to the (apparently) blue milk Luke was drinking at home on Tattooine? Or is it a reference I don't get?

    (Also... Rancor Guy... daaaayam!)

  14. Hmmm, perhaps the rancor puppet guy is actually cosplaying an alternative reality version of the character where he's hot instead of a tubby slob?? It's not even about the rancor! LOL. Hope he went to the Star Wars speed dating dressed like that if he's single... I almost convinced our friend to go in her Ewok hoodie, she was too cute to resist in it! Thanks for all the fun photos of stuff we missed! Bummed we missed the fun photos opps in the droid builders room this year - somehow we managed to always go by when they were all on parade so the doors were closed.

  15. These are great -- love seeing kids so excited about cosplay!

    My favorites are the Carrie look-alike, "Darth Vadercle" (which I would totally love to drive), and the lost Trekkers.


  16. I love that pic of my Grievous cosplay!! (It's a she not a he inside btw 😜)

  17. The cosplayer inside the General Grievous puppet is a woman and her name it Amber Mattox;)

  18. BABY RANCOR!! (i thought it was ice cream in rancor's hand. woops!)

  19. On the two you guessed as from Old Republic, one on the left (me) is Darth Traya from Knights of the Old Republic and the one on the right (my daughter) is a Sith Witch of her own design.

  20. I'm Twi'lek Quinn! Thank you so much for being sweet! I will absolute take being an intergalactic Indiana Jones!


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