Thursday, October 22, 2015

Reader Show & Tell: Eyeball Wreath Edition!

Even though I write a lot of craft tutorials, it still always delights me when one of you actually goes and makes the thing. So I can't tell you how fun it's been to see all these different eyeball wreaths popping up on Facebook and Instagram, inspired by this month's tutorial!

From Rachel V.

The frog skeleton is a fun switch!

From Jennifer B.

From Sherri E.

Love that yellow door!

Kim added spiders and a buzzard:

From Kim P.

From Nikki T.

This Caution Tape makes a great backdrop:

And this skeleton has his own paper top hat!

GeekyBaker19 used an extra eyeball flower to make her daughter a creepy headband:

Now she has eyes on TOP of her head. :D

And finally, MissInth here made her own version of my Haunted Mansion wreath from last year!

LOVE the purple leaves. And she sculpted the clock from clay - isn't it perfect? (Plus her Leota head is better than mine, dangit. TIME FOR A REDO.)

Thanks for posting all these, guys, and I'm sorry if I missed any! Please keep sharing your creations of *anything* inspired by Epbot over on the Epbot FB page, or tag me over on Instagram. I really love seeing all your different takes on projects; you crafters really inspire and challenge me. So hey, rock on with your bad selves.


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  1. Those are all great! The frog skeleton made me giggle, and I'm not sure why...

  2. My door, my wreath! On Epbot! You made my day, Jen, thanks. :D

  3. Oh, nuts! Mine didn't make it on here. I think I just posted it as a comment on the FB page, though. I shall hie me off to Instagram and post there! Side note: I am starting preparations to sell my house. In the spring. And yet, my wonderful realtor still felt it was necessary to point out I should *probably* not have a wreath full of eyeballs on the door once it goes on the market. Apparently he has no imagination in his soul!

    1. Tell your realtor, "No guts, no glory!" My husband and I picked our house in a big part *because* of all the weird stuff the owners had put up.


  4. These are all so lovely and creative! That Haunted Mansion wreath is fantastic!

  5. Hi Jen! I've been reading your blog for a long time, and I really like it. Thank you for all the great DIY ideas! I'm not on Instagram or Facebook, but I posted a few pics of my wreath on my blog. I didn't do the eyeball wreath, but a steampunk skeleton one. Here's a link, if anybody wants to see it.

    Have a fantastic Halloween!



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