Friday, October 2, 2015

Dragon Con 2015: The Best Cosplay, Pt 3

Time for more cosplay!

I've photographed this Twilight Sparkle once before, so you may remember her glorious wings:
She went on to win one of the categories in the Masquerade, DCon's largest costume contest.

The Dark Lady Sauron:


An incredible Once Upon A Time group:

Regina's dress! 0.0

You can actually order a custom robot suit like these from the maker, now; they had a booth in the vendor room!

Plus they brought a couple new female models, which were great dancers:

Dragon Con has inspired some truly unique "helper" cosplays, like - get ready for this - The Febreeze Fairy:

Just as I was passing by one chap took her up on her offer of a free spray-down - and in your choice of scent, no less:

If you've ever been to a con for more than a few hours, then you know what a valuable service this is. :D

I also spotted Captain Con Crud and Deodorant Girl

Plus there was a lab-coat wearing group going around offering free Purell out of a big sprayer.

I tried to keep a brave face at the time, but this was the most terrifying cosplay of the whole weekend:

Have you ever seen a life-sized zombie puppet? It was hanging on to the girl like a monkey, legs around her waist, and the girl's arm was inside its torso, making it lurch around.

The zombie was also snarling, LOUDLY.

Plus as soon as the girl caught you looking her way, she'd make a beeline straight for you, zombie first. I kept my camera up more as a defense mechanism than anything.

Pulp Fiction Storm Trooper and that always-amazing Ralph McQuarry Vader:

From the game Castle Crashers:

And a reference picture, in case you're like me and haven't heard of it:

Here's John as Dreamfinder with another Disney icon:

The Haunted Mansion Tightrope Girl! (With a fuzzy crocodile bag! D'awww.)

Anyone see the movie Interstellar?
This is the TARS robot from the film:

Not sure what the colorful feather girl is from (if anything) but I love her headdress:

And that Warrior Belle has the best shield!

Eren's Titan form in Attack On Titan is not for the shy OR the chilly:

 This is also one of the very few times you'll see a guy wearing pasties. :D

We ran into two more Dreamfinders PLUS a femme Figment:

The Figment is the artist NoFlutter, whose art inspires so much amazing cosplay - including that gender-swapped Dreamfinder next to her!

This Harry Potter group was so big, I couldn't fit them all in frame!

Sweetums from The Muppets:

This girl cracked me up, so I had to stop her and chat for a minute:

Start counting cosplay references. See how many you get.

And there's more on the back!

She even sewed a square of the famous Marriott carpet to the back of her cape/skirt.

So, how many different costume homages are there in there?



Dragon Con has a lot of performance-style cosplays; the all-night environment really encourages folks to push the creative envelope and find new ways to make their fellow con-goers smile. From people just being REALLY in character:

 (Would you believe these two just found each other in the crowd? WHAT ARE THE ODDS.)

.... to the Pac-Man ghosts chasing their way through the crowd:

(Complete with an extra loud 8-bit soundtrack, PLUS a dead ghost trailing near the end! Ha!)

... to a group of bell-ringing "Shame Nuns"(?) who ran around yelling at anyone drinking! Ha!

And that's Cersei from GoT, dressed as a Playboy Bunny.

While we're at it, here's the rest of her group:

One more funny example of interactive(?) cosplay: Here's Laura, an awesome reader who also wrote my surprisingly popular interview for TheNotMom a bunch of years back. Anyhoo, Laura is completely unaware that she's about to be netted by a group (pod?) of hissing Sleestaks from Land of the Lost:

Warn her? Why would I warn her when I could take pictures?

Sorry, Laura.

Fortunately these guys operated on a catch-and-release policy, so they soon shuffled on to their next victim.

Getting back to those GoT bunnies, I'm not sure how everyone got the memo, but apparently Thursday night was Bunny Night. There were bunny mashups everywhere, though I only caught a few:

And my favorite:

Though I suppose he's more of a rabbit. 


That is, of course, the White Rabbit from Alice: The Madness Returns:


 And look how big he is! SO COOL.

(I'm terrified of scary movies, games, books, etc. etc., but for some reason I just love creepy stuff from time to time. Is that weird?)

I'll leave you with a less nightmare-fuely rabbit, though:


And just watch him dance!

Kinda hypnotic, isn't it?

Hope you guys enjoyed this latest batch! Stay tuned for lots more where that came from!


  1. I absolutely love this! I live vicariously through these photos since there are few cons around where I live. But I gotta point out, in the picture of the "shame nun" form Game of Thrones, that's Cersei, not Daenarys. Thanks for sharing, Jen! :)

    1. Aaand fixed. Can you tell I don't watch GoT? :)

  2. You beat me to it Lauren! Daenarys is in the group picture though.

    Thanks Jen for going through the trouble of posting these. It always cheers me up!

  3. That creepy zombie also looks a lot like Regan from The Exorcist. **shiver**

  4. Psst...isn't that Twilight, not Rarity?

    Love the cosplay posts, always :)

    1. D'oh! No excuse on that one... so I blame photo editing fatigue! ;)

  5. Oh... that rabbit!! It also looks like the one from the Twilight Zone movie. That part always creeped me out.

  6. This combo of cosplays hits all my buttons - favorites are the 42 cosplays Lady and the rather large silver robot to the left of the disco rabbit doin' his robot moves. Thanks again for your posts!

  7. Sweetums! Awwww that right there, that is my childhood in a nutshell. I had a record of the Muppets Frog Prince I listened to so many times it had permanent skips in it. Aaaaaand I just dated myself lol.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. The creepy white rabbit from American McGee's Alice & Alice: The Madness Returns is amazing. And that Vera de Milo cosplay gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Oh yay, thanks for including the Game of Bunnies! :)

  11. Yep, that's typical me: always looking both happy and oblivious with a beer in my hand.

  12. I had no idea you had done a NotMom interview. I've been following the blog for a year or so, but not been through the back content yet.

    It's not the kind of thing I can talk to my friends IRL, so thank you for sharing the link. It was really helpful to read the thoughts of someone I "know"... :)

  13. What an awesome batch of photos! I can't imagine all the eye candy that was walking, dancing, floating around the place. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  14. @Dani - I made a dvd out of my taped-off-the-tv copy of the frog prince; still watch it several times a year.

    @Jen - the bunny thing _was_ a meetup that night; it was advertised ahead of time in the program

    1. Oops, I guess I should... [sunglasses]... GET WITH THE PROGRAM. :D (I just use the app, so I guess that's why I missed it.)

  15. "Cosplay all the things" --- BEST. EVER.
    The rest are amazing, terrifying, and/or very clever. But "Cosplay" WINS
    Maureen S

  16. The Febreeze fairy reminds me of the Cosplay Medic that was wandering around Toronto's Fan Expo in September. :) They posted their cell number ahead of time on Facebook so people could text them and get repairs!

  17. These are amazing, as always. No matter how many times I see Cosplay pics, they are never the same... and that makes me happy. People are awesome.

    --Piper P from Washington State

  18. Wow! The creativity blows my mind every year!

  19. The Thursday Night Bunny Hutch Party has been going on for several years, at least since 2011 I think? In the past it has been a loose meet-up at the "Sail Boat Bar" in the Marriott Atrium, but this year, for whatever reason, they got their own room and it really exploded. The theme is, obviously, Playboy Mansion Costumes: Bunny get-ups for women, Hefner-Style get-ups for men. I'm not sure what caused it to take off so much in the past year or two, probably just the fact that lots of people come on Thursdays. They basically just disseminate their party info via social media and a Facebook group: But, it is always Thursday night, somewhere at the Marriott.

    And yes, the "shame nun" is a Septa (basically a nun in the GoT universe, with monks/priests being called Septons). One of her ilk was very prominently featured at the end of this years of GoT.

  20. Disco rabbit has good dancin' hips! :D

  21. the reason for the bunnies on thursday is there's a "Bunny hutch" Bunny meet up!
    No body is shamed because every body is a bunny body :)

  22. Oh god the lizard things with a net freaks me out, *please* tell me you're playing it up for the blog and they actually ask permission?

  23. I think that's actually Cora/the Queen of Hearts in the OUAT group (based on the red and the fact she's holding a heart...though I supposed that could be a lot of people on that show!). Regardless if it's mother or daughter, it is in indeed fabulous!! Thank you for sharing these awesome photos!

  24. That Warrior Belle is from H Squared Cosplay!

  25. OK, since I know you like to go to smaller, regional cons - what are the chances you might visit your folks and go to RavenCon ( ) in Williamsburg at the end of April? I admit, I'm mostly going because I adore Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, who are the gusts of honor.

  26. That Titan Eren is my brother! And you featured him last year on here as "Documenter Octopus" (and me as flapper Ariel!)


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