Sunday, April 23, 2017

Star Wars Celebration 2017: The Best Mashup Cosplay!

(Did you miss my first batch of SWC cosplay? Go see!)

Get ready, fellow geeks, 'cuz this round it's ALL MASHUPS.

Awwww yeeeeeeeeeeah.

 I'm forever drawn to mashup cosplay because it's all so gosh-darn creative - and often hilarious. In a crowd of screen-accurate everything, I will be the one running towards the guy who combined Star Wars with Back to the Future, like so:

It's Han McFly!

Check out the details, you guys:

The back of his shoes say Falcon - and the "Solo" glows, too!

Here's a Pinkie Pie Mandalorian and Ackbar on vacation:

There were lots of stormtroopers on vacation, too; pool floats and sun visors over armor galore.

In fact, it's amazing just how versatile stormtrooper armor can be, from Hamlet to high school cheerleaders:

The use of Vader's helmet for Yorick's skull is brilliant, y'all. BRILLIANT.


Then there's the Freddie Mercury trooper, who traveled with his own boombox, got the Cantina band for backup, and put on a show:
YES. (They were playing Somebody to Love. It was awesome.)

Check it out, the four Hogwarts Houses as Jedi!

Woot woot!

This lovely lady is actually in the Guiness Book of World Records for her Pikachu collection:
Can we talk about how cute this is? Because SO CUTE.

I love that this Harley turned the iconic Jester hat into Twi'lek's lekku (the tail things on her head). So clever:

And that's Jedi Indiana Jones with Marion!
(Fitting, when you consider there are Star Wars Easter eggs in their movie - and vice versa!)

Sailor Moon Kylo and Hux plus a Batgirl Mando:

Here's one of the more bizarre mashups of the weekend:

Nightmare Before Life Day? Ha! (I think Oogie Boogie is a Tusken Raider? Which makes sense; the fabrics are pretty similar.)

Which leads me to one of my favorite mashups of the whole con:


 Look at her patches! And her pack!

Hnnnng. So goooood.

Now more Disney mashups, because they thrill my Dizgeeky little soul:

THIS GROUP, you guys. This group! 
That's Hatter, Poppins, Alice, Maleficent, and Captain Jack.

Look how Maleficent modified her horns into Togrutas lekku - the kind Ahsoka has:
Gotta love Jack smiling in the background.

 Kylo Hatter is incredibly well done:
 Not to mention terrifying. 

And Mary's head piece? GORGEOUS.

A zombie Disney 'trooper and Lilo the Mandalorian:

The ice cream bar is a nice touch. Maybe he's not after brains, but brain freeze? :D

And another Maleficent, this time more on the Darth side:

"Fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers."

Another practically perfect Mary Poppins - look at the hilt of her lightsaber!

And here's a stunning Snow White:

Or with those red eyes, should we call her Snow Sith?

 Not much steampunk this year, but I did find this Darth and - believe it or not - Greedo!

Her colors are fabulous.

Possibly the greatest pun mashup of all time, see if you can guess it:

Did you get it?

Are you ready for this?

It's Smurf-FETT, you guys. SMURF-FETT.

Even the droids got in on the action:

The Bat-droid was playing its own theme music... and had a cape. I'm bummed it doesn't show here!

Which is an excellent segue for...

This. :)

This guy managed to mash up three fandoms at once. Respect!

More My Little Pony magic:

I cannot get over Twilight Vader's velvet shorts, y'all. I just can't. Bahaha!

And now a pair of Salacious Crumbs... dressed as the Frozen sisters:
Because why not?

(Next time I'll show you a person dressed as Salacious Crumb - and I'm telling you now, you may never sleep again. o.0)

And finally, some not-so-random adorable hilarity:

Turns out they're from the Sesame Street parody Star Smores. That's Princess Parfaya, Flan Solo, Chewie (the cookie) & Groda! Hee!

Ok, peeps, that's all I've got for now! Stay tuned, though, because next round I'm going to show you some INCREDIBLE uses of cosplay puppetry, dapper and punk versions of some of your favorite characters, more adorable kids and fun fan stories, some Star Wars cars that have to be seen to be believed, and soooo much more. 

'Til then!


UPDATE: Episode 3 is up! Go see!


  1. That last picture also has a Cookie Wookie!!

  2. OMG. Love all this. Especially the Hogwarts Jedi and all the Disney Jedi.

  3. The cookie monster one is actually from a parody on Sesame Street called "Star S'mores"! That's so awesome! Here's the video:

  4. Nevermind the cookie buns, check out the cookie-wookie! bwahaha! love!

  5. ...And a CHEWIE Chips Ahoy on the last one!

  6. Oh my goodness! Cookie Monster Han has a Chocolate Chip Wookie! So cute!

  7. The last pic also has wookiee cookie! :) I LOVE all these pictures. So much creativity!!!

  8. The last one (with Yoda Grover) is based on this parody:
    (and if you haven't seen this collection of Sesame Street shorts, you should watch them. They're hilarious.)

  9. I have that same Grover doll. I'm super tempted to make him a Yoda costume

  10. Fabulous Harry, I love the feathers....that made me smile and then almost cry. The perfect quote

  11. Thank you so much for posting!!!

  12. After trying to get my son excited about the Rebels panel, we just said heck with it and people watched before going to the screening of Empire and Jedi. You really captured the best of SWC and maybe in '19, the young padawan will get into it more!

  13. Ha! General Hux and the cat! lol

  14. You missed Garth Vader!Garth Vader had me chokin' at SW Celebration

    1. I know! So bummed, I think I'm the only photographer who *didn't* see him, ha! So funny, though.

  15. OMG! Those Dark Side Sailor Scouts were at the Lexington Comic Con in Kentucky in March. I squeed when I saw their awesome outifts!

  16. Oh man, these mash-ups are so cool!

  17. These are awesome! My three year old and seven year old were looking at these pictures with me and were able to guess who the character mash ups were without me even telling them! So fun!

  18. The mash-up of three fandoms is pretty epic. Actually, because of his striking resemblance to Mr. Joss Whedon, I think it's a mash-up of FOUR!

  19. How much do I NEEEEED that Groda right now, this minute?!?!?!?!?!

  20. One of the best mashups of the entire event was the Samurai Phasma! Wonder why it was not covered in this article?!

  21. Did the Sith Maleficent find the Jedi Sleeping Beauty? perfect picture moment!

  22. So cool! By the way, the hamlet stormtrooper appears to be wearing a name tag that says, "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

  23. people are so creative and WOW, THESE ARE MOST EXCELLENT! happy sigh.


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